What would you do if your mom died? If you never saw her again. It'd be tragic wouldn't it?


1. The Call

I stared at the ceiling, letting the angst settle in. Knowing after 4 years of having trouble finding myself, i couldn’t help my anxiety. The fan clicked every few seconds, and I made a mental note to try and fix it later, but for now, I ignored it. Waiting impatiently for a call that could make or break me.

Stars lay scattered across my ceiling, showing different constellations and thousands of stars. My favorite one of which in the sky, Is the moon however. I know it isn’t technically a star or anything fancy, but, I love it’s mystery. What could it hide in those cratters? I love the pulling of the tides, as the moon creeps up in the starry night. The way it’s crescent reminds me, that part of me is missing too, and how dark yet scarily bright it is. I guess it just suits me to a Tee. It’s not given credit for all that it’s done. People think it’s plain, just another grey rock, to everyone else...But to me there is a worldful of adventure hiding in those crevices.

Before I could start digging beneath the surface of other reason to love the moon, My phone rings. I pick it up, and the cool metal of the case reminds me of a certain brisk winter night.


“Is this Ms. Foster?” A husky voice inquired, and I was positive it was my mother’s doctor.

“This is her, How is she?” I didn’t try to hide the concern in my voice.

“Your mother is out of surgery, but i’m not sure if she’ll make it through the night.” He showed little care, and It angered me. How could such a high-up doctor, act like he doesn’t care about his patients. Surely he didn’t do all of that school just for some money?

I manage a sigh, and His tone changes.

“Look, I tried everything, but after that wreck, there was little I could do.”

I sat there silently, holding back tears.

“I’m sorry, I suppose you’ll be coming up to see her?”

“i-i-I can’t, my dad, won’t drive me up there.”

“How come, if I may ask?” He now sounded genuinely concerned.

“He hates my mom, and There’s no way he’ll let me see her, after this.

“Ah, well i’ll keep you updated.”

“Thank you, sir.”

“No problem.”

I clicked the end call button, and set my phone down on the bedpost. My eyes watered, and I let the tears roll down my cheek, hoping God would let me see her one last time, hoping I would have my way.


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