Amalie Lacrose died the same day she was born, her soul was made into a spirit, only to be seen by people she deemed worthy.

She wandered the multiverse for thousands of years, alone. She gave up on the idea of happiness and hope long ago.


1. Prologue

Sometimes, all it takes is someone who dares to stand out from the rest, someone who doesn't care for others opinions of what it means to be proper, someone who looks to the future by running from their past. Asgard isn't the heaven those Midgardian's made it out to be. It is a brutal, harsh, and demanding world, where only the powerful and honorable are seen as "equals" or "Asgardian". I, Amalie Locrose are none of these things. I am a spirit of dreams, a lurker of nightmares, an angel yet a devil, alive, yet so dead.


My life began and ended on the same day. My birth and death date one after another, my first breath wasted on the lies of everlasting life. Poison on my tongue and festering at my cold, empty heart. .

In a world full of life, why am I the one left all alone?

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