Queen in Disguise


Kirsten Danielle Delavin has been known for being an anonymous killer, complete with badass double-bladed knives, swords, scythes, and all those sorts of sharp metal that feel like heaven in her grasp. She had been a secret assassin, as others would label her as, and she had slain various politicians and kings and clans in her disposal. But when the time came when the war had been brought to the country, she sought for the kingdom of Theshra, where she planned to carry out a mission she had long been burdened with under the alias of Kirsten Danielle Sigmund. With a slight glitch in her attempt for attack, she was caught by the Commander of the Royal Sentries and was presented to the Crown Prince of Theshra. Little did she know that her life would eventually spark more flames than it ever did before. And she had to keep her secret at all costs, and will eventually know what it’s like to trust someone enough for her to confide her own,



NIGHT CASTED ITSELF in ebony across the dark mountains of the sleeping kingdom of Theshra as the moon loomed over the vast magnificence of the threshold. Evening was already on its peak, and the dormant giant mounds of the night seemed to snore along with its kingdom. It was a place moved in amity and loyalty, constantly being placed in the safest ranks of its own. But what lied ahead of this peace and tranquility was chaos outside, and the enormous walls that rounded the kingdom never were barriers enough to shield away the thoughts of war on the other side.

A funeral of ravens swooped down on a silhouette outlined by the waxing moon. Kirsten Danielle Sigmund crested the dark-capped mountains in the dead of the night, stealthily advancing for any trace that might cause any glitch in her plan. Her hooded figure casted a shadow on the moon-illuminated grass as it mirrored her movements when she placed her hand on a sheath by her side, slowly tracing the hilt of her sword.

It was now or never.

What everyone had known, but what anyone here wouldn’t have to know, was that she was the acclaimed Kirsten Danielle Delavin of Xarnon, known for her notoriety and excellence in combat. She was so much more than that, and she inhaled a wisp of cold air as she suppressed her emotions and concentrated on her goal, on her plan, on her real intention of getting to this wretched place.

She watched as the night loomed itself over the kingdom once more, as the trees stirred and stayed awake for the coming of a new company.

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