A girl was given a white rabbit as a gift on her 17th birthday. But one night when she was about to feed that bunny, it was strolling away into the tree in their backyard the everything darkened. Later that night she woke up and found herself wondering into an odd wood where she met a man who soon called her Alice that started her dark adventures. Her nightmares.

Why? Because this is literally a no Alice no Life world.


Author's note

Contains gorish, intimate, dark scenes that may not be suitable for your taste.

1. Prologue: Surreal

(The pick is not mine.)

She hid herself behind the human trees panting hardly as she waited for the number of men who passed by. She wanted to know where she was or what was happening but fear corrupted her when she saw them killed a man who was begging for his life so she ran off and hid herself. It was the first time she'll be set alone in a strange place, rather, an odd peculiar event set in reality that had no idea about. The very place, and the very reason she was here. Everything deemed so vaguely and she wanted to got home as soon as possible.

Today was her birthday, presumably it's yet her birthday, after all it's what she remembered before waking up. Why? She was just chasing her new pet. A white rabbit that suddenly ran off its cage. She tried chasing it into the backyard but all of the sudden she felt herself being dizzy and then she lost consciousness, realizing that she had woken up in a dark forest.

Wandering off the woods she found a number of men all together in an area that she felt relief about, bot until she went near and found them beating up a man filled with huge horrifying laughter in their tone as they insult the poor man who was already off his feet, unable to move a muscle nor speak well after his lips swelled from hits but she heard him indistinctively begging to be spared, but a hit of a sharpened hatchet set his head off flying near where she was and the head rolled exactly facing her. Its eyes wide and mouth slightly open as if it was going to tell something to her.

Fear devoured, adrenaline rush overpowering and thoughts all clouded that she began to ran with all her swiftness. It's the scariest thing in the world for her since it was her first time seeing something this bloody. Her body felt burning despite the fact that her hands and feet were as cold as ice and trembling until she found a strange tree --trees. All in the shape of horrified people, but she shook off that thought, continued to make it there and hid herself in one of the trees waiting for them to pass by without noticing her.

"Oh, God. This is a dream, this is a dream, this is just a mere dream." She whispered, hands trembling and eyes shut close. "Everything is a dream, I'll wake up soon enough." But her head was saying otherwise. It doesn't seem to be true, it was surreal but why does she feel like she's awake. All possibilities in mind was there, from lucid dreams to hallucination. But which is which?

As what she had planned to. The men had passed by without her issues, their voice getting farther away from the place that when their voice disappeared, she finally stood up. Knees shaking but she began to walk on the opposite side. And as she continued on, she found the beheaded man on her way. He still looked alive despite the fact that his head was lopped off and for the moment she stared at it.

"You're just a dream... you're just a dream..." she kept on whispering under her breath but her fear didn't fade. "Please just be a dream." now her tears dropped down her eyes. This nightmare scared her to the core and it was very realistic that she almost wanted to believe that it's real. She went near on the head, carried it up with her hands ignoring disgust over the flowing fresh blood, it's skin still warm and soft as she made it's way towards the body and joined it together before letting the head go. Then she noticed a small yellow flower beside her boots, she picked it up and placed it beside the man as she stared at it again. A dream. She kept on thinking and stood up soon after to leave.

It was then that she ended up facing a two way forest. Both leads into dark paths but shows differently in background. The left one shows an endless thorn of black roses aligned to form a hollow path then to the right shows the woods of dead trees and different kind of bones still portraying things darkly. She switched glances at both paths and thought full of difficulty.

"Alice...?" A voice called lightly. That made her looked around surprised.

"Who's there?" she asked tilting her head on several direction.

The voice giggled. "Is it you?" The mysterious voice asked a bit pleased. "Would you like to join us for tea?" he asked.

"Show yourself. Please." Her shaky voice caused him to laugh even more.

"Oh Alice, forgive me. I forgot." He said still giggling. "I'm the invisible Cheshire!" He popped out in front of her with a smile ear to ear, eyes yellow and sharp like a cat and was clad in black.

That moment didn't gave her time to move. Her eyes widened as she gasped preparing for a scream. But the strange man didn't let her. He quickly stepped forward to her and covered her mouth with one hand. Putting his other hand on his lips portraying silence.

"It's bad to scream Alice, they'll find you." He said huskily then smiled from ear to ear again.

The girl slapped his hand off her mouth and stepped back. "Who are you? Why are you calling me Alice? Where am I? How do I get out of here?" she demanded questioningly staring at him.

He looked at her with wonder. "Why?" he asked.

"Just tell me."

"Why?" he asked again.

"Please." she was desperate to know now. He's the only one she could talk to, at least a little safely since he's only one.

He smiled ear to ear again. "You don't have to say please. I'll do everything for you even if you don't." he replied. "But why do you want to know?"

Now he sounded creepy. But he seems harmless. "Because I want to go home." she replied.

The boy's smile disappeared. He looked skeptic and the girl felt uncomfortable with the expression he showed. "You're being mad again, Alice. Why don't we go have some tea to calm you down?" He grabbed her hand and entwined it with his pulling you with him as he made his way on the right direction towards the trees. "Hatter said he have new sweets to compliment the tea." he happily informed and now they began to run together.

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