A girl was given a white rabbit as a gift on her 17th birthday. But one night when she was about to feed that bunny, it was strolling away into the tree in their backyard the everything darkened. Later that night she woke up and found herself wondering into an odd wood where she met a man who soon called her Alice that started her dark adventures. Her nightmares.

Why? Because this is literally a no Alice no Life world.


Author's note

Contains gorish, intimate, dark scenes that may not be suitable for your taste.

3. Chapter 2: An Alice

The smirking boy never ceased to made her feel more terrified over the moment's time. His blank eyes looking through her as if she was a prey that she wished it didn't. His question already made her felt uncomfortable and it's almost like there was something meaningful on that question he said.

"What's wrong? Cat go your... tongue?" he asked and vanished only appearing on the opposite direction. "So... have you killed?"

"I... I don't know." The girl replied confused. "Where am I? Why are you calling me an Alice?" she asked while meeting up with each and every man's looks on her.

"But you are an Alice." Chester had still insisted. "An Alice that we will protect."

"No stop. I'm not an Alice. Leave me alone!" she shouted after all the confusion inside my head. The girl began to race away from him not just because she was confused but because she was afraid. She was running on the opposite side of the way we were the last time just to ensure that she won't be going back to where that encounter she had with those mysterious man who hacked a head were. Feeling that her legs couldn't keep up with her phase, she began to make it slower and stopped right after a big old tree. It was a wide and strong structure and basing from it's form, she guessed that it could have been a hundred of years standing stall from disasters, signs of scars manifested showing how others tried to cut it yet have given up realizing how hard it was. She sat there, leaning her back and catching her breath.

Then in front of her showed more trees to run away from. It was very impossible. She knows where she came from but have no idea how she got there nor does she remembers any woods close by their residential area for her to have come this far. The place, so does the people are equally scary for her and it's not just a simple instinct because she have witnessed it first hand. The last though she had in mind before her eyes opened up to consciousness into something unfamiliar was when she was chasing the white rabbit she had as a present. It was a white fluffy rabbit having a red lensed eyes blankly staring and a trademark of a scar-like line drawn on its eyes. That was the one she's chasing and then it was completely black.

"What the hell am I doing here?" she asked frustrated holding her forehead. It was almost pumping and her head's feeling all daze. "I wish I hadn't ran after that stupid rabbit." she muttered.

"But unfortunately, you chased it." a voice replied.

It made the girl instinctively looked up at the man who owns the voice, hand raised holding a knife that was flashly running down to hit her skull. She evaded for the last milliseconds, but the knife dug down her left leg, pinning her to sit on the ground which made her scream in hellish pain. The man remained in front of her with the blade still on hold keeping her crussified on her sit while he smirks watching how she had reacted on his murderous attempt.

"It seems that it's your first time getting wounded." he said amused. "Would you mind screaming for me again?" he asked excitedly pulling the knife abruptly that caused her additional pain. He stood up licking the blood on his knife with a surprisingly big and long tongue average people don't usually possess. "Well, it seems like I caught a really tasty Alice on my way. How many days will you last though? Don't worry, it's not as if I'll kill you in an instant, you might even be able to be alive for a couple of days since I'll start with your feet, and hands. Little by little."

The peculiar place had even become sinister after he had said his plans to her. Despite having such human appearance all she could see was a feature of something evil. He was planning to eat her.

"Why do you have to do that?" the girl asked, her tears dribbling down her cheeks as she held her wound.

"Why? Because you are an Alice? An Alice always have something very special." he giggled scheming in front of her whiled the stain of blood from his knife began to ran down the blade's tip. "It's been a while since I haven't had any Alice. This is going to be great. I'm going to have a very special stew tonight. Yes, an Alice stew." he giggled again.

Trembling from fear and pain, she could almost taste regret from all her selfless decisions. It's not like her to act without thinking and now she's not being herself almost believing what Chester have said: she's getting mad. She looked at the troubled man again. He was thinking of a dish to make out of her and he wasn't even paying attention to his prey. She tried to crawl away from where she had seated as quietly as she could not to disturb this threat to her life. He was still trying to pick out a dish out of her and that gave her the more reason to panic.

"Okay! How about a grilled Alice meat! Is that okay to you?" His eyes turned towards the tree where he left her but she wasn't there. From a child-like smile, his face contorted into rage as he turned his head sideward where the girl had crawled away just three meters. And when she met his sharp eyes she felt almost terrified almost chilling her spine entirely. She froze from the moment he moved gritting his teeth, the knife on his hand gripped hardly and trembling from anger. "Why are you running away? Don't you like how I'll cook you? You think I'm not good at cooking? You little livestock! You think you can run!" he shouted, veins almost popping out of his neck over shouting.

"Please, don't do this!" The girl felt herself running more and more desperate for dear life. "You can't just cook me, right? I don't taste good!" she tried to convince.

"You can't fool me, Alice! I've tasted three Alice and they never taste bad!" he even gave his argument while approaching her. Until he was already standing in front of her stepping down on her wounded leg that made her squeal in harsh pain. "Running away is a bad idea. Which means, I'll eat you're feet first." smiling grimly he prepared his knife and she already knew that he was after cutting her feet and it hit her the most. Nobody's going to eat her! This was just a dream.

She shut her eyes closed after finding him swing his knife, but after seconds, the weight on her feet vanished and she heard a thud just in front of her as though the man was off balanced and fell. But why? Due to curiosity she opened her eyes, shocked to see a head staring back at her lopped off from it's body. She screamed and cried. Already broken down from her first three hours while the sun driving down the mountainous woods.

"There, there, Alice. You're safe now." Chester's voice softly spoke in her ear. Giving her a tight embrace from her back while his head leaned at the back of her head. "You don't have to kill or die, Alice, we'll do it for you." he whispered before her sight completely darkened.

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