A girl was given a white rabbit as a gift on her 17th birthday. But one night when she was about to feed that bunny, it was strolling away into the tree in their backyard the everything darkened. Later that night she woke up and found herself wondering into an odd wood where she met a man who soon called her Alice that started her dark adventures. Her nightmares.

Why? Because this is literally a no Alice no Life world.


Author's note

Contains gorish, intimate, dark scenes that may not be suitable for your taste.

2. Chapter 1: Mad People

The boy who was pulling her into the woods slowed his phase after hearing noises just close by. There were ceramics breaking and the noises of laughter were a bit disturbing as he lead her closer into the commotion.

Laughter burst out again in the area and her heart beat's pumped ever so fast that when she peeped in front of the man and saw a rectangular long table. When she think about it why was there a table there when they are in the middle of the woods? And then on that table were men throwing teacups and spoons to one another.

"Do that again Hatter and I'll throw you a knife!" one of the man exclaimed holding a bread knife on his left hand with a furious glare over the other across the table. He seemed very serious about making that knife fly over the other man but the latter just laughed and threw the teacup on the man who just warned him. That shocked her when they stopped on their tracks. That man, basically wanted to die. With one 90 degrees of swing, the man's knife came flying towards the one he called hatter only to make him quiet when the knife darted atop his hat. His face didn't look pleased and she was nervous for a couple of seconds when the boy holding my hand suddenly spoke.

"You two. Stop that, I just found an Alice!" he said happily, pulling her to stand beside him rather than hiding on his back then he raised my hand while he was gripping my pulse as if she won something like a boxing match. "Why don't you welcome her?" he continued lightly pushing me forward that the girl followed lightly with two doubtful steps.

"Uh... hi?" she looked at both boys with seconds of glances before noticing another man sleeping on the seat just on the far corner of the table still wondering how he didn't wake up after being in the middle of such noisy people. Then her eyes went back to the two who suddenly silenced and stared at me. One of them seemed to be spacing and the other looking at her skeptically while one of his brow raised.

"You're an Alice, huh?" the hatter seemed sarcastic about his statement while the girl was confused about their use of term using the word 'an' in the name Alice. What is an Alice? "You sure?"

She didn't reply. She wasn't even sure what he's talking about herself. How could she answer something that she's not even particularly certain how to reply.

"Idiot as always aren't we?" A sheepish reply spoke behind me when the boy who pulled her earlier spoke. Then he gave a sigh.

"Idiot?!" The hatter's voice rose dramatically looking wide eyed at the man who told him that he was an idiot. "You shameless Chester, you have no brain at all." he replied back.

"Oh?" The boy replied with his ear to ear grin as he lightly float into the air and started fading invisibly. Of course that shocked her. First of all is how? How was he doing that? "I guess you're right? Because my brain including my body has gone missing." he said when he disappeared.

The hatter gritted his teeth and stomped towards the girl in a funny way of walking as if dancing waltz into the forest with a violent tap of his boots on the ground. Then he stopped, observed her with a few more skeptic look that made her felt even more uncomfortable. After that he waltz around her again now in a slower manner. "Can you make it rain?" he asked.

Surprised by the question the girl turned to him. "What?" she asked.

"I guess you can't." He said, lifted off his hat and held it in his hands up-side-down. "Can you make magic?" he asked again in a creepy whisper of a child.

"N-no, of course I can't." That's beyond impossible. She wanted to add her last sentence but something in the back of her mind was telling her that my term was wrong because of what she's witnessing now. Something's definitely wrong with this place.

The other boy stepped forward too. He seemed to have gotten over his spacing and made his way towards her. "Oh, hey, hey! Would you rather like some tea?" he asked in an accent that she haven't heard for a while now.

She furtively shook her head and stepped a little back to give spaces on our distance. He was leveling his blank face on her and it was like if he tripped, that distance could've end up an awkward situation for her. But while she stepped back to avoid them, a pair of hands pressed down her shoulder that made her stopped and surprise. "He little Alice? Have you ever killed?" When she looked back on the man who halted her, the girl witnessed how Chester's smile became even creepier this close and because of that question he asked. It chilled the back of her neck and she almost felt like losing her weight on the moment's time. Most likely that she was facing mad people.

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