What if you can take a look at a werewolf life and the trouble the werewolf had to take.
Riley is an Alpha werewolf and her pack has to deal with angels and demons fighting but with Riley being both Angel and Demon, what will happen when Riley was to choose a side to go on or will she be on both sides or her own side. But will the demons she knows will be hind her remembering the things she forgot and always wanting to forget it?
do you want to find out what happens, than read the book.


Author's note

please dont hate i am still working on it

2. New Members

Alec P.O.V

I walked up to the room where we have pack meetings. I jumped up the stairs but someone stopped me. 

'Doesn't mean Ghost your sister. doesn't mean you don't get away with everything, Hawk.' Steve said to me while pushing me down the stairs.

'Ghost won’t mind if we are a little bit late. so boys let’s do this quick' Jay said to me while the rest smiled. Steve pushed me down the stairs. I grunted when I hit my head against the ground. I pulled myself off the floor and put my hands to my head. 

'boys do you know if you do this Ghost will hurt you?' I said trying not to wince. I stepped backwards to avoid a punch to the side of my face. I threw a punch at Steve and hit him in the nose, he fell over holding his nose. Jay ran towards me but was pulled backwards.

'ENOUGH!' Ghost shouted at us. 'you 4 have a meeting to go to, don't you boys?' she turned to the other boys

'Steve, Jay and Oscar, you boys will be cleaning the whole house and the sheds tomorrow. Get to the meeting' Ghost said to them 'okay' they replied to her, walking off slowly.

'Alec. Really?' she started 'Actually, we will talk about this later.  Go and see if there is anyone still not in the room' she said as she ran off into the room

'okay see you later Ghost' I walked off in the other way to the yard.

10 minutes later

'Please, everyone. be quiet' I said to lost ones.

'SHUT UP!' Riley shouted over everyone. they all turned fast to see why she was yelling about.

'Thanks Riley' I looked to her and turned back to the rest of them. I heard someone knocking on the door. everyone turned their heads toward the heavy door as I continued doing the paper work for the meeting. 

'sorry we are late' I heard Jason say to everyone. I turned to him and saw Angelique and Hayden, I walked to them 

'it’s okay don't be late next time please.' I say to them guiding them away from Riley. I looked over at her and gave her a stare. She turned around and breathed in heavily. 

'Okay everyone. Nice to have your attention. Today meeting is going to be a lot different from the other meetings.' I told them 

'So Alec and I will give you all paper and a pen to write down any questions you want us to answer. Erik you will have to do the same.' Riley said to them but directed the last part to her mate Erik. 

'why? is there things I don't know of?' Erik asked her she replied "yes" 

Riley and I ran around to give everyone paper and pens. we all write a question on the paper.

We were about to finish the meeting and putting all the questions in a box. I was going to talk to everyone about the questions to make sure everyone knows but there was a knock at the door. I jogged over to it and opened it. 

'Riley, it's for you.' I tell her as she jogged over to me. 

'ahhh yes how can i forget' she said opening the door more.

'EVERYONE! This is Ruby, Dani, Kyle, Rocky and Dave. they are our new members to us. Be NICE to them, thank you.' Riley said to everyone. I turned to the girl named Ruby and smiled at her. Everyone is now leaving the room but i stayed to help Riley with clean up. I looked over at the new members and saw Steve, Oscar and Jay talking to Ruby. Ruby looked at me for help so I put down my phone because I was talking a break from cleaning.

'you wanna came to my room and we will do something fun?' Steve said to her wiggling his eyebrows at her.  

'LEAVE HER ALONE BOYS' I shouted at them. They started laughing at me as i walked over to them.

'This doesn't involve you, Alec. So Fuck off..' he said to me while he turned around to Ruby and said to her 'where were we.' I had enough. i threw a punch at Jay, which hit him in the chest area, and grabbed Ruby from Steve and ran with her to the over side on the field.

'thanks Alec' Ruby said to me 

'don't mention it' I told her trying to hold in my laughter. I looked at her eyes, they looked like angel eyes.

'Do you want to get coffee with me?' I asked her with a very small voice

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