What if you can take a look at a werewolf life and the trouble the werewolf had to take.
Riley is an Alpha werewolf and her pack has to deal with angels and demons fighting but with Riley being both Angel and Demon, what will happen when Riley was to choose a side to go on or will she be on both sides or her own side. But will the demons she knows will be hind her remembering the things she forgot and always wanting to forget it?
do you want to find out what happens, than read the book.


Author's note

please dont hate i am still working on it

1. chapter 1

'Asta! Come back here!' I shout as I run around chasing after her in my backyard. I was about to overtake her to get in front of her but she jumped out of the way. I look around to see everyone looking at me as they just stand there.

'Thanks for the help guys!' I shout at them furious. Ow! What? I have a stinging feeling in my leg. I look down and saw Asta breathing heavy while she is looking at the green grass. She looked around and sees everyone looking at her as she calmed down. She turned her head to my leg and looked up to see me. The 12-year-old started to breath heavy again.

'Ohhhhh you're in trouble' one of my pack members shouted to her. Everyone started to laugh at the comment.

'ENOUGH' I shouted at all of them making three quarters of them flinch. 'Everyone leave NOW!!!' one quarter of them ran while the others fast walked away. I look to see if anyone had stayed and of course Emerald stayed.

'Emerald, please leave' I told her softly while I looked at her.

'You are not going to hurt her are you now ALPHA' she said to me as she walked up to me. I said back to her 'of course not. I will never HURT my family.'

'Oh really? What happened to your brother, Ace huh? Yeah your mother told me this before she DIED! My sister died because of you making friends with that horrible monster named Spirit' she shouted at me.

'She is not a horrible monster, I am the one that is, not her but this wouldn't happen if you, my mother and my father stayed out of it and you will still have a husband. But I am glad that your sister died because she was a psychopath and if I didn't bite Sian, I would have died because of her.' I say to her as I walked back and forwards. Asta looked at me as I yelled at her mother, she ran behind the mother’s leg to get away from my shouting. I look over at her and walked backwards to create a distance between us.

'Look I didn't mean to do that ok? Asta? I am not like your father; I will not harm you like he did. And yes I know. Remember that I was the first person you ran to, you told me this because you were scared. Remember.' I told her slowly and softly. I walked closely to them but she moved closer to her mother's leg so I stopped.

'You always scare someone. But this time it had to be a 12-year-old child, your cousin' she looked at me with disappointment look in her eyes. Emerald picked Asta up and walked back to the house.

'Fuck! What is wrong with me?' I say softly to myself. I was about to walk back to the house but I heard something. I look around to see what it is, but when I see an ash brown wolf run to me, I smiled. I blinked and saw that he has shifted back to his human form.

'Ghost, we have a problem' Hawk, my brother looked at me. I look at him in the eyes and saw my father's normal eyes. He looks so much like our father. But that night our other brother was murder, I swear Hawk looked at the person like they were a mons....

'Riley!' Hawk called out.

'What Alec?' I shouted at him while I turned my head to look at him. I looked behind him and saw a black wolf and a russet wolf come out from the trees. I growled when I saw them.

"Hawk! What was the problem?' I grunted through my teeth while I looked at the wolves that came from the trees. He looked at me worried.

'No one was on lookout' he said to me while searching my face for emotions.

'I know' I told him in a way that made him step backwards, I walked up to the wolves and shouted 'where have you two been?' they both look at each other and tried to walk away.

'DON'T YOU RUN FROM ME!' I shout after them. I ran behind them while Alec ran to catch them. He got in front of them and growled, they stopped.

'Look Ghost. We don't want to get our heads smashed together we wanted to go and fight each other to pract...'

'I don't want to hear it' I say to them interrupting her.

'Ghost don't you have kids around' phantom said to me while I turn to him.

'You know what? Get out of my sight before I hurt all of you' I grunted through my teeth trying to calm down. Alec flinched backwards.

'Riley calm down' Alec said to me taking a step forward while he put a hand on my shoulder. I looked at him and gave him an angry look which made him move backwards and take his hand off my shoulder.

'Why did you get so angry when you saw them?' he said to me with a small voice.

'I put those two on lookout to 5 O'clock in the afternoon' I said as I turned to look at him.

'Riley?' he said as we walked back to the house 'we need a pack meeting.'

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