Broken Innocence

Kimimaru Kurosaki has been a soul reaper for a very long time. She has seen many court guards captains come and go. She gained her power through an old friend of hers. He 'died' on a mission while protecting her. But little does she know that he is still alive. She watches her family grow, keeping an especially close eye on one person in particular. Ichigo Kurosaki. She is there when he became a soul reaper. On a mission against the espadas she discovers that her 'dead' friend is still alive, he is just different. Will she help her family or will her innocence be broken? Will she be able to defeat and old friend or will she follow him into the shadows?


Author's note

This is a Bleach fanfic in which Grimmjow is an ex-soul reaper. Please don't judge.

2. The Kurosaki Family

I walked down the halls of the barracks towards Captain Ukitake's barrack. I could wait to go hunt for hollows in the world of the living with Rukia. It was always fun when we got to go together. I stopped in front of the Captain's door and knocked. "Come in." I opened the door and walked in. I noticed that Rukia was already there. "Hello Rukia. Hello Captain Ukitake." I bowed. He nodded. "Hello Kimimaru. As you already know, you tow will be in charge of taking care of the hollows that appear in Karakura Town." We both nodded. He smiled. "Good, now off you go." We both nodded and headed to the portal and into the world of the living. Rukia looked at me. "You still won't wear your own Shihakushō." I shook my head. "No and I never will." She rolled her eyes as we walked down the street, waiting for our machines to beep signaling the arrival of a hollow. She sighed. "Why do you insist on wearing that?" I looked at her. "Because it means a lot to me. It reminds me of the person it belonged to." She sighed. Just then our machines started to beep. We turned to each other and nodded. We followed the hollow's spiritual energy to a small clinic. I jumped inside searching for the hollow when I bumped into someone. "Hey, watch where you are going." I look up to see a human boy with bright orange hair. "You can see me?" Rukia walks in. "What are you doing Kurosaki? We have a hollow to find." I turned away from the boy and started walking towards Rukia. I feel someone grab my arm. The boy turns me around. "Did you just say, Kurosaki?" I nodded slowly. "Yes, now let me go. Why do want to know? How can you see us?" The boy blinked for a few moment, then stared at me. "Stay right there. I will be right back." I looked at Rukia and she shrugged. He soon returned with a picture frame in hand. "You said that you are a Kurosaki, right?" I nodded. He smiled. "What is your full name?" I paused and looked at Rukia, wondering what this was all about. I turned back to the boy. "Kimimaru Kurosaki. Why?" He smiled wider. "I am Ichigo Kurosaki." I stared at him for a while until I noticed his expression change. "What is it?" He looked at me. "I heard a low howl." I looked at Rukia and she nodded. "That's the hollow. Which means it is here." 

Suddenly the hollow burst through the wall holding a girl in its hands. Ichigo yelled. "Yuzu!" I looked at him and then at the girl. Rukia looked at him. "Stay out of this." He shook his head. "I want to help my sister." Rukia rolled her eyes. "Well if you want to help her, there is only one thing you can do. Come get the sword." He walked over to Rukia and hesitated. Rukia growled. "Do you want to save your family or not?" He nodded. "Give me the sword." Rukia handed him the Zanpakutō and there was a sudden flash as he transformed into a soul reaper. I stared in amazement at the size of his Zanpakutō. It was large. I felt a sudden burst of spiritual pressure. I realized that it was coming from Ichigo. I looked over at Rukia. She was slumped on the ground. "Rukia!" I ran over to her. She looked up at me. "I only meant to give him half of my powers. Instead, he took them all. It looks like we will be staying here awhile." She half-smiled. I sighed. "You stay here. I will go and help him." She nodded and I got up. I ran back to Ichigo. He looked at me. "What are you doing?" I looked at him. "You can't do this alone. Besides, she is my family too. Afterall, I am a Kurosaki same as you." I smirked and turned back to the hollow. The hollow lunged at us. I dodged the attack and hit him in the head with my own Zanpakutō. I watched as Ichigo hit the hollow directly on the head. Next thing I know the hollow faded away. I looked over at Ichigo as he ran over to his sister. "Yuzu! Yuzu are you ok!" I walked over to him. "She can't see you or hear you." I knocked him out and went back to Rukia. "Let's fix this mess." She nodded and I helped her to her feet.

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