Blood Type Z

In the world there I a new blood type. The people of this blood type are rare, and are seen as dangerous.
Every teen must be checked for blood type Z. If you have it, you get sent somewhere, that is unknown to the public.
When Josh is found with blood type Z and is shipped to the unknown in a semi with other teens, he learns of what blood type Z really is, and what is on the other end of there trip.
What happens when he runs away? Will he make it out alive, back to his mother? What is blood type Z?


3. Chapter two.

The gaurds kept pulling me with their strong arm muscles, towards another door at the end of this darker hall way. The light coming from the room was interesting, but dangerous. One of the gaurds was covering my mouth so my screams wouldn't get to my mom.

I knew it was for the best and she would be safe now. Safe from me. Was I a monster? What is so dangerous about me? I'm just a normal kid, who goes to a normal school, has a normal home, with a normal life.

Would I ever be able to feel what it is like to live life to the fullest? Have a job? Have kids and a wife? Would I ever get to live the normal life of normal humans? Or would I get pulled down hallways forever?

So many questions ran through my mind, that I hadn't relised that I was sitting in the room, on an old wooden chair.

"Put this on." Said the first gard who had little awards on his shoulder, but not as much as the second one who was more buff and kept quiet. He handed me a neon blue jumpsuit with reflective tape outlining the figure if the person, to be spotted in the dark if a light was shined on them.

They turned around, but they both blocked the exists with their muscular bodies. I then put on the jumpsuit and it felt like it was two sizes to big.

Maybe I wear this for as long as I have to and I grow into it. I thought. I was now curious to the path ahead and walked ahead of the gaurds to get to the next door, down the hallway.

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