Blood Type Z

In the world there I a new blood type. The people of this blood type are rare, and are seen as dangerous.
Every teen must be checked for blood type Z. If you have it, you get sent somewhere, that is unknown to the public.
When Josh is found with blood type Z and is shipped to the unknown in a semi with other teens, he learns of what blood type Z really is, and what is on the other end of there trip.
What happens when he runs away? Will he make it out alive, back to his mother? What is blood type Z?


5. chapter three

The gards ten pushed me through several heavy doors, and dim hallways, to then open a larger door to a huge open warehouse. There were kids of all shapes, sizes, and skin color, all wearing the same outfit that I was. Some were crying, some were fighting others, or some gards, some were just standing there. All of them were coming from different doors, and hallways.

"I was walking for miles!" I heared one kid say.

They must have come from naighboring towns or city's.

The gards then pushed me towards one line. I was stashing behind a girl, who's orange red hair touched her shoulders.

She was slightly shorter than me and when the hour long line finally ended with me, I got into the back of the old school bus, and sat down. Amongst all the confusion, me and the girl with the red hair were scilent.

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