Blood Type Z

In the world there I a new blood type. The people of this blood type are rare, and are seen as dangerous.
Every teen must be checked for blood type Z. If you have it, you get sent somewhere, that is unknown to the public.
When Josh is found with blood type Z and is shipped to the unknown in a semi with other teens, he learns of what blood type Z really is, and what is on the other end of there trip.
What happens when he runs away? Will he make it out alive, back to his mother? What is blood type Z?


2. Chapter one.

Josh awoke from his sleep to the sound of his alarm. After a few more rings from the alarm clock he finally rolled out of bed, onto the floor. He outstretched his arms looking at the posters he had hung on the roof above. He then heard a lite tapping on his door.

"Good morning sweetly," his mother's high pitched voice said softly making it's way through the door to his ears.

"Morning mom. " he replied in a tiered voice.

He then got up, and opened the door to hug his mother. She then said: "we ave to get your blood tested today."

It hit Josh like a wrenching ball. He knew that blood type Z had run in his family but the only people who didn't have it was his mom and her mother. Hopefully he wouldn't be sent off to the else where as a lot of kids his age call it.

As they stepped out of the car and info the polluted air, Josh's heart skipped beats. He was more nervous than he had been ever in his life. They then walked into the blue building of the doctors. The special doctors. The doctors that were in blue buildings tested blood. They tested every 14 year olds blood to see if they have blood type Z.

No one really knew of what blood type Z is, other than government officials. They just knew it was bad.

Josh's thoughts were infuriated as he heard his name called. There was a nurse in a blue blouse and blue surgical pants (?) holding a clip board standing at the end of the hall way leading to the rooms, where you were tested.

Josh then got up and walked over to her. She comforted him as she knew he was nurvous. Who wasn't when they were about to see if they were someone who could cause damage or not. She then sat him in a chair in one of the rooms. She then took some of his blood, asked him a few questions, and looked at his medical record. She then left the room as a doctor came in.

He put on some closed and took samples of everything. Josh's hair, Even more of his blood, some skin, some spit. He then said Josh could go to the waiting room for patients who are I the middle of being tested. Josh then walked down the hall unescorted to a dark room. There were a few other kids there, none of witch he recognized.

He then played on his phone and texted some of his friends, as of it were a normal day. A nurse came in now and then to take kids out a. A few kids came In as well in a steady flow.

Josh then felt a tap on his shoulder. It was the same nurse who tested him. She then took him by the arm out of the to his mother. As he could see there were some gards In the room too. This made him more nurvous and he relizes what was going on. The doctor who also tested him was talking to his mom and she was crying. As soon as she saw Josh she ran toward him, but a gard grabbed her and held her back from Josh saying " he might be dangerous".

The doctor then told the other gard to grab Josh as he was let out of the nurses grip.

"I love you mom!!!!" He screamed as he was pulled away, out of the room into darkness.

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