Blood Type Z

In the world there I a new blood type. The people of this blood type are rare, and are seen as dangerous.
Every teen must be checked for blood type Z. If you have it, you get sent somewhere, that is unknown to the public.
When Josh is found with blood type Z and is shipped to the unknown in a semi with other teens, he learns of what blood type Z really is, and what is on the other end of there trip.
What happens when he runs away? Will he make it out alive, back to his mother? What is blood type Z?


1. The discovery.

March 26, 2027

Today Nobel prize winner Zach Mitctaf made an astonishing discovery. He calls it blood type Z. This is another new and rare blood type. He doesn't fully yet understand what it is, but him and his colleges are hard at work figuring out the capabilitys of the blood type Z owners. He has only one test subject, and is looking for others with blood type Z to come forward, so he can help us all better under stand the limits there body's have.

April 18, 2027

Today the amazing dr. Zach Mitctaf made an amazingly astonishing discovery. The people with blood type Z are highly dangerous and their capabilities are not going to be released to the public. If you know someone with blood type Z contact this phone number to get them put away in a place they can't harm anyone.

June 4, 2027

Another bill called the Bill of blood Z was passed today and was added to the constitution. This bill states that when all children reach the age of 14 they must be checked for blood type Z. If they have it they will be sentenced for life In the remote location for people with blood type Z. If anyone changes their test results they will be charged with 40 years in prison with out trial. Anyone who abides this bill will face the same consequence.

November 15, 2028

More than a year ago the United States passed the bill of blood Z. Over 3/4 of the worlds nations now have this law I their own country, now knowing what people with blood type Z is capable of. Still the information of blood type Z will stay hidden from the public. But be warned people with blood type Z have more powerful abilities than imaginable.

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