From Here to Infinity

Imagine a world where everything you see is mechanized and invented by extremely intelligent people from all around. A world with cities and wastelands as big as countries, buildings as high as you can see, huge hot air balloons, big gears wherever you look and an endless amount of factories. But also a world of inequality and manipulation. You can’t describe how big the gap is between the poor and the rich. Well, it’s a world where I live in, or rather travel in. A venture this world searching for something special. Something that is wanted by all the powerful people. The Infinity Core. A core that can power a device forever. It will never run out of power. It’s the perfect core. Most people think that it is just a myth, but I believe it’s true. I believe that the Infinity Core exists somewhere in this world. And I need it to fulfil my goal, my promise. My name is Clint and I will find the Infinity Core.


3. The beginning

3 years later…


“Viola! We’re leaving!” Clint shouted.

He was still wearing the same clothes as ever, but this time he had special golden goggles on his head. It was his latest invention. They’re goggles to zoom in for precise work or can be used as a scope.

“I’m comiiing!” Viola shouted in the distance.

She came running out of the bathroom. She wore different clothes now. She wears a white tank top, which isn’t all that white anymore with all those oil stains, with a brown leather motorcycle vest. She only wears that when going outside. She also wears blue mini-shorts jeans with a utility belt and black army boots, with long white dirty socks that reach over her knees. On her head, are some old flying goggles she found. Her hair was in twin-tails.

“Finally.” Clint said.

“Sorry…” she replied.

“You packed everything you need?” Clint asked.

“Yes sir!” she said enthusiastic and showed her small brown backpack.

“Then we’re good to go.” He said.

Viola noticed that Clint didn’t have anything else, but his small backpack  with the core inside.

“Don’t you need to bring more of your stuff with you?” she asked.

“Nope, if I need something, I either buy or create it.” He said.

“Really, you are something else.” She replied.

“You realized that just now?” Clint said sarcastic.

She laughed and ran a bit up ahead. They we’re going to the small gate from Tinkerwall again. They step through the gate and left Automadrift. They laid their eyes upon the never-ending wasteland. You could see the next district in the far distant.

“Where are we going, actually?” Viola asked.

“We are  going to Darkport.” He replied.

“Never heard of it.” She said.

“It’s a shady place, known for the many mafia and illegal transport.” He explained.

“Then why are we going there?” Viola asked curiously.

“We’re gonna go meet an old friend of mine.” Clint replied.

They headed towards Darkport. A figure with glasses stood on top of the wall from Tinkerwall. It looked at them.

“So, this is where you are Viola. At last, I have located you.” It said with a grin.

Clint and Viola had quite the journey ahead of them. The reason that you could see Darkport from here wasn’t because it was close, but because the big black cloud that hovered over the whole district. Darkport is known to use Blackrock to power their machines. But Blackrock causes extreme black smoke and is very toxic when you breath it in too much. But Viola was excited as always. She ran a bit up ahead, turned around and walked backwards facing Clint.

“Why are we actually moving to other places?” she asked.

“I told you about my master, right?” he replied.

“Yeah, he gave you that Primal Core and you want to finish what he started.” She said.

“Correct. Well, that promise is the reason we will be constantly moving.” Clint said.

“That didn’t really answer my question now, Clint.” She said with a smirk.

“My master believed that something called the Infinity Core exists.” He stated.

Viola’s eyes widen as she heard that name.

“Infinity Core… I’ve heard that somewhere before…” she said looking at the ground.

“Most people think it’s a myth. They think it doesn’t exist and never has.” Clint said.

“No, my father was talking about it one day. Something about that he will one day find the Infinity Core.” She said.

Clint looked at her.

“Well, if he is still pursuing that goal, we might even meet him.” He said.

Viola shocked a bit and looked at Clint.

“Don’t worry.” He said confident and Viola came to ease a bit.

They started their trip early in the morning so they would be able to arrive in Darkport around the evening. But it was a bit past noon and the heath was unbearable.

“Cliiint… My feet hurt…” Viola whined.

Clint ignored Viola.

Put me in your neck like we once did!” she said looking at him.

Clint got irritated and kept ignoring.

“Cliiint, I’m thirsty, it’s so hoooot…” Viola whined again.

Clint was almost at his limit.

“Cliiint, I-“

“Can you shut it for a second! It’s hot for everyone!” Clint shouted at her.

Viola flinched and looked away with a pouty face.

“You don’t have to shout like that, idiot.” She mumbled.

Clint sighed.

“Wanna take a break?” he asked.

“Yes! I thought you would never ask!” she said with a grin.

“Fine then.” Clint said and sat up against a rock.

Viola sat next to him, both placed themselves  conveniently in the shadows. Viola grabbed a bottle of water out of her backpack and drank a bit. Clint looked as she drank the refreshing water. He looks away, regretting that he didn’t bring any water himself. Suddenly, the bottle popped up in front of his face.

“Want some?” Viola asked with a smile.

“Oh, thank you…” Clint said, feeling he owes her one.

He drank from the bottle without hesitation. Clint gave the bottle back to Viola.

“Thank you, Viola” he said with a smile.

“N-No problem.” She replied.

They rested a bit, but soon started walking again.

Clint sniffed the air as they came closer and closer to Darkport.

“You smell that?” he said.

Viola sniffed and coughed.

“Yeah, what a terrible smell!” she replied.

“What? No! It’s the smell of adventure!” Clint said laughing.

“Seriously, sometimes I don’t understand you at all.” She said.

It was early in the evening and they arrived at the Eastern gate of Darkport. The gate was huge and a lot of traffic was passing by. Random citizens, transport and much more.

“Welcome to the worlds most illegal district!” he said.

“Yaaay…” Viola said sarcastic, as she was kinda scared of all the shady and scary figures.

“Come on, Viola. A bit more excitement, this is only the beginning of our adventure!” he said with a smile.

“You’re right! It has only just begun!” she said as all the excitement boiled up inside of her.

They walked through the dark streets. Most of the sunlight was blocked by the thick black cloud above Darkport. As they we’re walking, everyone noticed Clint. All eyes were on them. Viola was a bit uneasy and looked at Clint, who looked very serious all of a sudden.

“Clint, I feel like they could assault us any moment.” She said scared and held onto his arm.

Clint didn’t respond and kept walking. You could here some random mumbling here and there.

“Is that Clint?”

“What’s he doing here?”

 Viola noticed them talking about Clint and looked at him.

“Clint, how do they all know you?” she asked scared.

“Just stay close and don’t let go. He responded.

They walked towards a bar, named The Crimson Gear. Clint smacked open the doors and the whole bar went quiet. The bartender looked over and the entrance and saw Clint. They looked each other dead in the eyes.

“Clint…” the bartender said with a deep voice.

“Omar…” Clint said back.

Viola looked scared and hid behind Clint as they kept staring at each other. The bartender walked closer towards Clint.

“Clint!” Omar said opening his arms.

“Omar!” Clint replied opening his arms as well.

They hugged each other and laughed out loud. Too loud… Viola didn’t quite understand what was happening. Omar was big, fat and had a brown beard. He was a very hairy, but kind person.

“Clint, what brings you here?” Omar said, rubbing his knuckles over Clint’s head.

“Just walking by Omar.” Clint said happy.

Omar looked at Viola, who hid again behind Clint.

“Eh, what’s this Clint? Hooking up with the younger ones I see?” Omar said winking and hitting Clint with his elbow.

“Hold it, Omar. This is my apprentice, Viola. Viola this is Omar, the old friend I told you about.” Clint clarified.

“Hey, I’m not that old!” Omar said.

“N-Nice to meet you.” Voila said bowing before Omar.

Omar looked at her.

“Bwahahahaaah, come here!” he said grabbing and holding her up while laughing.

Viola was scared.

“Aaah, put me down! Put me down!” she screamed.

“No need to be so formal here, kid.” Omar said and put her down.

Viola swept her clothes. They all went to sit at the bar.

“Now Clint, I know you ain’t just walking by.” Omar said.

“Of course not. I’m looking for something.” Clint responded.

Omar and Clint were both drinking a beer, while Viola was drinking some juice.

“What are you looking for, Clint” Omar said serious.

Clint slid a picture towards Omar. He looked at it and his eyes widen. He then looked again at Clint.

“Getting your hands on this won’t be easy, Clint.” Omar said patting Clint on the back.

“I know, but I know you know where I can get this.” Clint said looking in Omar’s eyes.

Omar drank his glass empty and burped.

“That’s gonna get me in trouble, boy.” He said.

Clint kept looking in his eyes with a smile, familiar to Omar.

“Fine!” Omar said.

Viola looked over their side, a bit curious while taking a sip from her juice.

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