From Here to Infinity

Imagine a world where everything you see is mechanized and invented by extremely intelligent people from all around. A world with cities and wastelands as big as countries, buildings as high as you can see, huge hot air balloons, big gears wherever you look and an endless amount of factories. But also a world of inequality and manipulation. You can’t describe how big the gap is between the poor and the rich. Well, it’s a world where I live in, or rather travel in. A venture this world searching for something special. Something that is wanted by all the powerful people. The Infinity Core. A core that can power a device forever. It will never run out of power. It’s the perfect core. Most people think that it is just a myth, but I believe it’s true. I believe that the Infinity Core exists somewhere in this world. And I need it to fulfil my goal, my promise. My name is Clint and I will find the Infinity Core.


1. Clint


“Aargh… Damn it…”

Clint rubs his head, after he bumped into a wooden beam above him.

“That hurt… This place is way too small to work.” He said

Clint was working on something in small abandoned house in Tinkerwall. Tinkerwall a small town near the edge of the city, Dawnhaven. It was getting late.

“It’s getting kinda late, isn’t it?” he said to himself and started cleaning up some stuff.

He went outside and walked towards Dawnhaven. It was dawn already and the streets looked shady. The road from Tinkerwall to Dawnhaven isn’t really a popular way to walk, since lots of thieves tend to assault you. And it’s an upwards walk… Even though Clint knew about this, he still went with his golden revolver in check. He was wearing a white shirt with a black butlers vest and tie. His shirt was rolled up to his elbows. He wears skinny blue jeans with brown flat ankle boots. He had a golden pocket watch in his chest pocket. His emerald green eyes shined in the dawning sun as a small breeze waved his medium long brown hair, which covered a bit of his eyes. He wears a small leather backpack-like holder, that holds a light blue core. The same core that is used to power his revolver.

As he steps into Dawnhaven the atmosphere suddenly changes. The sun hits his face, as he reaches the top, making him need to cover his eyes with his hand. The city was still very lively at this hour. You could see multiple blimps flying around and steamy factory chimneys in the distance. The buildings were high and in the middle was a statue of Mc Charles the 4th. The inventor of Dawnhaven. Clint walks over to a pub and enters. He takes his place at the bar.

“One beer, please.” He said to the bartender.

“Coming right up, sir!” the bartender replied.

Clint tossed a coin over to the bartender as he gave his beer.

“Thank you.” Clint said and took a big gulp of the beer.

“Aaah, I love beer!” he said.

Another person sat down next to Clint and gave him a short look. The man was a lot bigger than Clint. The man kept looking at Clint from time to time.

“Is there something one my face?” Clint said with a serious tone.

The man grinned.

“No, not at all. I’m more interested in that thing on your back.” He responded.

“Oh…?” Clint replied with a sarcastically surprised face.

“How much do you want for it?” The man asked.

“I am truly sorry, but it is not for sale.” Clint responded.

The man gave him an frustrated look.

“2000 coins!” the man offered.

“I said, it is not for sale.” Clint repeated.

The man stood up, knocking over his bar chair. He slammed his fist against the bar.

“4000 coins…” he said angry.

Clint gazed at him, not saying a word.

“Grrraaagh!” the man furiously knocked over Clint’s beer.

Clint’s facial expression suddenly changed.

“No! Not my beeeer…” he looked like it was the end of the world.

“You better not start making fun of me! Ah never mind! I’ll just take it off of you!” He shouted.

The man reached for Clint’s core, but Clint was quick and took his arm, twisted it and floored the man.

“You’re not gonna lay a finger on it.” He said.

The man got up again and charged at Clint. Clint simply stepped aside and placed his foot. The man stumbles over Clint’s foot and falls on the ground. The man got up wiping his mouth.

“Now you’ve done it!” he shouted and took a fighting pose.

“Come on then, let’s dance!” Clint replied with a grin and took a fighting pose as well.

The man launched his fist towards Clint, who dodged it and counter-strikes the man in the face. They both started throwing and blocking some punches.

“Is that all you’ve got?” Clint said taunting the man.

The man growled and threw a punch with massive power towards Clint, as he ducked and swiped his foot against those of the man, casing the man to fall over.

“Had enough?” Clint said stepping on the man’s stomach with his foot.

The whole bar was looking at their fight, shouting and cheering. Some of them were even making bets on who would win and apparently, most of them didn’t vote for Clint. He was smiling proudly when suddenly the man grabbed his leg and slammed him into the ground. The man got up and laughed.

“Hahaha you’re so full of yourself, aren’t you?” he said with a fierce look.

Clint got up, wiping some blood of his lip.

“Yeah, didn’t see that coming…” he said to himself.

The man once again charged at Clint, but this time Clint went on the offensive as well.  As the man threw a punch, Clint strafed to the right punching the man in his side. The man shouted in pain. Then he gave the man an uppercut with his left arm and the man fell down on the ground unconscious. Clint sighed.

“Sorry for the trouble.” He said and took off.

It was late and the city was quiet. The sun was under and the shadiness took over the whole city at this point. Clint mumbled a bit to himself.

“I just wanted to drink some beer…” he mumbled and kicked a small rock.

Suddenly, he heard a scream for help. It came from the road he walked earlier. He ran down the road and heard another scream, closer this time. He looked in an alley and saw two thugs taking on a small girl in a white dress. Well, if you could still call it a dress. It was dirty, stained and ripped. She was barefooted. The girl spotted Clint.

“Mister! Please, help me!” she shouted.

She was pushed against the wall. The two thugs turned around and looked at Clint.

“What do you want, eh?” One of them said.

“Yeah, get lost!” the other one said.

“I’ll ask you nicely once. Leave the girl alone.” Clint said.

“Haaahaha, why would we listen to a smooth-ass like you, eh?” The thug said.

“I won’t ask twice.” Clint responded.

The two thugs looked at each other, kind off worried. They both took out their guns.

“What now, eh?” the thug said.

“Shoot. I dare you.” He said with a grin.

Both thugs looked at each other again, but then looked back at Clint, ready to pull the trigger. Clint quickly drew his revolver shooting two bullets, one for each of the thugs hand. The scream in agony. One fell on the ground. Clint put his revolver back. The girl ran out of the alley and hugged Clint’s leg.

“Thank you, mister!” she said with a smile.

“No problem kiddo. Now you better go home, it’s way too late for you to be outside.”

She looked him in the eyes.

“Well, take care.” Clint said and walked away.

The girl secretly followed him, all the way to his home. Clint entered his small inconvenient house and took off his clothes. He went to bed.

Suddenly he heard something. It was like rustling. Just outside his house. He got up and went to look outside. He didn’t see anything, but then noticed something at his side. The little girl was sleeping on a pile of scrap and ripped cloth.

Clint sighed.

He picked up the little girl and put her in his bead, as he laid down on he floor.

The girl slowly opened her eyes and sniffed the air. It smelled good.

“Oh you’re awake.” Clint said.

The girl rubbed her eyes and got up.

“It smells good.” She said with a smile.

“There only pancakes.” Clint said putting them on a big piece of scrap, due the lack of furniture.

“Go ahead, have some.” He said.

“R-Really?” she replied.

“Sure!” he smiled.

The girl sat down and took a pancake. The moment she wanted to take a bite, Clint interrupts her.

“Under one condition…” he said looking at the girl.

The girl looked up, worried.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

She seemed relieved it was just that.

“Oh, my name, is Viola!” she said and giggled.

“Viola…” he repeated and looked at her as she happily ate her pancake.

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