Dalliance:- A short Affair.
Every time Marcel falls in love since the year 1665, has been a flicker in his existence. He has lost everything and can just about hold what he has left breathing in this world; everything else had been ripped from him. Jorik suggests something utterly ghastly; what can he do but be dragged along in this rediscovery of love. Yet everything comes down to a dalliance when you're immortal.


2. W A L L F L O W E R

He had nearly forgotten about Dr Jameson's brother-in-law's nephew before a text turned up on his phone.

Hello, my name is Cillian. My aunt said

That her brother had found you and

That you would let me live w/ you

Hello, I'm Marcel and yes my friend

Passed the message on I believe

I can come by Tomorrow to go over

Things before I move and more

Importantly get to know you :)

Tuesday is fine. I'm not working

that day.

Cool. See you then :D

Yes, see you then.


Tuesday came about with little contact with the ginger who had taken up a campaign to ignore his mate only won over by an extravagant gift that had been delivered that night of a bouquet of white clover, spring crocus, Edelweiss, forget-me-not, Honeysuckle, purple Hyacinth, yarrow and finally several white roses.

He would have to wait on Wednesday for the reply but he was hopeful. Instead he laid on his couch a new white kitten asleep on his chest just behind the back of his tablet as he watched idly for Adelaide to answer. Adelaide Fay was a beautifully blonde woman with bright blue eyes; she was just about past girlhood when Marcel had turned her. She had always been pretty her only flaw being the large protuberant eyes of hers. She had been a brat obsessed with her looks but with time and lesson she grew kind and free like a swift. She was nomadic and stayed nowhere: currently enjoying the dark winter of Iceland.

'Hey!!' On came her bright youthful smiling face in front of the splendour of the northern lights 'How are you?'

She had not yet lost the thick Austrian accent as she found a bench to sit on.

'I'm fine Ade' Marcel smiled resting a hand on the kitten 'I am waiting for my roommate appear from the world'

'Roommate do you mean Jorik?' Adelaide's face a beautiful one of a nineteen year old scrunched up in frustration as she listened to her father

'No, he isn't talking to me and I await his bouquet' Marcel shook out his dark hair 'he has placed me with a mortal without choice and I had to go out and buy a large bouquet of flowers and a mini fridge today'

'Boohoo' the youngster said laughing happily as she said it 'Don't complain you are the richest man alive'

'That title goes to Markus in Amsterdam actually the old sod sold one of his little treasures from Egypt got enough money to buy the white house' Marcel informed her almost always of the goings on with the vampire over a century old.

There was no great vampiric council but there was a pecking order due to age and Adelaide was the safest from it. She knew this and kept her nomadic ways close like an invisibility cloak.

'Does he have a mate?' Adelaide inquired as she began to file her nails into the straight edge points that had always been her fashion

'I don't think so, I think she walked into the horizon in the 1000's' Marcel thought it over, he had met Markus maybe twice. The dark skinned vampire had barely changed from his time and had seemed to fold more to old fashions now, to gain his favour was to gain a whole new ranch of society. Marcel licked his lips in a cat like fashion as he watched Adelaide note it down mentally.

'What did you do to piss off Jorik anyway?'

'Fucked a Blond in a nightclub VIP bathroom' his face didn't change when he said this statement but he remembered the smell of the blond and the way he tasted and licked at him with that pretty pink flat long tongue of his.

'God, you are such an ass'

'I know'

Her eyes rolled in a long silent note before she smiled again and shook her head; remembering the way he used to be and how he would always be that man. There was a loud buzz from the doorbell and both were pushed quite forcefully out of their nostalgia.

'I should answer that' Marcel says sadly as if awoken from a beautiful dream 'When are you next in civilization'

'I don't know' She winced visibly as the doorbell sounded again 'You should go, I'll message you when I can'

'Au revoir mon chérie' Marcel called


The screen returned to the call history and Marcel reluctantly got up when a text popped up from the waiting guest outside. The door wasn't far but it felt like it had been days by the time he opened it to reveal blond hair.

'What are you doing here?' his tone came out sharp and even as he stared at the Blond, he was sure he left the boy weak kneed and without a note of who he truly was

'Urm, I'm Cillian Phelan' the blond returned looking up at him with bright blue eyes with flecks of amber 'We texted last night about me seeing the place'

Looking into that face nearly broke him, the blond hair was short and yet long enough that you could see a slight wave. He looked as if he could parade around Rome with all eyes on him; his eyes were especially enchanting, inquisitive and kind. His lips curled up in a smile that was somewhat cocky and arrogant despite his kind features. He was around 6"4 to Marcel's 5"10 and he towered perfectly over the vampire. He was athletic in build and clearly lived a life of nourishment against Marcel's own neglect. He had a soft jaw line and large bushy eyebrows but this never changed the constant glances Marcel took to his lips, pink and thick shaped in a bow.

Marcel shook himself out of it.

'Yes yes, sorry' Marcel seemed to shake himself out of the lingering claws of despise 'You reminded me of someone'

Cillian eyed the man carefully and Marcel returned the favour taking in the blond hair and eyes with the addition of the casual clothes. Marcel was dressed in black jeans and a white and black striped t-shirt that made him seem almost like an old photograph.

'May I come in?' Cillian asked his tone gentle

'Yes, yes' Marcel dodged out the way to allow him to pass into the house 'of course'

He watched the boy's face distort into awe at the grandness of the hall with its tall ceiling and chequered floor. Everything had just about changed to give it a more modern look but the house here had dodged the 70's, 60's and 50's all at once while other houses he owned had suffered the decades and their hideous colour schemes.

'It's some place' Cillian said softly staring at a photo of a man, an ex-lover of Marcel's dressed in fine Victorian clothes the vampire had cashed out for him to wear 'How much is the rent?'

'Only your food and a section of the bills' Marcel whispered softly causing a shiver to run down Cillian's back and him to grow stiff and shrink.

How odd.

Marcel signalled him to follow through crossing room after room until they came to the first floor. On the stairs large portraits of battlefields made the place more imposing than it actually was; with the figures of gods and important men dotted about in alcoves. He became acutely aware that Cillian had stopped in place at one of them; it was one with the figure from Rome. It had been a gift from Markus when the pair had begun courting, only for it to end within a century.

'Are you coming?' This caused the younger male to jump and freeze before following once again behind the vampire. They eventually reached the floor that would be there for Cillian's uses.

'This area will be yours personally' Marcel said softly as he pointed out the five rooms on this level 'If you ever have guests here this is where they shall stay, one of the five will of course be your room'

'This whole floor' Cillian said his voice lifting into an Irish twinkle as he peered into the large bathroom masked in marble

'Yes, the second floor is mainly storage and areas for my guests' he said leading the blond onto the second floor and then onto the third 'This is my floor and my room is down there but I would like you please to not come up here at all as I work nights mostly'

It was more to do with the blood stash and coffin hidden in his room and the more private artifacts in the following rooms. In one a large circular window shone light against old portraits of him and his lovers and in other rooms the belongings of his old coven-mates. The second floor held similar things but were also the sort of stuff that could be bought at auction.

They were quick to make their way to Marcel's office where Cillian took a seat by the fire and Marcel sat opposite handing him a glass of whisky from a trolley that sat in the room.

'And now we get to know each other' Marcel grins wolfishly as she took in the sight of the other, he had always had a weakness for the younger even though himself had been frozen in time at twenty-four.

'How old are you?' Cillian said suddenly 'I'm twenty myself but you have such wealth and barely look over twenty-two'

'Thirty' this was a lie he knew his age and what age he looked but he needed to look experienced 'I'm a biomedical scientist for the hospital but I come from old money'

Very old money indeed.

He was sure at this distance the other smelt of something that didn't quite agree with Marcel, it made his fangs hurt and his hands itching to pull his hair out in aggression. He parted his lips slightly to allow himself to scent the air much like a cat. It smelt of dog and forest pines. Part of him loved it causing him to want to moan while the rest of him despised it.

'I work with dogs in the police department' Cillian added in as he watched Marcel drain the glass 'I couldn't turn this down, I don't get paid much you see'

'Finding a house is difficult then' Marcel said taking in his tidy and well kept look, clearly it was more to do with him spending on the wrong things. His brow lifted against his will in one cynical look

Cillian noticed 'No, I just never thought about moving out before now'

Marcel nodded his head and moved by to pick up the bottle; now that he had noticed the smell something in him had stirred the buried aggression. He brought the liquor back to their places before sitting he bent over Cillian's shoulder and refilled his glass. He then sat and filled his own.

He noticed the way he froze and shrank becoming noticeably on edge and vigilant of the vampire's actions.

'Any reason for your sudden move?' Marcel asked his old need for gossip and talk stirring in his stomach as he swilled his glass

'Too much family and my dad is trying to arrange a marriage I want no part of but the girl likes me and is clingy' after he finished Cillian looked shocked he had said it and sent the glass down away from him. Marcel just smiled.

'You can move in whenever' He said fishing out the spare key from his pocket and dropping it into Cillian's hand and before long there was a knock at the door 'excuse me'

Outside was Jorik, he was soaked through so that the white shirt stuck to him outlining the muscle that had been built up on by a life of physical activity. He leant close and kissed Marcel gently on the lips before pulling away with sad eyes and holding a single Coronilla. Marcel took the flower with a smile and allowed the cold and wet vampire inside.

'Go shower, Cillian is here but he will leave soon' Marcel whispered kissing Jorik on the cheek.

Marcel returned to the study and sat down once again in front of the boy; he smiled softly and tried to bury his wanting for his mate with another swig of whisky and slipping out a cigarette.

'Do you mind?' he said with a shake of the cigarette bow to gain the blond's attention, he shook his head supposing he would have to get used to it 'If we are in agreement then text me when you plan to move'

'Yeah, sure.' Cillian said standing as he watched Marcel light the cigarette and bring it to his lips before also standing.

He guided the blond out of the house and leant firmly against the door so it shut with a click. He could here Cillian in the shower; although the cold didn't bother them the warmth was more comforting especially when it came to embracing your mate.

Marcel went to the kitchen and set to work warming too pouches of blood and pouring them into wine glasses as he watched the kitten trot in sleepily to its full food bowl. He grabbed two packs of cigarettes, ashtray and two bottles of rosé before heading up.

His room was in pitch dark still and he closed the blackout curtains tight so that the only light came from under his en suite door. He heard Jorik humming Greensleeves as the shower was cut off. Marcel couldn't help but smile at his mate; he was a funny being that had stolen at least part of his heart. The door opened again to reveal the vampire in a pair of his mesh boxers; he wolf whistled as he passed him a glass of blood and began undressing himself down to a pair of black Calvin Klein's.

He turned on the light before lying down next to his mate and sipping at the blood with a hunger, he had forgotten to feed. The glass was downed quickly then as each drop kicked something primal that needed to be fed. Jorik laughed and poured the remains of his glass in Marcel's until that beast disappeared.

They shared another kiss hungry and needed with each bit of them being drawn to the other.

'I couldn't cope with you mad at me' Marcel said softly as he stroked Jorik's cheek and smiled sadly 'It hurt'

'I know, I know, I know my love my dearest love my little warrior' he bit the shell of Marcel's ear after saying this and trailed kisses down his neck and chest 'I love all of you'

Marcel bucked as he felt Jorik's fangs dig into him, the venom although not toxic, left a rush of rapture running through his veins as he wrapped his arms round Jorik and dug his nails in. A human and this drug caused weakness and a need to give up but for a vampire it was a strong aphrodisiac. Jorik eventually pulled away causing Marcel to scream in annoyance and slap the older vampire across the face.

Jorik growled and leaned forward from where he sat pinning Marcel down at the waist and grabbed his hands. Marcel of course fought pack but failed to slip out of the grasp before lips mate his own. He growled back in annoyance as Jorik took every piece of him until there was nothing left.

Marcel was only ever powerless to Jorik and the Viking's strength.

He was left lying on the bed with several healing broken bones and covered in Jorik as the Viking washed and cleaned himself. Marcel wanted to curl up aware of the intrusion and the cigarette burns on his hip, he had known that Jorik was mad but for the first time Marcel understood what the other used to be.

When he could move again he sat up and pulled his knees close not wanting to upset the other vampire. A fear had rooted and for the first time Marcel felt as though he had returned to 1659 when had been taken on a church pew against his will. Oh how he cried for himself then feeling that weak had not been his way since that day. He began to claw at himself before settling down again and taking deep breaths round the lip of a bottle of wine.

Jorik came back, he was aware of the footsteps so light and quiet only the undead could hear them. The bed dipped as Jorik sat down and came close; he felt the arms begin to stretch round him.

'Don't touch me' Marcel snapped 'You went too bloody far'

'I'm sorry' Jorik said without his voice wavering 'I was so mad and I couldn't stop, I needed this to let us go forward'

'You led me on' Marcel turned sharply to face him feeling his voice waver and in their nakedness somewhat even 'I thought you'd be gentle it wasn't fair for you to bite me'

'Says who?!' Jorik said lighting another cigarette and smoking it without much of a care 'We are meant to be mates but you wouldn't know fidelity if it hit you in the face'

'You bit me, I had no choice but to agree with everything you wanted to do with me' Marcel hissed 'The worst part is that you knew that no matter what you did it would feel good'

'Stop whining' Jorik hit back 'By now you should know that I don't like what you keep doing it's been three centuries and I let you off with so much because you are so young'

'Shut up' Marcel shouted 'I don't care it wasn't right'

'You are nearly half a millennia old' Jorik 'you need to learn that I am your mate or lose me'

'I should have said yes to Markus' Marcel hissed under his breath as he turned away

'What was that you little whore?!' Jorik grabbed his wrist and turned him round but before he could say anything he felt Marcel bite him. His teeth were longer than Jorik's and they got in deeper and so did his venom; so much so that the Viking dropped to his knees and moaned out.

'You never call me that' Marcel said as he very quickly took Jorik and left him on the bed.

It was another three hours till the pair smoke to each other teeth coated in vampire blood and mildly ware of the others dissatisfaction. Jorik hugged Marcel from behind and kissed his shoulder causing Marcel to turn and kiss his lips. They didn't have to say it to know of the apologies spoken and before they knew it they had collapsed back in each other's arms and slept till tomorrow's nightfall.

I'll move in tomorrow I will try not

to wake you

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