Lykke's Loss

This loss brake our hearts. Lykke's heart, Alice's heart. Everybody knew this Lykke's pain in instagram post. And Alice wants to be with Lykke Li. What will be with Lykke and Alice? You will know in this fanfic.


Author's note

This hole will stay forever in my heart

1. Fire in the park

Sweden. Stockholm. Nothing can foreshadowed the disaster. People were very busy. There was cloudy weather. Lykke, her son(Dion) ,her mother(Kärsti) went around the park. Park called "Jegen Love". Usually people went to rest in free time with children. This park was never used for foolish fame. This park was very cute.
- Oh, how I love to walk!!! Specially with my son. I forget evething bad with Dion.- said Lykke Li.

Lykke Li is very sensitive, kind woman and very melancholic. She loves mother bigger than one girl in Abakan.(I will tell about this girl in future). She is not a chatterbox.Only sometimes she can talk about something. But she talk so honestly and so sinsere.I will talk about her look:she is slim, but not anorexic, she had a haircut,hair's colour is broun, eyes are broun too. 
-You said rigth. You know that your son grow up. He grow up very nice and cute. But I think I'm tired, Li. - said her mother.

But Lykke felt something bad. And she remebered the nigthmare. The nigthmare was a terible dark room where many fire.Lykke can't help her mother. Mum burnt and she jumped down to the dark.

- Where you,my darling? - asked Lykke Li.

-She in - said Lykke's angel.And this nigthmare was ended.

-Why,we must to know this town. But tis town I like this city not so much. - said Lykke. She want to abstract mother and awake her becase she felt that something bad will happened.I forget to say that Lykke had a good intuition. And she  seems too alarmed and scared. 

-Don't hustle, a hustler! Loook please, how children is wonderful.- said Kärsti. She think that Lykke is scared and like a mother want to calm Li.

-If you want ... Didi don't like much people. - said Lykke. But she don't want to stay in this park.

- You son just like you. He looks  like you. And character just like you.-  said Karsti. 

And suddenly somebody dropped a dinamit in sandbox. And this bomb will not explode until somebody will step this bomb. 

- Dion, DON'T TOUCH. If this will explode? - warned Lykke. She was frintened more  than formed.

Her heart became to beat more else. And her son went away. But Lykke's mother stand and stepped to dinamit. And park burn. Lykke try to save mother but Kärsti lost mind. And said to Dion :"Walk away, Didi." Didi run and cry. She called to anbulance and firemen. At first she call to firemen.

- Hello, on Jegen street park is burning!!!URGENT!!!

And after this she called to anbulance. Firemen came very quikly. And after this she called to anbulance.

- Help, MY MOTHER BURT!!! I wiil pay 100000 krones if more then I have very much money. I' m Lykke Li

The anbulance came and take Lykke's mother.

- Interesting, will my mother stay alive?- asked Lykke.


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