Silk and Ribbons


1. Chapter 1: The Cobblestone

I awake to the bright sunlight warming my pale, freckled skin. I’m happy that the most beautiful season has finally returned, summer. I roll out of bed flipping my long straight hair out of my face. My legs take a moment to realize that they aren’t sleeping anymore as I walk towards my dressing table.

I pick up my ivory comb and begin brushing through the tangled mess that is my hair. I run my thumb along the comb’s feeling the engraved texture of my name, “ Alana”.

I received this comb on my 13th birthday from my father, he told me he bought it from a wealthy English merchant while travelling to London. The comb serves as a reminder of my father, he’s always travelling so I seldom get to experience his presence.

I decide to gather herbs and flowers to aid my mother in her natural remedy business. She has had this business since she was a young woman and has always enjoyed botany and using herbs as remedy for a variety of ailments.

I dress in my emerald green dress and cream coloured corset with dusty pink ribbon surrounding the edges. Because it’s summer I decide to leave my hair as it is so that I get to feel the free feeling of having the warmed breeze gently lifting my hair from my scalp.

I know exactly where I’m going, the old ruined castle not far from my home.

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