Her eyes eternal

Augusta hates Tristan, the new boy in her School.. he is full of himself, all the girls faun over him and on top of being handsome he is smart. Also he seems to old to be her age..
They have a couple of clashes, Augusta getting more and more annoyed with Tristan, he on the other hand seems Hell-bend on having her..
But one day she hears that Tristan is in big trouble, trouble that could kill him. Does she safe him even though she hates him ?
And what is Tristan's story ?

Entered in the monster story Marathon competition.. 2 categories

Write a monster story that's really a love story.

Create a cover/fanart/trailer inspired by monsters.


9. How to make a vampire



 I walk out into the kitchen, making some tea. I don’t really know if vampires drink tea, but I feel like I need a cup. I walk back in, just as the bathroom door opens and I almost drop the tray, seeing him walk out, only a towel around his waist.


 He is slim, but his muscles is toned and he got dark curls on his chest, looking much more a man than a guy still in school. I breathe in deeply, happy that he isn’t looking at me.


 “I made some tea, hope you had a nice shower”. I put down the tray and he flashes me a soft smile.


 He run a hand distractedly through the damp dark curls and look at me, like he is Sorry to be a bother. “You wouldn’t happen to have some kind of clothes I can borrow ? My own are very dirty and foul smelling”.


 “Sure, I am certain my father has something that will fit you. Just a moment”. I hurry out the room and down to my father's bedroom, finding a pair of boxers, a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants.


 He pulls on the boxers under the towel, before removing it. I sit back down on the chair, but Tristan is slowly pacing the floor.


 “I hope it is okay to ask, but how did you become a vampire ? I mean how does it work ? And who turned you ?” I am looking at my hands, afraid it might be to personal a question.


 He sighs and his voice is trembling a bit, like it is hard for him to talk about. “Well, it’s a bit complicated. To become a vampire you need to receive blood from a vampire, either enough to take over Your body and change you, or enough that it keeps Your body alive when you die”.


 “So what about you ? Did you die ?” I had never known that some vampires had actually never died.


 He looks out the window. “Yeah, I died.. there isn’t many vampires that didn’t, it’s not normal for a vampire to give that much blood away, as it would need new blood immediately after”.


 I nod and he continues. “And how it happened to me.. I was young, naive and very much in love.. I thought I was..”. He suddenly seem to get choked up and I wonder if a vampire cry. “I had lost my wife and my little daughter the precious winther and I was desperately searching for something to keep me going. Her name was Annabelle, she.. Well she was a vampire and she decided she wanted me with her forever.. I never had a choice”. 


 Not wanting to ask closer into it, as it is clearly still a painful subject, I decided to change the subject. “So what is the deal with you and all those bimbos ?”


 “Well.. I might seem a bit.. careless in that area. But the truth is, I don’t want to risk causing any harm. So it is limited how much blood I can take. And therefore limited how long I can stick with the same.. woman”. His smile is kind of sheepish.


 I nod, I hadn’t thought about it like that, but it did make sense. I look at him, raising one eyebrow. “But from what I have seen, that includes some perks that you don’t Seem to mind at all”.


 He chuckles, shrugging slightly. “Well, I’m a man. And honestly who wouldn’t enjoy being worshipped ? Getting to Pick and choose whoever they want ? Come on, most people would go with it”.


 I choose not to answer him. I mean yeah I can follow his logic and I know some people might even have been worse. Personally I wouldn’t have done it. But I have this feeling that it is also about keeping a distance, covering all those hurt feelings up behind not having any.


 He runs his hand through the now almost dry curls. “So any more questions or is this interrogation over ?”


 Pushing out my bottom lip I pout, but then I smile. “Sorry, I’ll stop, but I am just curious, I mean how often do you get to ask a real life vampire stuff ?”


 “But now it is my turn to ask questions. How did you know where to find me ? And why did you come to save me ?” He is staring into my eyes, his eyes dark, questioning.


 I sigh, I guess I owe him an explanation too. But I don't really know how to put it or how he will react. “I heard the reverend and his goons talk about it and I figured out which barn they were talking about. I.. Well I felt it was my fault and you didn’t.. no one deserves to die like that”.


 “Your fault ? How could it be Your fault ?” He stops in his track, looking at me.


 “I am so sorry, but when I yelled at you outside the school.. Well the reverend must have heard it and realised what I was talking about”. I am pulling at a lock of my hair, looking at the floor.


 He closes his eyes shortly, then he looks at me. “Look at me gorgeous.. I don't know if he heard you, but he didn’t need to. The reverend already knew, they were already waiting for me”.


 I get up from the chair. “No matter what I still feel kind of bad, but I am happy I have been able to make it somewhat up to you. You better get some rest, I guess you still need it”.


 “I owe you my life, if you can call this ratchet existence life.. so thank you”. He grabs my hand and it feel like a shock goes through me, paralysing my body.


 “It.. it’s okay, I mean everyone would have done the same”. I Can feel the heat rise in my cheeks and my breathing pick up. I curse my body for reacting like that to every touch from him.


 I don't even realise that he is moving before he has his arms around me, his eyes staring intensely into mine. “No they wouldn’t, especially not knowing the truth”.


I feel dizzy and I know he is going to kiss me long before his lips touches mine. I want to stop him, but it is like all energy drains from my body and I just let him. His lips are cool but soft and he tastes sweet. The blood is roaring in my ears and my legs turn to jello.


 Finally I get myself collected enough to put my hands on his chest, cursing that he is still shirtless. At least he lets me push him away.



 She is breathing heavily, leaning forward, like she is in pain almost, I reach out for her. “Are you okay ?”


 But she holds up her hand, as a sign for me to keep a distance. When she gets her breath back, she stands up tall, looking at me. “No Tristan. You can stay here till we find a solution. I want to be Your friend, but nothing more”.


 I send her an apologetic smile and nod. When she turns and leave I sigh and shrug to myself, before flopping down on the bed. 


 Why did I kiss her ? It’s those eyes. I didn’t realise at first, but now I know.. it’s her eyes, my beloved Margaret’s eyes, the same without a doubt. I looked into those eyes and I couldn’t resist.

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