Her eyes eternal

Augusta hates Tristan, the new boy in her School.. he is full of himself, all the girls faun over him and on top of being handsome he is smart. Also he seems to old to be her age..
They have a couple of clashes, Augusta getting more and more annoyed with Tristan, he on the other hand seems Hell-bend on having her..
But one day she hears that Tristan is in big trouble, trouble that could kill him. Does she safe him even though she hates him ?
And what is Tristan's story ?

Entered in the monster story Marathon competition.. 2 categories

Write a monster story that's really a love story.

Create a cover/fanart/trailer inspired by monsters.


12. His life ripped apart




 The mist is whirling around me and I step forward feeling cautious.. as the mist parts I see our house, the small house I had build myself to our family and I feel the emotions threatening to choke me. We had not been rich, but we had been so much in love, so happy.


 I met Margareth by a twist of fait, normally I would never been allowed to talk to her. She was a young lady, her family rich, aristocratic and just arrived from England to settle in America. I was nothing but the son of welsh immigrants, a poor farmer, way below her status.


 The wheel on her carriage had broken right by one of my families fields and I hurried to see if I could help. Losing my breath completely when I saw her. She had just turned 16, I was 20 and I literally thought she was an angel, no human being could be that beautiful.


 I invited her to wait in our home as the carriage was fixed. She accepted with a warm smile. She was not snobbish in any way, and didn't wrinkle her nose at our simple home. She even lifted the baby, one of my younger siblings up on her lap.


 After that day, she seemed to pas by often. She stopped to talk. I feel in love with her, but I could not court a fine lady like her. 


 When she turned 17 she showed up one day, her face puffy from crying. Her father wanted to marry her of to an older man and she didn't want to. Said I was the only one she ever wanted. We ran away, got married and I build us a small house. The same I am now standing in front of.


 Our daughter Rosie was born 9 months from the day we ran away almost to the date, and she was the most beautiful baby you could imagine. I adored her beyond anything and Margareth always laughed lovingly and said the she had never seen a father more in love with his child.


 Almost two years we got, two perfect years of love, two years of being a family. I had been away for two days to see my family. My mother had been ill and my father feared that it was the mysterious disease that swept through the area, leaving death in its wake.


 When I was almost home I met a small boy from our village, he looked scared, telling me how the disease had reached our village right after I left, already killing dozens. I instantly felt bad, very bad and run home as fast as I could.


 And that is where I stand now, outside the house, about to go inside and discover the truth, to find out my life has been smashed, that I lost everything.


 I want to run away, I don't want to go through this again, once was more than enough, not to talk about all those times I have re-lived it in my nightmares. But it is like I am pulled forward, I have no power to stop it or stop myself.


 "Margareth, Rosie ? Are you here my loves". I walk inside, slowly. Feeling scared. Inside screaming at myself to stop, to turn and get away. "Darling where are you ?"


 The crib is standing in the corner, the crib I build for our little girl. I walk closer, not wanting to, but having to. My soul getting ripped to pieces, torn to shreds.


 "No, no no.. please no". I pull her small pale and cold body into my arms, sinking to my knees as I hug her to my chest. My beautiful baby girl.. my little always smiling Rosie who had just started saying daddy, robbed of her life and her soul, taken from me by a faith so cruel.


 I shower her face with little kisses, my tears dripping on her cold skin. "I am so sorry baby girl, so sorry I couldn't protect you. Daddy will always love you".


 Gently swaddling her in her blanket, I place her back in her crib for now. I need to find Margareth, to know if my beloved wife is okay or the disease has taken her too, the thought alone is breaking me.


 With dread in my heart I open the door to out little bedroom, instantly knowing that I am to late. I kneel down beside her, gently pulling her head into my lap. "I am sorry love, so sorry".


 "Not Your fault.. I love you Tristan, for all eternity.. wait for me, please wait my love". She whispers on her last breath, before going still in my arms.


 I collapse over her body, the sobs raking through me. I am wondering how I will ever be able to wait, how to go on living without them. "How can I my love ? I have waited for so long, when can I stop waiting ?"


 "Now my love, no more waiting". The body in my arms dissolve and I turn towards the voice. Margareth is standing in the doorway, smiling softly at me. A white dress billowing around her.


 I hear myself whimper, she looks as beautiful as the first day I saw her. "But you are not really here, it's just a dream. Please love, give me Your permission to join you, I don't want to be alone any longer".


 "I am here Tristan, see through the surface, see the truth.. I am here". She starts flickering slightly and I think she will disappear, but her face changes slightly, and before me stands Augusta. "I am here Tristan, we can be together forever".


 I sit up in my bed panting, my face wet with tears. "Can it really be true ?"

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