Her eyes eternal

Augusta hates Tristan, the new boy in her School.. he is full of himself, all the girls faun over him and on top of being handsome he is smart. Also he seems to old to be her age..
They have a couple of clashes, Augusta getting more and more annoyed with Tristan, he on the other hand seems Hell-bend on having her..
But one day she hears that Tristan is in big trouble, trouble that could kill him. Does she safe him even though she hates him ?
And what is Tristan's story ?

Entered in the monster story Marathon competition.. 2 categories

Write a monster story that's really a love story.

Create a cover/fanart/trailer inspired by monsters.


13. Finding herself

 My eyes blink open, where am I ? I look around, finding myself in a bedroom I don't recognise. It is cosy, but it looks very old fashioned and the walls are wooden beams. It feels like I am on the set on some western.

 I look down myself, finding that I am dressed in an very old fashioned white lace nightgown. I notice a mirror and hurry to look into it, not seeing myself. I mean it’s the same eyes and almost the same hair, but this woman is stunningly beautiful.

 Then the memories flood back over me, making me dizzy. They come in flashes, Zac smiling happily at me as we stand in front of a priest in a small church. An elderly woman placing a newborn baby in my arms. Zac laughing happily, cradling the baby to his chest.

 I swallow hard, I am Margareth Pugh, Zac’s wife. I love him with every fiber of my being and we have a little girl, Rosie. We are happy, truly happy. 

 What had happened ? Zac is away, he should be coming back today. Someone came but it wasn’t him. I try focussing. I remember now. Her, she came. So strong, I didn’t stand a chance. She bid me, drank my blood. I knew she was going to kill me, but then Rosie started crying in her crib and she tossed me aside, grinning evilly at me, before going into the living room. I Tried following, but I was to weak, a weakness weighing me down now.

 I can’t bear to leave Zac alone, I need to do something. Something I had never thought I would do, something very wrong. But everything is worth doing if it brings me back to my beloved husband.

 Quickly I pull one of the floorboards away, pulling out an old book and finding the right page. With all my heart I want to run to my little girl, but I know there is nothing I can do, this is my only chance. I work as fast as I can, getting the things ready.

 I drink the potion, instantly feeling the pain deep inside me. It is literally parting my soul from my body. It’s dark magic, I never used dark magic before, but to do this I am willing to do it. I grab the locket around my neck, inside it is a small picture of Zac and Rosie. I whisper first part of the incarnation, linking my soul to the medallion.

 I hear footsteps and quickly hide everything under the floorboard, she can’t know about this. Then the door open, and she stands there in the doorway, beautiful, scary. The pale skin contrasting with her raven hair and green eyes, her lips smeared with blood.

 “Why are you doing this ? What have we done to you ?”. I look up at her. She is a monster, the worst I have ever encountered.

“Why ?” She slowly walks closer. “Not that I need a reason, but it so happens that you are in my way, you have something I desire greatly”.

 I shake my head. “But we have almost nothing, and nothing of value. What could I have that… Oh you want Zac, he is what you desire”.

 “And with you gone, he will be mine for all eternity”. She smile as she closes the gap between us, pulling me to my feet.

 Silently I chant the second part of the spell, taking into account that everything just changed. “You are going to change him, make him a monster like you”. The thought is unbearable.

 “Oh he is going to be glorious”. She say softly. “You have no idea what a man you have, he is something special and he is going to be the strongest, the best of them all”.

 “Believe me I know better than anyone how special he is”. I hiss at her. “You might be able to take his body, even corrupt his mind, but you will never have his soul, he is a much stronger man than you realise”.

 She pulls me into her. “Believe me, he will be mine, in every way”. And as she drains the last blood from my body I finish the spell.

 Believing me dead, she drops me on the bed. And in some ways she is right, my body is dead, beyond repair, but my would still linger, holding on to deliver my message to Zac.

 I don’t know how long it takes, but finally I hear Zac’s voice, he is calling for us and it shatters my heart, knowing what he has to go through. I wish I could spare him the pain, especially hearing his pain and sorrow as he finds Rosie.

 The door opens, and he is beside me, kneeling down to pull my head into his lap. I hear the pain in his voice and the love. “I am sorry love, so sorry”.

 “Not Your fault.. I love you Zac, for all eternity.. wait for me, please wait my love”. I whisper the words. I want to warn him, to tell him to run, but I know he can’t escape her. Finally my soul releases its final hold on my body and I slip away.


 I find myself in a room or actually it isn’t really a room, it is.. well fog or a cloud or something. In front of me is a beautiful woman in a white nightgown, Margareth or me, I am not sure.

“Finally we meet  Augusta.. do you understand now ?” She is smiling warmth at me.

 I feel light headed, confused. My hand reach inside my shirt, pulling out my medallion, her medallion. It had been my mothers, but we had never been able to open it. “This is yours isn’t it ? You stored Your soul inside it”.

 “I did yes. I could not bear being parted from him forever”. She say softly. “But it is no longer in the medallion”.

 “Where is it then ?” My heart grows heavy with fear that it is lost. She looks at me, smiling and I gasp when it hits me. “Your soul, it’s in me ?”

 She shakes her head. “No darling, my soul is Your soul, you are me. Your mother wore the medallion when she was pregnant and we managed to fuse with the egg to be reborn. You and I are the same mind, the same soul. It took way to long before we could enter the World again, but it is time for you, for us to remember”.

 Everything starts spinning and I feel reality pull at me. I hear her voice whisper. “Take good care of him for me and of Rosie”.

 I sit up in my bed, shaking slightly. I need to talk to Zac right now.



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