Her eyes eternal

Augusta hates Tristan, the new boy in her School.. he is full of himself, all the girls faun over him and on top of being handsome he is smart. Also he seems to old to be her age..
They have a couple of clashes, Augusta getting more and more annoyed with Tristan, he on the other hand seems Hell-bend on having her..
But one day she hears that Tristan is in big trouble, trouble that could kill him. Does she safe him even though she hates him ?
And what is Tristan's story ?

Entered in the monster story Marathon competition.. 2 categories

Write a monster story that's really a love story.

Create a cover/fanart/trailer inspired by monsters.


3. Finding a costume



 "Come on Augusta, you can't be the only one there not wearing a costume. You know people will notice you much more". It is friday, the day of the party and we have just left the school after the last lesson.


 I sigh resigned, why did Mia have to make such a fuss about it ? It's just a School party, not a Royal ball, and costumes tend to make you look either stupid or well.. cheap. "Okay, as long as I get the final say".


 "As long as we make you look stunning and me look hot as hell". Mia say smiling satisfied, pulling me with her down towards the towns shopping center and the costume shop.


 But it turns out that every usable costume has been ripped away. I sigh, but inside I am doing a victory dance, Holding up a sheep costume. "I Think we have to skip the costumes, unless you want to be a sheep".


 "And it's all your fault for being so damn stubborn, if you had given in last week we might have gotten something good". Mia looks so disappointed that I feel bad.


 Sudden I get an idea that might be good. "I got it; my grandmother has a lot of vintage clothes, like A LOT .. in her attic. I dressed up in it when I was a kid. Maybe she has something we can use".


 Mia looks a bit skeptical, she has met my grandmother once before, she is an eccentric elderly woman. "Are you sure there is something useable ? And that she Will let us use it ?"


 "Oh definitely, she loves showing me everything and tell the story behind it. Some of it are really old and some really weird and it is definitely better than what we find here". I say smiling.


 We take the bus there immediately and my grandmother is as predictable very happy to see us. Telling us we can borrow whatever we want and to just ask if we need help finding something.


 We are sitting in the attic, looking through boxes and old suitcases. Trying on some of the things and having a lot of fun. There had been some really weird things in fashion the last hundred years or so.


 Mis quickly find the right set of clothes for her, a short multi colored hippie dress with a matching scarf and some long beaded necklace with peace signs. It is perfect for Mia, loud, fun and bound to get attention in a good way.


 When we show it to my grandmother, she gives us a far away smile, like she is traveling back in time in her mind. "Oh yeah, the summer of 66, that was a glorious summer, loads of hash and loads of free sex".


 Mia start laughing, but I know my cheeks go red and I feel a bit awkward. "Gramms ! You can't say something like that".


 But my grandmother just giggles and finds a pair of plateau boots for in a box in the corner, handing them to Mia. I can't imagine my sweet gramms wearing something like that.. not to talk about having sex or doing drugs.


 "Oh Wow look at this". Mia pulls out some black velvet from an old casket. It turns out to be a long cape with a very wide hood and a deep blue silk lining. She pulls it around her shoulders, pulling up the hood, so it hides her face in shadows.


 "It's very cool, but I don't really see it fitting with the rest if Your outfit". i let my fingers run caressing down the soft fabric.


 Mia pulls the Cape of again, and swing it around my shoulders. "It's not for my you fool, it's for you. It looks good on you, very mysterious".


 I pull up the hood, I like the idea of being able to hide, but I can't really figure out what the rest of the costume should be. "And what would I go as ? The little red riding hood ?"


 "No you dumbass, then it would have to be red. Pair it with some cool both looking dress and you Will be a kick ass vampire countess. You'll also have an excuse for biting some cute guys". Mia says with a wink.


 We spend the next twenty minutes looking for something fitting, but there is nothing that says vampire. I sigh in resignation. "I guess we have to abandon that, baby pink just don't say vampire".


 My grandmother pokes her head up from the ladder again, looking at us. "So are you finding something sweetie or do you need help ?"


 "Well we found this amazing Cape and though Augusta could go as a vampire countess, but we can't find a dress to go with it". Mia holds out the cape, and looks around at all the clothes in piles around us.


 My grandmother smiles secretly and I fear she is going to say something inappropriate, like the Cape being from the period she attended sex parties or something. "Clean up here and come downstairs. Bring the cape.  I think I got just the dress".


 We hurry up, packing away everything. I feel very curious now. Soon we are crawling down the ladder, finding my grandmother in her bedroom.


 "This is actually my mother's mothers wedding dress, so it is very old and a bit fragile". She unzips a dress bag she had laying on the bed.


 I just have time to think that a wedding dress isn't very vampire like, but then she pulls out the dress and I look at it in surprise. "But it's black".


 "Yes, wedding dresses usually was back then. Most people could not afford buying a fancy dress for just one day. Normally people wore black at holidays and at parties, so the wedding dresses was black, then they could re-use it". She holds up the dress.


 We both stare at the dress, then at each other, it is simply perfect. It has a tight fitted upper body, with a build in corset and laced up back. It has a high neck and antic lace sleeves. The skirt is a bit wide and ankle length.


 "I remember my grandmother telling me that people had been outraged about her dress. This was considered very sexy back then and it was too expensive according to a lot of people. But she knew what she wanted and she was a very stubborn women". My grandmother tells.


 "Thanks Gramms it is amazing and I promise to be very careful with it". I say, kissing her on the cheek.


 Mia and me hurry home to my place, getting ready for the party. I let Mia put on my make-up, I usually never use much. But she gives me dark smookey eyes and red sensual lips.


 She wanted me to get some fake plastic fangs, but that was were I drew the line. Those was annoying as hell and I am pretty sure people Can see what I am without those.



 I am getting dressed for the party, stuffing the crisp white down into my tuxedo pants. Then I put on the dark blue waistcoat in silk brocade, fitting it, before putting on the tuxedo jacket. It all fits perfectly, like it was handsewn for me, and Well it is.


 Walking through the hallway I glance in the big mirror, luckily I can still pull of a classic tuxedo without looking foolish. It might be a bit childish, choosing this as a costume, but I already had the clothes and how often do I get to wear this in this day and age ?


 Honestly most of the fashion today baffles me, I don't feel like myself wearing it, more dressed up. So I stay away from the high fashion, sticking to the classics, being a suit or jeans and a shirt.

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