Altered World

Mix of Anti-Youtubers, Creepypasta, and FNaF

Join Shadow, Evelyn, and Sadie on a crazy journey as they all uncover the truth behind their mysterious lives.


11. Explanation Please?

*Shadow's P.O.V.*

Toby left me in the room and went to go get me clothes. I kinda just stood there in a daze. Well, that was until a white hand waved in front of my face. "Hello? Are you still alive in there?" I turned to the voice. It was Jeff. "I....Don't know." Jeff sighs. "I feel ya. That must have been surprising. And a bit shocking." I nodded. Toby walked back in. He threw clothes at me. "Put them on. Use Jeff's bathroom." I took the clothes and went to get dressed.

I looked at the outfit and shook my head a bit. I sighed and put it on. I walked out of the bathroom and looked at Toby. "Where did these come from?" Toby sighed. "I stole them from Jane." Jeff looked at him, just a little shocked. "You are soooooo dead later, man." Toby sighs again. "I know, but Shadow won't fit Sally, Lazari's, or Clock's clothes, so I had to." I shook my head. "If she gets mad at me, it won't be her who kills you." Toby looked at me, a little frightened. I laughed. After a few seconds I stopped and looked at him. "Now will you please tell me what the fuck just happened in the hall?"

Jeff huffed and looked at Toby. "How do we explain this?" Toby sighs. "We don't. Masky does." Jeff nods. "Yeah, but where is Masky?" Toby frowns. "He is out on a spree." Jeff looks at Toby like he is crazy. "HOW IN HELL DOES THAT HELP US NOW?!?" Toby looked at Jeff. "Calm the fuck down, Jeff. He usually isn't gone long, so we just have to keep her away from EJ and Ben until he gets back." I looked at the two of them. "Ahem, explanation please?" Toby sighs and looks at me. "It will have to wait till Masky gets back." I groan. "Seriously? And what do we plan on doing until then?" Jeff shrugs. "Stay away from EJ and Ben?" 

"That's going to be hard." All three of us turn to the door to find Clockwise standing in the door way. Toby raises an eyebrow. "What do you mean Clock?" Clack sighs. "Ben is on the prowl in the halls, and EJ is screaming his damn head off in his room." I sweat drop. Toby sighs. "Looks like we are stuck in here till Masky gets back." I frown. "But I am hungry." Clock laughs. "I'll go get you some food. What do you want?" My eyes light up. "Ice Cream." She rolls her eyes. "Alright. I will be back." She turns and leaves the room. I turn back to Toby and Jeff and huff. "I can't believe I am stuck in here." I walk over to Jeff's bed and plop onto it. My mind wanders off as I wait for Clock to return. A few minutes later she appears with four tubs of cookies and cream ice cream and a spoon. She hand me the spoon and on of the tubs and goes to put the other three in Jeff's mini fridge/freezer. I open the tub and start munching on the sweet, cold substance as we all sit and wait for Masky to return. 

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