Altered World

Mix of Anti-Youtubers, Creepypasta, and FNaF


1. Shadow Eye

Shadow Eye's p.o.v.


I live alone with my two younger sisters, Evelyn and Sadie. I am 18 and out of high school. I am a fangirl of the creepypasta fandom. But being this kind of fangirl has done many things to me. I have become paranoid, and I see and hear things that my sisters can't. I see them. Them being the creepypastas. I can interact with these visions of mine. I talk to them and touch them. They are only visions though. I wish they were real. 

But enough about that. My sisters and I live in a small two-story house at the edge of the Oak Ridge woods. These woods are also referred to as the Slender Woods, the woods that hold the Slender Mansion where all of the creepypastas live. I need to stop thinking about creepypastas but I can't get them out of my head. My sisters think I am insane, and to be honest, I am.  I mean there is no other way to explain what I see and hear. Oh but don't worry I can infect someone with my insanity, it is just not possible. Again enough about insanity. 

All around our house were pictures and posters of the fandom we are a part of. So, of course, there are a lot of pictures and posters of creepypastas. My room was filled with stacks of drawings of creepypastas, as well as games and game consoles just pilled in buckets and bins. Other than reading creepypasta fanfics, I enjoy drawing them and writing fanfics of my own, as well as playing video games on a wide range of consoles. My room is the biggest in the house. I have an epic gaming set up I have four-seven TVs per wall, each one had two consoles hooked up to it. I also have an oversized desk that held my three laptops and four extra monitors. Next to that was another smaller desk that held my charging station where I put all of my handheld devices. These handheld devices included 3 iPod touches, 2 iPad minis, 1 iPad Air, 1 iPhone 4, 1 iPhone 5, 1 iPhone 6, 1 iPhone 7, 1 iPhone 8, several different Samsung devices, a few Android devices, and other devices whom I can't name. Wherever there wasn't a tv, there was a poster. There were about 30 posters on my walls. The color of my walls was a crimson red. My sisters hated my room, they think of it as a noise box. But oh well, Now it is time for you to meet my sisters.

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