Altered World

Mix of Anti-Youtubers, Creepypasta, and FNaF


7. Separate Ways

*Shadow's P.O.V.*

We walked down the hall in silence, that is until I pulled out a snack from my bag. Toby stopped and turned around to look at me. "What?!? I am hungry!" He just shook his head and continued leading us to Lazari. he brought us to a room with black and red paint. He said "If she isn't in there, then she is probably out with Stripes on a killing spree. You can just wait in there until she comes back." He then leaves and I knock on the door. Nobody answers, so we go in slowly at first but then see her on her bed, with a laptop. She had earbuds in, and I could sort of hear music coming out so I knew she didn't hear anything, so I stalked up to her and pulled her earbuds out. She reached to choke me with her hammer fist, but stopped in mid-air saying "Sorry I thought you were EJ trying to mess with me again." "Its ok, want Cheetos?" I asked. "Why didn't you ask me if I wanted one when we were in the hall?" Eve asked when I handed Lazari the bag for her to get a handful. "Cause she is our sister, and I want to make a good impression on her." I said staring at Eve with the most really bitch face. "Wait, you two are my sisters?" Lazari asked while dropping her Cheetos in her lap.  "Eve, you want to explain that to her?" I asked so I didn't end up the one with a face full of Cheeto covered hammer fist.


*Eve's P.O.V

"See, we seem to have the same father somehow. I and she have the same mother, and father, but you had a different mother from us. She is somehow the firstborn, though, I could have sworn that Toby told us something about a person named Stripes." Lazari looked confused at first, then it seemed to click with her, so she said "Oh, Stripes is our sister too. She is older than me, and I thought she was the first. Going to have to ask her I guess." A girl wearing a really cool mask walked in and starting asking Lazari if she wanted to go on a killing spree. She then stopped mid-sentence to look at me and Shads. Then she proceeded to squeal at the top of her lungs and jump up and down in the air like a maniac. She said "FINALLY. I GET TO MEET YOU TWO. I've always wanted to meet my twin and ruler." Guess she was referring to me and Shadow. After a bit of awkward silence, I finally said "You must be Stripes. Toby said something about you and Lazari going on killing sprees together. Guess I finally get to see who else Shadow will rule under her thumb. Leaving me to be your twin. But who is the older twin?" Shadow interrupted before anyone else could say anything "We can find out later, but for now I just want to find Sadie and talk to her for a minute. You BETTER STAY HERE WHEN I GET BACK. Or else you can say goodbye to the Youtube Alter egos. Understood."  I shook my head, yes, but in my mind, I was thinking now's my chance to finally talk to Dark about how I can see them and try to run away."You better not run away while I'm gone. I will find you and carry you back here myself if I have to, to get you to stay in this place." I then shouted "WAFFLES!!!!" and out of nowhere, Toby showed up holding a plate and a fork. While everyone was trying to get him to leave and explain that there were no waffles. I had my chance to escape, which I took in a heartbeat.


Shadow's P.O.V


As we were talking to Lazari and Stripes, I told Eve to stay with them so I could meet with Sadie and meet the FNAF people. She had the thought about trying to leave while I was gone, so she could go talk to Dark, but I told her not to or else him and all the other anti-YouTubers would be gone forever. She then screamed waffles, and Toby came all but flying into the room with a fork and plate in hand. Me, Lazari, and Stripes were trying to get him out of the room, but with the distraction, Eve had the chance to escape from us. I was about to go after her when Stripes pulled me back into the room saying "Its no use going after her. I could tell she didn't want to be here anyway. You probably made her come here, even though she didn't. You can never make someone who has her powers angry by making them do something they don't want to so its better if you just let her be and she will meet us in her own time." After hearing that I remembered how she shook her head no when I asked if she wanted to come. And that also explains why Dark tried to come with us. He was actually going to try and help get her away from us. But why wouldn't she want to come meet Lazari and Stripes. I guess now I can go and meet the FNAF characters.

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