Altered World

Mix of Anti-Youtubers, Creepypasta, and FNaF


6. Secrets (Part 2)

*Shadow's P.O.V.*

Toby, EJ, and I walk down the long hallway until we get to a large office door. Toby knocks on the door and waits for an answer. "Come in, Toby." Toby walked in with me and EJ following close behind. We soon stood in front of a large desk. Behind the desk was the one and only Slenderman. "Hello, Shadow Eye, it is wonderful to finally meet you. I see that you have already met Toby, EJ, LJ, Silver, Masky, and Hoodie. All of the others are still waiting to meet you but that will have to wait until after this." I nodded. "It is great to finally meet you but why am I here?" Slenderman sighed. "You are here to find out the truth about yourself and your family." My eyes widened. "What do you mean?" He pointed to the two seats that were in front of the desk. "Sit down and I will tell you everything you must know in order to understand why you are the way you are and how your eye became the way it is." I nodded and Toby, EJ, and I sat down. "Alright, I will start with what you are and how you became that. Your father wasn't exactly human. Which is what caused everything you see before you today including your eye. He wasn't human but I can't tell you what he was. Your sister, Evelyn, will tell you everything about him. Or is it Sadie that shares a father with you. Oh, nevermind just ask both of them when you get the chance."


*Evelyn's P.O.V.*

     After I talked with Dark for a little bit, I found out that my real father was actually this dude named Zalgo, or something like that. He then said something about meeting a man named Slenderman because he could explain it better. I kind of trusted him so I followed him into this weird office. I heard Shadow talking to someone in there, and this random guys voice. I knocked, heard a "Come in." and slowly opened the door, to see Shadow in a chair with a guy with orange goggles on one side of her and a boy with a blue mask on the other. "Glad to see your awake after what happened, Evelyn." said a tallish figure behind a desk. He was wearing a suit but had no face and pale white skin. "Who the hell are you? and how do you know my name? Shadow did you tell him about me?" "My, my you are not one for first impressions. I know you not by your sister, but by the fact that you live three-minute walk from here. We like to keep tabs on people who have interests in our woods." It immediately came out before I could control it "I DON'T GIVE A SINGLE F*CK ABOUT YOU OR YOUR STUPID WOODS. ALL SHADOW AND SADIE TALK ABOUT IS YOU. I HONESTLY HAVE NO SINGLE F*CK ABOUT ANY OF THIS BECAUSE IT DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME." After I had my "temper tantrum" I apologized and said "Rough day for me I  guess. Just found out my dad is a weirdo named Zalgo, and that is why I have constant blackouts." Slender said "I understand, and that explains your language. Now as for why you are here, Dark brought you here so I can explain how he is your father. We are only waiting for your sister Sadie to come in and then it is easier with all three of you. She should be with Bonnie, or Foxy and they should bring her here." As soon as he said that we heard someone laughing very loud and then Sadie came in with a dude with purple hair or was it blue, but they were laughing their asses off without a care in the world. They saw everyone in the room staring at them and they immediately stopped. I saw something under Sadie's eyes but it went away very quickly. "There you are lil' sis. I was wondering where you were. Also, I have something to tell you." I said after she and the dude came in. "You all do. And it will be one at a time starting with Shadow, or Sarah Elizabeth." Me and Sadie stared at her with the widest faces we have ever made. She explained why she always wore an eye patch and that she was part demon, like me. "That's why I am always easily angered and why I seem different from you two." I then explained I was part demon, like Sarah, and that I actually have a different father than them because of that. After all that explaining, I just wanted to get my phone and listen to my downloaded Youtube music videos. With everything that happened I really needed some time to myself.


*Sadie's P.O.V.*

When we get in the house Bonnie takes me to a bedroom and I lock myself in the bathroom. I run some water in the sink and I wash my hair. Some color rinses down the drain, and I dry my hair when I'm done. I look in the mirror at my long bright red hair. I pick my bag up off the floor and I pull a unique dagger out. I slice some of my hair and it falls to the ground. I use my magic and I put the hair in the trash can. I look in the mirror at my shoulder-length bright red hair. I pull it up in a ponytail then I walk out the bathroom. Bonnie stares at me with his mouth open and he whispers, "Your hair..." I touch my hair as I reply, "What's wrong?! I knew it was terrible, I'll go dye it back." He grabs my wrist and says, "No, I like it." I smile and the air kicks on, I shiver and Bonnie notices and asks, "Are you cold?" I shake my head cause I don't want him to know. He tries to put his jacket around my shoulders but I duck down to avoid it. He frowns and I mess his hair up and he says, "I have to take you to Slenderman now." My mood changes from happy to upset in a second, but I nod my head without saying anything. We walk down the hall and I pull his hair then I look away and I whistle as if I was innocent. He says, "Why'd you pull my hair?" I look at him as I say, "Now why would you say I pulled your hair?" I gasp and I put my hand over my heart. He laughs and I smile as he says, "Well you're the only person here. So that means you're the one who pulled my hair." I laugh and I tell him, "Fine, it was me." He makes silly faces which causes me to laugh. He keeps making silly faces which causes me to laugh the whole way to the room. He opens the door and we're still laughing, when I see everyone looking at us the smile disappears off my face as if it wasn't even there. I turn the chair backwards and I sit in it facing the desk. Shadow and Evelyn explain what they are and secrets about them. I roll my eyes and when it's my turn I say, "I'm not going to say anything about my dad. No one can make me and if anyone mentions him at all, let's just say things won't be normal anymore. Well as normal as this family can get." I ball my fists and my fangs come out, I quickly close my mouth and I bite my lips not to do anything more. Blood runs down my lips, Bonnie tries to come near me but I back away from him. I get a notification on my phone, I read it and it's a text from the hospital. The text says, 'I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Freddy is dead. He died in a car crash along with his parents.' I turn my phone off and I walk out the room without saying anything to anyone. Bonnie tries to stop me but I shrug his arm off my shoulder. I get outside and I run to the police station, I see Freddy's little sister Janet and she runs over to me with tears in her eyes. I pick her up and I sign some papers that say she is now my responsibility. I carry her outside and I run to the forest. She falls asleep halfway there and I walk back up to Slenderman's office and I enter the room without knocking. I tell everyone, "This is Janet, her family just died and I'm the only one she has left..." I look at Shadow with tears falling from my eyes because she knows who Janet was related to.  


*Shadow's P.O.V.*

Once everyone got settled and sat down, we all turned to face Slenderman. I looked around the office. I could easily identify each person in the room. With me was Ticci Toby and Eyeless Jack. With Evelyn was Darkiplier and Wilford Warfstache. With Sadie was Bonnie. Slenderman cleared his throat. "So let's start with the fact that none of you three are truly human. Shadow Eye, you are a demon hybrid. Evelyn Marie, you are a demon halfling." Everyone was a little surprised at what was said about me, and I could tell because they all looked at me with wide eyes. Slenderman continued. "Sadie, you have a different dad from your two older sisters, but of course you already know that. So let's get to the point of this meeting, the truth about Shadow/Sarah and Evelyn. Your father is Zalgo. Making you both part demon. Evelyn, you are just a normal demon halfling. Shadow, however, is more than just demon. You are one-third demon, one-sixth human, one-sixth un-dead, and one-third creepypasta. Therefore resulting in your eyes and powers. To get more in depth, you are also Zalgo's firstborn, making you the Princess, and soon to be queen, of creepypastas. Also, Shadow Eye is the name that Zalgo gave to you but your mom called you Sarah Elizabeth until at least one of your eyes was released from its seal." I was a little shocked by this. So were my two sisters. Slenderman continued. "You also have a true form. It comes at will. All you need to do is stare into someone's eyes with a clear mind. Give it a try." I turned to Toby and he nodded, understanding what he was being asked to do, and took off his goggles. I cleared my mind and stared straight into his eyes. Soon I could hear gasps coming from around me. I stood up and walked over to the mirror that was the wall. I gasped at my appearance. My skin was now a soft grey, my once long blonde hair was now pitch black, my bright blue left eye was now the same as my right, and my outfit was now dark. The sight of it nearly made me faint. I started to fall but someone caught me before I hit the floor. I looked up to see that it was EJ. I blushed as he helped me up and walked with me back to our seats. Once I sat down I turned to face Slender once more. Slender continued. "Also you have the ability to turn yourself and anything you wish into a shadow as a means of defense. Now, let's go over what being the Princess means. It means that you have control over everything that Zalgo has control over, including your sisters, Evelyn and Lazari, who is very excited to meet you two girls." I looked over at my sisters, whos faces were full of shock. Evelyn was the first to speak. "Oh, Shit! That means she is charge of me for real! But wait, Does she have controls over Anti-Youtubers as well?" Slenderman sighed. "She has control over all creepypastas, along with all of Zalgo's demons, including you."  Slender turned and faced Evelyn. "Evelyn, will always be under her control." I smirked and looked at Evelyn, but it went away as soon as I started to yawn. Toby noticed me yawn. "Shadow you need to rest." I looked at him with a stern face. "I will not rest until I have met everyone." And with that, I stood up and walked over to the door. "I am going to find Lazari. Eve, would you like to come with me? I mean she is your sister too." She nodded and exited the office and waited for me out in the hall. Darkiplier tried to follow her but I stopped him. "Sorry Dark, sister time." He reluctantly went back to his seat. Toby and EJ got up and went into the to wait for me with Evelyn. Before I left the room I turned to Sadie. "Meet me in the kitchen later." She nodded as she rolled her eyes. "Ok." I walked out into the hall just as Toby started to lead the way to Lazari.

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