Altered World

Mix of Anti-Youtubers, Creepypasta, and FNaF


5. Secrets (Part 1)

*Shadow's P.O.V.* 

I stood up from the floor after being pushed out of the room by Sadie. Toby walked over to help me. "Dang, she got really mad. Also, what does she mean you won't show her what is behind your eyepatch? And what is behind it?" I looked away. "I have never told anyone about what is under the eye patch and for a good reason. I don't want to scare anyone so I kept it covered. And I will not show you what is under there either, Toby." He made a sad face. "Ok. Well, let's continue and see who else we can find." I nodded and followed him down the long hall. We stopped in front of a door that was about the same color as Toby's goggles. He led me inside. "This is my room. It is not much." I looked around and then stopped and looked Toby. "Wait, If this is your room then whose room was I in when I woke up?" He laughed. "That was EJ's room. Also known as Eyeless Jack." I facepalmed. "How could I not notice that the other person in the room when I woke up was Eyeless Jack." Then I blushed at the thought of the fact that I woke up in EJ's bed. Toby looked at me confused. "Are you ok? Your face is red." I nodded. "It's just that the CP at the top of the list of those I wanted to meet has always been Eyeless Jack and I just thought about how I woke up in his bed." Toby laughed. "Oh, I get it. Anyway, want to hear my favorite song?" "Sure and I am guessing it has something to do waffles." He smiled. "YEP!!" He put a CD into a CD player and pushed play. This is what I heard:      













Once it was over I just gave Toby a look that said 'seriously'. He just laughed at my face and ushered me out the door. "Next we shall go see Hoodie an Masky." He pointed to the two doors that were right next to each other. We walked into the one that was yellow in color. It was Masky's room. I noticed that on the wall that the two rooms shared there was a door that connected the two rooms. The door was open. Masky walked through the door, out of Hoodie's room and into his own to meet us. "Hello Toby, Shadow." He shook my hand. I shook back hesitantly. "Um... How do you know my name?" He chuckled but it was Hoodie who answered. "Those of us whom you have seen before know your name, of course, that includes Masky, Toby, Sally, Lazari, Slender, LJ, Ben, Silver, Jane, Jeff, Smile, Clockwork, and I. EJ is the only one that has no idea who you are because you never saw him in any of your visions." I sat there my eyes as wide as they could at this new information.  Toby waved his hand in front of my face. "Earth to Shadow." I shook my head. "Sorry, that was a lot to take in." Masky cleared his throat. "But your visions weren't just visions. You were actually seeing us. You are not exactly human anymore." My eyes widened further,  despite what I thought was their limit. "What do you mean?" Masky shook his head. "We are not allowed to tell you. That is Slender's job. He will tell you when he gets back." I nodded. Toby sighed. "Ok, Shadow, let's go somewhere else to take your mind off of that for now." I nodded and followed him out of Masky's room. Toby led the way to another door which was silver with red dripping down. "This is Lost Silver's room. He will most likely want to take you into the Pokemon world to meet his Pikachu." I nodded. "Ok." We walked in without knocking. I thought it was a little rude but didn't object. 

Inside the room was a boy that looked like Red from Pokemon Red & Blue, Except he had no arms or legs and there was blood dripping from his eyes. "Hello Toby, Shadow. Have you brought her to meet me and my Pikachu?" Toby nodded.    

"Remember not to touch any of the other Pokemon." Silver nodded. "Ok, Shadow,  follow me." I followed him into a game console. Once we were inside I looked around. It was amazing. Silver led me over to a grey Pikachu. "This is my Pikachu. He is very friendly, despite the way he looks." I nodded. We spent what seemed like hours playing with his Pikachu and other Pokemon. Once we were back out of the console I asked Toby how long we were in there. Toby sighed. "You were in there for five minutes real time." I looked up at Toby. "REALLY!!" Both Toby and Silver busted out laughing. I ran out the door and down the hall. I ran into a room with a black and white pinstripe door. Guessing it was Laughing Jack's room, I ran in a hid under the bed. I heard Toby in the hall. "Shadow!! Where are you!?!?" I didn't answer him, but instead hugged my phone and stayed where I was. I ended up falling asleep under the bed. 


*Toby's P.O.V.*  

I looked for her for two hours but still couldn't find her, so I went to get EJ to help. We checked all the rooms except for LJ's. We went into LJ's room where EJ saw two feet sticking out from under the bed. He pulled them and out came a sleeping Shadow.


*Shadow's P.O.V.* 

I felt something pull me out from under the bed. This woke me up. Once I was no longer under the bed I turned and went to punch the person but stopped when I realized who it was. It was EJ and he was hovering over me about a foot above me. I felt my face turn red. He didn't seem to notice. "I am glad that we finally found you."  It was only when he said the word we that I realized that Toby was in the room as well. EJ stood up and offered me his hand. "I took his hand and he helped me get up. I heard someone laugh behind us. "I was wondering how long it was going to take you idiots to find her." I turned around to find Laughing Jack himself standing there watching us. He was right behind me so when I turned around his nose was half an inch from my face. Hands grabbed me and pulled me backward. It was EJ. "Dude, don't get close to her with that pointy nose of yours." LJ stood up straight. "It looks like someone is being protective." LJ started walking closer to me. EJ made a growling sound. "Back off!" Toby stepped in between the two. "Enough I have to take her to Slender now." And so Toby, EJ, and I left the room.


 *Evelyn's P.O.V.*   

I woke up in a random bed with random clothes on. I don't even know who's they were, but I was keeping them since I liked the style.

                                                                                                                      (Without gun)  

I also find my phone on charge, next to the bed, and I see Wilford Warfstache rocking on his feet, back turned to me, in front of the bed. I say 

"Hey Will, is there anything wrong?" As soon as he turned and saw that I was awake, he was so happy he almost did that thing where you jump into the air and click your heels at the same time. He smiled to each tip of his mustache, but then it soon faded. He said "You're eyes are red as fire. How did you change them in a flash?" I took my  phone and looked at them through the camera.  "HOLY SHIT!! WHAT THE  FUCK HAPPENED TO THEM?" Will looked very anxious about something. I saw that the "A" that was carved into my leg was all healed up. No scar, no stitches, no nothing. It was all normal. But I was able to get Will to talk, and he explained that I was part-demon which made the "A" go away, and my eyes turning red in a flash. That's also why I seemed to black out at my house, and when I was tied up. That was my demon taking over. He forgot Still, I wanted to know who the "boss" guy Anti was talking about earlier, and Will said "That's why you are part demon, he is your father. Your mom didn't want to but it was the only way to save your sisters' dad. He was in a coma and would have died, but she agreed to carry one of his creations, and it turned out to be you. You somehow ended up turning into a half-ling, and that's why you are human most of the time. You also have missing memories from previous times, you have blacked out because we had to erase it or you would freak out about what happened and it would happen more frequently." He seemed to be looking at the door more than me during all that, as if he was expecting my real dad to come through at any second. Then Darkiplier came into the room without any knock or warning. "Well well well. I see you followed my orders perfectly. No thanks to Anti of course."



*Sadie’s P.O.V*   

I  stop crying and Foxy asks me, “What was that shit about?” I stand up and I tell him, “None of your business. But if you must know, I have a short temper so I get mad easily so I don’t spend much time around humans and my sister is always wearing an eye-patch but she won’t ever tell us why she wears it and it really drives me insane.” I feel someone put their arms around me and my fangs come out then I look to see that it’s Freddy. I cover my mouth to hide my fangs, but Bonnie moves my hands and touches my teeth. I try not to bite him so I just relax then my fangs retreat back into my mouth. I pat Freddy's hands and I smile a bit, Mangle comes in and asks, “So you’re a vampire? Heh, I am underwhelmed. I was expecting something more.” I step closer to her and I  say, “You wanna see more?” She shakes her head scared and I step away and I tell her, “I’m sorry Mangle, I guess I’m just not very stable right now.” She nods her head then holds her hand out for me to shake, I grab her hand then I pull her into a hug. I smile as she hugs me back then I tell Foxy, “Sorry for hitting you but you hit me first so you deserved it.” He shrugs his shoulders and says, “It’s cool.” Chica comes into the room with some clothes for me then they leave the room and stand outside the room until I’m done getting dressed. (outfit below)   

I open the door and someone wraps their arms around my waist, I get scared but I don’t do anything, I look and notice it’s Foxy. Bonnie growls at Foxy and pulls me away from him and he says, “Leave her alone. You have Mangle, remember that?l” Foxy rolls his eyes and says, “You’re no fun Bon. I was just playing with her.” Bonnie gets madder and says, “She isn’t one of your toys to play with so don’t do it again Foxy.” Foxy steps closer to me and looks at Bonnie as he does so and says, “Looks like someone has a crush on the vampire.” I hold my arm out of embarrassment and also guilt. I tell them, “I’m not just a vampire...” Bonnie looks at me and so does everybody else and Freddy says, “What do you mean by that?” I look down at the ground as I say, “Well  I’m also a witch, part demon, wolf, angel, and dragon. So I’m practically a walking weapon called a hybrid. When my dad died his powers were passed onto me and I have trouble controlling them, of course, I was turned into a vampire a little bit after my dad died so that added one more form to me.” They smile and hug me then they cheer, “We have another weirdo in our crew.” I giggle and we leave the house and run around in the woods. In the woods I feel someone pick me up and I look and I see Bonnie, he smiles a big grin. I giggle and I tell him, “Bon, you really are something special.” He sets me down then I run through the woods and he chases after me. I run out of breath and I lean against a tree, he catches me and puts his hands on both sides of me so I can’t escape. There is sweat trailing down his face and I pour a bottle of water on top of his head and it gets his hair wet. He runs his hand through his hair to get it out of his face and he says, “Thanks, I really needed that.” I smile and I pour the rest of the water over my head and I run my hand through my hair and I move it to the side. He leans in towards me and Mangle comes running over and he quickly pulls away and I sit down on the grass and my heart is pounding in my chest. Foxy walks over to me and sits down beside me and says, “What happened?” I shake my head and I tell him, “Nothing happened at all, we were just talking. That's all” He nods his head slowly not convinced by what I said then we all decide to go back to the house and Bon reaches over to hold my hand while we are walking and I blush some but I don’t remove my hand.

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