Altered World

Mix of Anti-Youtubers, Creepypasta, and FNaF


4. Missing

*Shadow's P.O.V.*

Evelyn was at work in the office and Sadie was doing something that I didn't care to know what it was.

I had been playing games all day and was starting to fall asleep from just sitting there, so I decided it would be a good idea to go on a hike into Oak Ridge woods, A.K.A. Slender woods. Before I went I packed a bag. The bag contained three large water bottles, four granola bars, ten energy bars, two Redbulls, four Monsters, three changes of clothes, and an extra pair of hiking boots. Once I was packed and ready to go, I said goodbye to Sadie and took off on the trail that I had made on previous hikes. 

It was an unusually sunny day, but I was ok with it because it made the forest seem more welcoming and less scary. I mean not that I was scared of them anyway. The forest was very beautiful in my opinion. The deer and the squirrels were always scanning the ground for any source of food they could find. The leaves rustled in the trees above me creating a soothing sound that calmed me from all the stress of the last few days. It was nice to have a break from the screens every once in a while. I usually go on hikes, not to relieve stress, but to look for the Slender Mansion that is rumored to be in these very woods. I have never found it but I still have high hopes that one day I will. I want to find it so that I can meet the creepypastas that live there. It has been my dream ever since I first discovered the creepypastas. Yeah, to most people it sounds crazy but to me, it is the one thing that I could do fulfill my dreams. My sisters are fully aware of this dream and don't mind it at all. In fact, I have had Sadie come with me to help me find it. Although we didn't succeed, I had fun spending time with my little sister and was glad that she was willing to help me with something that to most people is a suicide mission. Oh well. Since it might take a while before I reach the place where I last stopped my search, I will tell you something that my sisters don't know about me.

My name wasn't always Shadow Eye, in fact, it used to be Sarah Elizabeth, but my parents had my name legally changed after an accident back when I was 1. I don't know the whole story but I do know why they changed my name. It is because my right eye is completely black. I wear an eye patch over it, so my sisters have never seen it. I honestly don't want them to see it. I am afraid that if they do they will run away from me or not want to be around me. 

I finally reach the place I was talking about earlier, but something is different about it. I can't tell what it is so I just shrug it off and decide to sit down and take a break here. I pull out a bottle of water and an energy bar. After I am done with the energy bar I put the water bottle away and take out my trail markers that I use when going in an unexplored area of the forest. I mark the start of the new section and continue on my way through the forest.

While I am walking I put up some of the markers in the view of the previous marker. I go to put another one up but I fall and hit my head on a tree trunk. This knocks me out cold. I layed there for what seemed like forever when I felt someone pick me up princess style and carry me off into the woods. I couldn't tell the direction but that didn't matter, I had to let my sisters know where I was and what happened. I woke up to find myself in a bed that was not my own. I looked around to find that I was not alone in the room. I saw a boy about my age with a blue mask that had a black substance leaking out of the eye sockets. He waved at me and I waved back. He didn't scare me. I also noticed another boy about the same age with a tan hoodie with a blue hood, a small mask on his mouth, and a pair of goggles on his head. I recognized him as Ticci Toby. He walked over to me. "Hello! I hope you slept well!" I nodded. He smiled underneath his mask. "Come on, let's go get you some food." I nodded and followed him. As we walked out, the other boy waved at me again. I smiled and waved back. Toby took me to the kitchen. "Do you like waffles." I nodded. He went to the freezer and pulled out some toaster waffles. He popped them in the toaster. "So I hear from EJ that you were passed out on the forest floor." I blushed a little. "Yes I was trying to put up a trail marker so that I could find my way back home if I ever found the Slender Mansion, But I guess there is no need now since I am here." He gave a weird look. "You were looking for the mansion? Most people would want to stay away from it." I giggled a little. "Yes, most people would, but I have wanted to find the mansion since I was around 7. I have always wanted to meet each and every one of the creepypastas, you being one of the ones on the top of the list." He lowered his head in embarrassment. "No one has ever wanted to meet us before." The waffles popped up. He pulled them out and put them on a plate and smothered them with butter and syrup. He handed them to me and lead me to the dining room. We sat down and I started eating. He looked at me and smiled. "You are eating those as if someone is going to take them." I nodded. "Every time I get a box of waffles for my house, I never end up getting any. My sisters eat them all before I can get to them." He laughed a little. "Come on. Let's go into another section of the mansion to check out what everyone else is doing. We entered a room. someone called out to me. I turned to see Evelyn tied up on the floor with a bunch of rat traps surrounding her.


*Evelyn's P.O.V.*


     I was working on a new story for my channel when I heard the door open. I had locked it, but somehow, someone got in. I grabbed my Remington and crept downstairs. All I saw was a pink mustache before I blacked out. All I remember were little bits and pieces of a conversation that was between two characters I know, Wilford Warfstache, and Darkiplier. I then heard Antisepticeye say something about "not killing her." Whoever "her" was, it didn't sound like it was about me. I then felt like was being picked up by someone, but I blacked out again and didn't wake up until much later where I was tied to a chair, in a random ass mansion. I saw my older sis talking to a person I didn't know, but I assume it was one of her "creepypastas". I got her attention and she said "Great your ass up. Now tell me WHO THE FUCK DID THIS TO YOU?". "I have no fucking idea sis. Can you please untie me?" "Look around you bitch." I saw that there were mouse traps around me in a circle, but they were pointing outward. As if they were protecting me from something. I felt a sharp pain in my thigh and saw the letter "A" carved into it. With all my might and breath, I shouted at the top of my lungs "ANTI!!!" to which he appeared really fast, and was for some reason laughing his ass off. "What the hell do you want from me you sick bastard?". "Simple for you to come back home with me. Boss has really been missing you.". "Who the hell are you talking about?" I then passed out for some odd reason and don't really remember what happened next.


*Sadie's POV* 

When school is over I tell my friends, "I'll see y'all later. I have to go do things over at my house." I hug them and I walk home, when I get there I walk into my room not paying attention to anything around me. I go to my closet and I pick out an outfit to change into since I can't go to the woods in my school uniform. (outfit below)

I walk back outside and I walk into the woods and I look around making sure I don't see my sisters. Since I don't see them I close my eyes and I listen trying to find some prey. I hear someone on the phone and I open my eyes then I run towards the person. I look them in the eyes and I tell them, "You will hang up the phone and you will not talk unless I ask you a question. Now, what is your name?" He hangs up the phone and tells me, "My name is William Smith." I get close to his neck then my fangs come out and I bite into his neck, I drink some of his blood then I pull away. I give him some of my blood and it heals his wound then I tell him, "You will forget I was here and try not to get yourself killed." He nods his head then I decide to wander the woods since I was done hunting. I always wondered why Shadow liked the woods before I was a vampire, but ever since I became a vampire I would always come out here and find it very peaceful. Sometimes I would see the vampire who left the ring and blood for me, I was hoping to see him today. But when I took a step forward I saw someone with red hair come out from behind a tree and it knocked me out before I had time to process who it was. Before I hit the ground and completely passed out I felt it pick me up and carry me away. I woke up a couple hours later tied up, I move my hands towards my pocket and I pull out a pocket knife. I start to cut the rope and I succeed and I get my phone when suddenly I hear someone say, "I wouldn't try calling anyone girl." I look up then I see that it's Foxy, I walk over to him and I punch him in the stomach, "That's for knocking me out you bastard. Also, I wasn't about to call anyone I was going to listen to music." I was about to hit him again when someone came up and hugged me from behind. I stiffen up and I look to see that it is Bonnie, I relax and I turn and I hug him back. I pull away from him and as soon as I do the door opens and I see Shadow and a boy in a  tan hoodie with a blue hood behind her then I tell her, "Oh hi, for some reason I knew you were going to be here. Not really a surprise, considering I found this place a while ago but I decided not to tell you since you won't let me see what's behind that eye patch of yours." She gets mad at me and tries to punch me, but I quickly move my hand and I catch her then my fangs come out and black veins appear under my eyes and I push her out the room then I lock the door. I sit on the bed that is in the room and I pull my legs to my chest and I start to cry a bit then I punch the wall.

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