Altered World

Mix of Anti-Youtubers, Creepypasta, and FNaF


8. Meeting

*Sadie's P.O.V.* 

I take Janet to the room I was in earlier with the help of Bonnie since I still don't know my way around yet. I sit down on the bed with Janet and I play with her hair until she calms down. When she calms down I tell her, "Since your brother and parents passed away, I will be your new guardian until you're old enough to live on your own." She nods her head and a smile appears on her face and she hugs me as she says, "I get to stay with you, yay!!! My brother always used to talk about how great you were, and you would always play with me while you were waiting for him. I'm so happy I get to live with a nice person like you." I feel shocked a bit but I hug her back and I kiss the top of her head. I pull away from her as I say, "You need to take a bath and I'll find you some clothes while you're in the bath. When you get out the bath I'll introduce you to some people since I'm being forced to introduce them to Shadow as well." She nods her head and I walk with her to the bathroom in my room. I run her some bath water and I pour some bubbles in the water for her. She smiles and I leave the bathroom as she starts to take her clothes. I sit on the bed and I close my eyes as I use my magic to get Janet an outfit. Bon comes over and wraps his arms around me and he asks, "So who was her brother?" I shake my head and I look at him, "Just someone I used to date. I would always hang out with Janet because her family was barely around her, they were always to busy for her." I look down at my hands and Bon hugs me tighter. I hug him back and Janet comes out wrapped up in a towel. I smile and I walk over to her and I give her the clothes and she goes back into the bathroom to change. She soon comes out in the clothes I gave her and my smile gets bigger. (what Janet looks like below)

I pick her up and spin her around, she giggles and throws her hands up. I put her down and we walk to the kitchen, with Bon following behind us. When we get to the kitchen I climb on the counter and I dance around carelessly. I lose my footing and I fall off the counter. Bon catches me and I smile as I say, "Thanks." I climb out his arms and soon all the FNAF people enter the kitchen. I sit on the counter and I pick Janet up with me, while we wait for Shadow to show up. She soon shows up and stands there as she says, "Hi Sadie." I wave to her and I say, "This is Mangle, Bonnie, Foxy, Chica, Freddy, and Puppet. Also everybody, this is Janet I'm her guardian since her family died in a car crash." They nod their heads Chica picks Janet up and spins her around as she says, "She's so adorable!!!" I smile then my head starts to pound and I climb off the counter. As I climb off the counter weird images flood into my head then I pass out.

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