Altered World

Mix of Anti-Youtubers, Creepypasta, and FNaF


9. FNAF and CPs

*Shadow's P.O.V.*

I walk into the kitchen. "Hey, Sadie." She introduces me to all of her gang while she stands on the counter. She names them all. She gets down from the counter and then passes out. I run to her. "Sadie!" I look over my shoulder at Toby, who had followed me. "Go get EJ. Quickly." He nodded and ran off to find our eyeless friend. I looked up at the FNAF crew. "Do any of you know why this happened? And will one of you Please take Janet somewhere else." All of them shook their heads at the question and Chica took Janet and left the Kitchen. Two minutes later Toby came running back with EJ on his heels. Ej ran over to me. He looked at Sadie. "What happened?" I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know but will you please do something." He nodded. "I will check a few things." He sat down and checked her pulse, heart rate, blood pressure, iron count, blood count, and did an x-ray. Once he was done he looked up at me. "She will be fine, she just needs to rest." I nodded and looked at Bonnie. "Will you please take her to one of the rooms so she can rest?" He nodded and picked her up. He carried her off and the rest of the FNAF group followed.


Once they were all gone I turned to EJ. "Thank you." He nodded. "It was nothing." I yawned, it had been a long day. EJ looked at me. "You should probably go get some sleep. It has been quite the day for you." I nodded and stood up. It was only then that I realized that I didn't have a room to sleep in. I looked at EJ. "Where am I going to sleep? I don't have a room yet." He smiled. "We are working on that. But for now, you can stay in my room." I nodded and followed him back to his room. I got changed in his bathroom and then climbed into his bed. I looked over at him. "Where are you going to sleep?" He pointed towards a sleeping bag on the floor. "I will sleep on the floor for now." I nodded. I layed down and drifted off to sleep.

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