Roronoa Zoro x OC

Raya Le Roux is the daughter of "Red Haired" Shanks Le Roux and an old friend of Monkey D. Luffy. When she joins the Strawhat Pirates, she becomes good friend with Roronoa Zoro. But, will something happen that tears them apart?


1. Old Friends

Luffy and Zoro are walking through the forest looking for meat after Sanji had told Zoro to take Luffy and go hunting for food. Zoro looked over at Luffy. "Dude. Why the hell did you eat all of the food? Where do fit it all?" His captain simply laughed. Zoro shook his head. They soon reached the edge of the forest. There was a village that seemed to be patrolled often by naval officers. Zoro turned to Luffy once more. "Let's stick to the forest. There are Naval officers on patrol in the village. We don't need any trouble right now." "That didn't stop them." Luffy pointed to a tree where four guys stood around a net that contained a small figure.


It was a girl. She looked to be younger than Zoro. She was wearing a red and white striped belly shirt, a pair of khaki cargo shorts, black shoes, a yellow-green scarf, and a tan newsboy cap. She had flame red hair and piercing emerald-green eyes.


"Heh, the Navy has really slacked off. Four guys to catch one girl." Zoro laughed. All of the officers turned to see the two boys standing there. "Get out of here. This is official navy business." The officer was holding a short sword in his hands. he turned to the girl in the net. "You should have just accepted the Lieutenant's offer." The girl stuck out her tongue. "I wouldn't have accepted it even if you paid me to. The lieutenant is a loser." The naval officer started to draw the sword he was holding. "Watch it! or you will lose your tongue with your sword."




Everyone turned, surprised by Zoro's sudden firmness. "Never threaten a swordsman with their own sword." Luffy knew what he was getting at. He stepped forward. "I can take them out in one blow." Zoro nodded. "Just leave the one with the sword to me." Luffy nodded. He stretched his arm out and swung it.


The girl shouted. "Don't you dare harm my sword." The naval officer looked at her. "You act as though it has feelings." Zoro drew one of his swords. He readied it for a duel. That is when the girl noticed the scar under Luffy's left eye. SHe looked straight at him. "Luffy?" Luffy looked at her. "Monkey D. Luffy?" He studied the girls face. She smiled a big grin at him and that is when he realized who it was. "Raya Le Roux? Is that really you?" He smiled and helped her out of the net.


Zoro watched as the two hugged each other tightly and laughed. The naval officer had his weapon ready. "Never look away from a fight!" He swung at Zoro. Zoro didn't look but instead hit the other sword, disarming his enemy. The sword landed on the ground beside Raya. Hse picked it up and put it in its sheath. "Thanks, you guys." Luffy smiled. "Anything for a friend."

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