Never Say Never


2. Training in Hell

*Sari's P.O.V.*


I soon arrived at the training yard. I went over to the instructor. He looked up at me. "Oh hello, Commander- I mean Cadet Sari. I am glad you could come help us, it is much appreciated. Although there was no need for you to go back to a cadet level for this." I shook my head. "I didn't want them to not try just because I am a Commander of the scout regiment." He nodded. "I see your point there. Now go stand next to Cadet Jaeger." I nodded and ran to the spot he said. Eren waved at me and I waved back. The instructor stood in front of the crowd. "Ok, Cadets. Today is the day that you will be instructed by Captain Levi of the Scout Regiment." I frowned. No wonder Levi wanted me to join today. Oh well. I sighed. Levi came to the front of the crowd. "Today we will practice hand to hand combat. I will put you into pairs. Ok, let's start with the newest cadet, Sari, you will work with Jean, Annie and Eren, Mikasa and Reiner, Marco and Armin, Bertholdt and Ymir. Now find your partner and begin." I walked around and eventually found my partner. He was tall and looked quite mean. "Oh, this should be easy." He smirked and lunged at me. I dodged and tripped him making him fall face first on the floor. I then jumped on his back once he stood up and held him in a chokehold. I pulled backward forcing him to the ground. I held him to the ground for about 10 minutes before Levi came over and told me to let him go. By then a crowd had gathered around the area just watching in amazement as I held this asshole to the ground. When I let go, Eren walked over and gave me a high five. "That was awesome and absolutely hilarious to watch Jean get his ass beat." Everyone laughed at his comment, everyone but Jean who was still on the ground. Levi turned to face the crowd. "This is a great lesson." He took me and put his arm around my shoulder, causing me to blush slightly. "Never underestimate your opponent based on their size. Or gender"

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