Never Say Never


1. New Cadet-ish


*Sari's P.O.V*


I am Sari Stone. Yeah go ahead and make fun of my name, but seriously that is my name. I am a new cadet. Ok not entirely a cadet, more towards an undersized soldier of the scout regiment, but I can't let any of the other cadets know that. Before I go to the training yard I have to go see Captain Levi. I usually look forward to this but today seemed different somehow. Anyway, on my walk over to his office, I notice a brown-haired boy about my age walking in the direction of the training yard. I am guessing he noticed me too because he stopped me to talk to me.


*Eren's P.O.V.*


I am walking towards the training yard when I noticed a female cadet that I have never seen before, so I stop her to say hi. She turns to look at me when I stop her. "Hello, My name is Eren Jaeger. What is yours?" I notice that she has silver hair that is black on the underside and that reaches down all the way to the bottom of her feet. "My name is Sari. It is very nice to meet you. Now if you will excuse me I need to go talk to someone." And with that, she walked off in the direction of the offices. I watched her until she vanished around the corner. I was mystified by her long silver hair and golden-hazel eyes. I snapped out of it and continued on my way to the training yard so I wouldn't get in trouble. Although, I still thought about her the entire way.


*Sari's P.O.V.*


I walked away from him after introducing myself. I did this not to be rude but because I could feel my face getting hot and I had to go and see Captain Levi, who hates when I am late. I thought about how beautiful his emerald-green eyes were. I shook my head. I told myself that I have no room for fantasizing about a relationship with a boy I just met.


I soon arrived at Levi's office. I knocked on the door and waited for a response. "Come in" I opened the door and walked in. "Hello, Sari. Are you ready for your first day back as a cadet?" I nodded. "Yes, I am fully prepared. I realize that my job is actually to help these cadets become stronger. I think that I already have one friend." Levi looked up from his paperwork. "Oh, and who would that be?" I started to rock back and forth on my feet. "I believe he said his name was Eren Jaeger." He frowned. "Oh, so Jaeger is being nice to you." I nodded, confused. "What do you mean by that?" He waved his hand in the air. "Nothing. Now, you had better get to the training yard before you get in trouble." I nodded. "Right!" I turned and started to walk out. "Oh, and Sari, be careful." My face became red as I nodded and ran out the door towards the training yard. On my run there, I thought about what Levi had said about Eren and then my mind drifted off to a daydream about Eren. I knew that this was going to be a long and painful road ahead of me.

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