My Truth

Snow Woods is Jeff the Killer's younger sister. Now she is Shadow Eye.


2. Others

I woke up to find myself on a bed in a very large room. The walls were black and grey with red spots made to look like splattered blood. The bed that I was in was very large and very comfortable. covering me was a red fleece blanket.


I sat up to get a better look. I noticed that Jeff was sitting in a chair right next to the be. "Oh, you finally woke up. Well, you had better get changed and then I am going to take you downstairs to meet the others." He smiled and pointed to a walk-in closet that was full of clothes. I got out of the bed and walked over to the closet. I turned on the light, walked in, and shut the door. I chose something simple to wear:


I shut off the light and walked out of the closet. I turned to face Jeff. "Is this better for you?" He nodded and beckoned me towards the door. We left the room and headed downstairs to what I presume is the living room. There were a lot more "people" in there than I expected. Jeff introduced me. "This is my sister." He stopped and looked at me. "I guess we have to change your name though since you are no longer as innocent as your name suggests." He turned back to the group of people. "Her name is Shadow Eye." I finally looked up to see that everyone was staring at me. I waved at them shyly. "H-hi." I smiled as best I could. Jeff frowned. "Come on guys introduce yourselves. She will not bite you or even hurt you at all." As soon as Jeff finished, a small girl holding a teddy bear walked up to me. "Hewo, my name is Sally. Will you play with me?" She looked up at me with a smile on her face. I looked down at her. "Sure I will play with you anytime." She hugged me and then went back to the spot she was in before. The next person to come up to me was another little girl holding a teddy that was blue and purple. She was closely followed by a red and black dog. "My name is Lazari and this is my friend Smile Dog." She said smiling and pointing to the dog that stood right next to her. I waved. "Hi." Jeff turned to me. "Smile Dog is actually mine, but he often is with Lazari." I nodded and turned back to see another person in front of me. This girl was about my age and had a clock for her right eye. "Hello, my name is clockwork and I very glad that you are here because this house is full of boys and I can't stand it." I laughed at this and she laughed with me and then returned to her spot. Jeff looked around. "Are the girls really the only ones who are brave enough to say hi?" Right then a boy with orange goggles and a mask across his mouth. "H-hello my n-name is T-ticci T-toby. I-it is nice t-to m-meet you." I could tell that he was smiling under the mask. I smiled back at him. He went and stood behind Clockwork as I waited for someone else to come say. No one else did though. Jeff was not happy about it but decided that he was going to introduce me to the rest himself since they didn't want to introduce themselves. "Ok, so this is..." He went on to tell me all of their names and took me over to each of them, although I think they were all scared of me. I don't understand how or why they were scared of me since I had just met them. Once Jeff was done telling me about everyone he stopped us at the front of the room. He turned to look at the person he had called Slenderman. "Where is EJ?!?!?!?!?" Slenderman looked at Jeff. "He is out on a killing spree. He will be back later. But for now, you should take Shadow to see her room." Jeff nodded, grabbed my hand and lead me back upstairs towards the room we were in earlier. "This is your room and by now you should know what it looks like." I nodded and then yawned. He had spent all day introducing me to the other creepypastas. He walked out of the room without saying a word. I went over to my walk-in closet and put on my pjs. After that I climbed into bed and went to sleep.

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