My Truth

Snow Woods is Jeff the Killer's younger sister. Now she is Shadow Eye.


1. I am what?

Hello, my name is Snow Woods. I am an average high school gamer girl. I don't normally go on walks through the woods, but today was different. I was walking through the woods to find my tree house that was hidden deep inside them. I am just walking, listening to my favorite song, Strike Back. I stop to look around to see if I am heading in the right direction. I take my earbud out for a second, and when I do I hear someone approach. I turn around to find a boy about my age leaning against a tree. "Who are you?" I ask. He looks up at me. A chill runs down my spine. Once his head was up, I noticed that he was very pale and had a permanent smile on his face. "I am here to take you home." Another chill ran down my spine. "W-what do you mean. W-who are you?" He started to walk towards me. "I am Jeffery Woods, your brother. I am here to take you home." My eyes widen when I hear what he said. I didn't know that I had a brother. "How? I have never met you or even heard of you." His smile seemed to get wider. "Yes, you have heard of me, though not as Jeffery woods, but as Jeff the Killer." My eyes widened even further as I took in the information. I started to slowly step backward away from the approaching Jeff. "P-please don't h-hurt me." I was now shaking with fear. Jeff stopped where he was. "I am not going to hurt you. Slendy would kill me if I hurt someone with such great potential. I just want to take you home." Again my eyes widened until there was no way they could spread any wider. All of a sudden I felt a sharp pain in my right eye but I couldn't see because as soon as the pain started my left eye closed without me doing anything. I Tried to open my left eye but couldn't. I heard someone, probably Jeff, come up right in front of me. "Snow calm. This is why I am here to take you home." He picked me up and slung me onto his back and started off through the woods. I blacked out sometime during this.


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