Melting The Beast

Naya Risu is a new student at Konoha High School.


6. Happy Birthday

I guess someone moved me from the chair because when I woke up I was on Gaara's floor, wrapped up in a sleeping bag on a small air mattress. I sat up, stretching my arms and legs. I looked around. I didn't see Gaara at first. Then I noticed a pale hand hanging off the edge of his bed. I got on my knees to see over the edge of his bed. He was laying there, his chest bare. When I saw that his chest was bare, I slowly sank back down to the air mattress. I didn't want to disturb him and if he woke up to find me staring at him it would be really awkward.


I stood up and quietly left the room. I walked down the hall to Temari's room. I knock on her door to see if she was awake. "Come in." I opened the door and walked in. Temari was sitting on her bed, reading a book. "Good morning Naya. Come in and sit down." I walked over to her bed and sat on the edge. She put the book down and looked at me. "I hope you slept well last night." I nodded sleepily. "I slept fine, but I am still trying to wake up." She laughed quietly. "Well, you two were up late last night. Not to mention the fact that you fell asleep in his desk chair." I felt embarrassed that I was so tired that I fell asleep sitting in a chair. "I wasn't in that chair all night though. I woke up on an air mattress." "Yeah, that is because Kankuro blew up the air mattress and put it in Gaara's room. Then Gaara picked you up and placed you carefully on the air mattress." I blushed a little. She stretched and then turned back to me. "Let's go make breakfast, I am starving." I nodded and got off her bed.


We went to the kitchen and Temari started looking through all of the cabinets until she found what she wanted. She pulled out a box of pancake/waffle mix. "So, do you want to help me make some strawberry and sprinkle waffles?" I turned to see that she had also pulled out strawberries and sprinkles along with milk and butter. "Sure. Let's start." She pointed to a cabinet. I went to the cabinet and pulled out a bowl. She poured the exact amount of waffle mix needed for all four of us into the bowl. She added the milk to make the batter. I added sugar to the mix until it tasted sweet. Then I added the strawberries and sprinkles. She went into another cabinet and grabbed the waffle maker, and we started making waffles.


Half an hour later we were still making waffles when Kankuro walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Good morning girls." He walked up behind us and sniffed. "Smells Good." He walked away and sat at the counter. Me and Temari continued to make the waffles. Soon we had used up all the mix and had like 40 waffles. There was a little bit of batter left in the bowl. I was holding the bowl and taking my finger and licking batter off of it. All of a sudden, a hand reached down and took some of the batter. This scared me so bad that I threw the bowl and it landed on the head of the person the hand belonged to. That person was Gaara. When I realized what I had done I was even more scared. When I turned around to look at him, he didn't look happy. I shrank away from him, backing into Temari. Kankuro Laughed at the sight of a bowl on Gaara's head. I looked at Kankuro with a shocked look. I turned back to Gaara and slowly approached him. I reached for the paper towels and started to clean up the mess. I went to reach for the bowl, but Gaara's hand was faster. The next thing I know I have the bowl on my head, and Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro laughing at me. I took the stirring spoon and chucked it at Kankuro's head. I laughed as it hit him right in the middle of his forehead. Kankuro took the spoon and threw it back at me, but I dodged it and it hit Temari in the head. This made us laugh even harder. Temari picked up the spoon and dipped it in some extra batter and then flung the batter at Gaara's head. Soon we all had spoons and were flinging batter at each other. After about ten minutes we all stopped and looked around the kitchen. It was a mess. We quickly cleaned the kitchen and ate our fill of waffles. After finishing the waffles, we all took turns taking a shower.


Once we were all cleaned up, we double checked the kitchen. Temari turned to me. "That was the most I have fun we have had together since our father died. I am surprised that Gaara didn't get mad, but instead made it a game." Kankuro nodded. "I would have thought that he would hurt you and then storm out of the house like he would in any other situation. I guess we learned something new about our little bro." He said that in a way that made me think that he hinting at something like he was the other night. "Well, I haven't had that much fun with a group of friends ever. Well besides last night." I realized right then that they were talking about Gaara the way they were because he wasn't in the room. I walked out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I walked down the hall and stopped in front of Gaara's door. I knocked on the door. "Come in." His voice was quiet. I walked in and sat at his desk. I saw that he was playing a video game. It was Call of Duty Black Ops II. I watched him play for about five minutes, then turned to look at him. I noticed scars in different places on his body. He looked at me and I looked away. I got up without saying a word and walked back downstairs to the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen, Temari walked up to me. "I need to go shopping for some things. Do you want to come with me?" I nodded. We went to her room to get on our shoes, she grabbed her keys and we were out the door.


In the car we were listening to music, Temari was humming and bobbing her head to the music. She looked over at me and noticed that I was still deep in thought. "Hey, what's wrong?" I looked up at her. "I saw all of the scars that Gaara has. How did he get them?" She was unsure of how to answer. "Well, I am not sure I should be the one to tell you this. but I will do it anyway. Gaara has been getting in fights ever since our father died. It got to the point where he would come home with scars all over him. We aren't sure why he gets into fights, we just know that he does. So far no one has been able to stop him from fighting." My eyes were wide with shock. I was so shocked I couldn't speak. Temari tried to smile. "he has gotten into a fight in the past week. I hope he doesn't get into another one anytime soon." We came to a stop. We had arrived at the store.


We spent three hours in the store. We got a lot of stuff. We got basic necessities, drinks, and enough snacks to feed an army. We packed up all of the groceries in the car and started our trip back to the house. I looked at Temari. "Why did we get all of those snacks? That is more than enough to feed four." Temari laughed. "You will find out what all of that is for later." I looked at her confused and then turned back to my phone. I had gotten a text. It was from Sasuke. It said:'Hey do you want to get lunch with me and Itachi?' I texted him back, saying:'Sure I just need to let Temari know that I will be going with you guys for a little bit, but I have to come back to their house afterward.' He texted back immediately:'Ok.' I hit the off button on my phone and turned to Temari. "Sasuke asked me to go to lunch with him and Itachi." Temari turned to me. "Of course. I will drop you off at his house now if you want. It is pretty close to lunch time anyway." I smiled. "Thanks, Temari." She nodded. "No problem." She drove off the route back to her house and went towards Sasuke's. It didn't take long to get there.


We pulled into their driveway. I got out of the car and went up to the door, which opened before I even knocked. It was Sasuke who opened the door. Temari waved goodbye and drove off. I walked into the house. I noticed that there was a bunch of things out of place. "I see that you guys trashed the place since I left on Friday." Itachi was the one who answered me. "That was mostly Sasuke being lazy. He doesn't clean up unless you tell him to." I raised an eyebrow. "Is that so? In that case, Sasuke you need to clean up the house before we go out for lunch." Itachi laughed. "Don't think that you aren't cleaning up as well, Itachi." I dragged him back into the living room and handed him some cleaning supplies. It took them an hour to clean the mess they made.


We decided that we were going to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I ordered two racks of ribs, some mac and cheese, and a salad. Itachi ordered a salad as well and that is all he got. Sasuke ordered the biggest steak he could and didn't even finish. We spent about 2 hours in the restaurant. Afterward, I texted Temari to come and get me from the restaurant because it was getting kinda awkward to stay with Sasuke and Itachi. The reason being that Sasuke was being kind of clingy. It didn't take Temari long to get there and I was glad that she got there when she did. Sasuke was about to hug me for the fifteenth time when she pulled. I quickly ran to her car and got in. "Hey, how was your lunch?" I looked at her. "It was ok, I guess. Sasuke was being weird and Itachi was being healthy." She gave me a strange look. "What do you mean Sasuke was acting weird?" I frowned. "He was being clingy." She laughed. "Is that why you ran to the car instead of walking. Sasuke had a sad look on his face when you did." She continued to laugh at this. I just turned to stare out the window. It was nearly 7:00 p.m. I turned back to Temari. "What are we going to do tonight?" She turned to look at me. "Oh, you will see when we get to the house." She smirked a little, then turned back to the road. This worried me. While I have only known her for 3 days, I still know that she has a tendency to go overboard. As I was thinking about what disaster I was getting myself into someone texted me. It was Itachi: 'Sorry about the way Sasuke was acting. I have absolutely no clue what made him like this.' I texted him back:'It is ok.' I turned back to the window.


We soon arrive at her house. I get out of the car and Temari comes and covers up my eyes. "Temari, what are you doing?" "You will see when we get inside." She led me to the door and open it. She uncovered my eyes an I saw everyone from the school standing there. "Surprise! Happy Birthday Naya!"


I smiled. "Wow! Thanks, Guys!" Temari dragged me through the crowd and stopped in the kitchen. I looked around the kitchen. Bowls full of the snacks were all over the counters. "So this is what you needed all of those snacks for." She smiled. "Yeah. I invited everyone over for a sleepover." I nodded then looked around at who all was there. I noticed TenTen, Neji, Lee, Naruto, Hinata, Sai, Ino, Kiba, Kankuro, Shino, Choji, Shikamaru, Sakura, and Sasuke, but I couldn't find Gaara anywhere. I turned to ask Temari where he was but got pulled away by someone. I turned to find out that it was Naruto. "Oh, hey, Naruto." he turned and faced me. "Sorry. Do you want to play a game of truth or dare with me, Hinata, Sai, Kiba, Ino, Sakura, Neji, TenTen and Sasuke?" He asked me in a very pleading tone. I couldn't help but agree. "Sure, but let me find Gaara first. I want him to play too." Naruto smiled and nodded. "Ok. We will all be waiting on the living room floor." He walked off to get the others. I walked towards the stairs. I was stopped yet again by someone, this time it was Temari. "Where are you going?" I turned around to face her. "I am going to get Gaara for a game of truth or dare." Her eyes got excited. "A game of truth or dare. Where is it?" I laughed at her reaction and pointed to the living room. "In there on the floor." She squealed and ran away grabbing Shikamaru on her way there and dragging him with her. I laughed again and then went up the stairs. I walked down the hallway towards Gaara's room. I stopped and knocked on the door. "Come in." I walked in quietly not sure what he was doing. He was playing a video game. Specifically, Call of Duty. I walked over to him. "Hey come with me." He gave a strange look and then turned off the game and got up. I grabbed his hand and pulled him out of his room, down the hall, and down the stairs into the living room. We walked in and I looked for somewhere to sit. Naruto patted the spot next to him indicating for me to sit there. Gaara sat down right next to me. Naruto went first. "Kiba, truth or dare?" Kiba thought for a moment, then spoke. "Dare!" Naruto smirked and looked at Kiba's faithful dog, Akamaru. "I dare you to have Naya take care of Akamaru for a week." Kiba looked at him. "Dude, I am ok with this but are you sure that Naya is?" I looked at Kiba. "I would love to." Kiba turned back to Naruto. "I accept the dare, but let's make it a month instead." Naruto nodded in agreement. "This means that Akamaru will stay by Naya's side for the next month. Which means that he will go wherever she goes." Kiba nodded and turned to Akamaru. "Ok, buddy it is time for the dare to start. You need to go over to Naya now. "Akamaru got up from his spot behind Kiba and went and laid down next to me, resting his head on my lap. I petted him softly. Kiba smiled. "At least I know that he is in good hands." I nodded. It was now Kiba's turn. "Neji, truth or dare." Neji turned his head. "Dare. But nothing that is too drastic." Kiba smirked. "Ok. Kiss TenTen. ON THE LIPS." Neji's eyes widened. TenTen was just as surprised, if not more surprised, as Neji. Neji slowly started to nod, indicating that he accepted the dare. TenTen was still trying to process what just happened when she suddenly felt someone's lips touch hers. She opened her eyes to see that it was Neji. He was kneeled in front of her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. Neji wasn't expecting her to do that but went along with. All of a sudden, Lee walked into the room. He saw them and screamed. "WHAT?!?!?!?!?" This made everyone in the circle jump, especially Neji and TenTen. They broke their kiss. Everyone turned to look at Lee, only to find him passed out on the floor. Everyone turned back to Neji and TenTen. They noticed that both were red in the face. Kiba smirked. "I am guessing that you two were enjoying that." They both nodded hesitantly, looking at each other. Neji sat down next to TenTen. TenTen grabbed his hand and intertwined it with her own. They were like that for the rest of the game. It was Neji's turn. Neji looked around. "Shikamaru, truth or dare?" Shikamaru thought about for a good moment then decided. "Truth." And so the game went on until the only ones without having a turn yet were Temari, Gaara, Sasuke, and I. It was now Temari's turn. "Naya, truth or dare?" I thought about and then answered. "Dare." An evil look came across Temari's face. "I dare you to sit on Gaara's lap for the rest of the night, at least until we go to bed." I blushed and looked up at Gaara. "Ummm..." Gaara then reached around my waist and picked me up and placed me on his lap. This caused me to blush even harder. It was my turn. "Sasuke, truth or dare?" Sasuke smiled. "Dare!" I thought about what I wanted to do for a dare. "Ok, I dare you to let Naruto punch you in the stomach six times at full strength." Sasuke thought and then nodded in acceptance. Naruto got up and started punching Sasuke in the stomach until he had done it six times. Sasuke took a break for about 2 minutes before starting his turn. "Gaara, truth or dare.?" Gaara thought and then spoke. "Truth." Sasuke frowned and then smiled again. "Do you have a crush on a girl?" Temari was shocked at this question. Gaara was just as shocked. "I will not answer the question for reasons I will also not state." Sasuke was not satisfied with the answer. "Dude, you have to answer the question!" Temari stood up and looked at Sasuke. "No! If he does not want to answer then he doesn't have to!" Kankuro must have heard what happened because he came running into the room. "Sasuke, leave the room now!" Kankuro told him to go to the dining room and sit there for now. He turned to everyone else. "It's 11:54, I think it is time for us all to go to bed." Everyone nodded. They all started setting up their sleeping bags. I got up from Gaara's lap and went into the kitchen to help Temari clean up and put away the snacks. Once that was done, I went upstairs to Temari's room to get changed and then went to Gaara's door. I didn't knock this time. I walked into the room to find him playing Call of Duty again. "Can I play too?" He nodded and threw me a controller. I caught the controller and went and sat on his bed. We played for about an hour.


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