Melting The Beast

Naya Risu is a new student at Konoha High School.


2. English, Gaara, and Gym

My next class was English with Iruka-sensei. I was looking forward to this class. If I could find it. "Do you need some help finding your next class, Tiani?" I turned to see who had asked me. It was Naruto. "Yes." "Well, what is your next class?" "English, Iruka." A smile spread across his face. "That is my next class too. I'll walk with you. So do you have any other friends yet?" "I had one friend before I came. He is still the only friend I have beside you. For now, at least." He looked at me, confused. "Who is this person?" "His name is Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto looked at me with such a surprised look that it scared me. "What is that look for?" He shook his head twice then answered. "I didn't think that you would be friends with the most popular guy in school. How long have you known each other? How did you two meet?" I sighed. "I didn't know that he was the most popular guy in school. We have known each other for two months and we met each other on Instagram. Now may we please go to class?" "Oh right, of course."


When we arrived at the room I was surprised to see people that I recognized from other classes earlier in the day. I walked over to the teacher's desk. Iruka-sensei handed me a book and told me to wait by his desk until everyone else arrived. It didn't take long for everyone to arrive. "This is your new classmate, Naya Risu." He said as he gestured towards me. He turned towards me. "You may have a seat next to Gaara." He pointed in the direction of a red-haired boy with black rings around his eyes. Almost everyone gasped. I ignored all the gasping and went to my seat. Iruka-sensei ignored the gasping as well and turned to face the entire class. "Today we will start a project. You will be working in groups of two for this project. Now before I give you the instructions I will put you in groups of two. Sakura and Ino, Sasuke and Temari, Kankuro and TenTen, Naruto and Hinata, and finally Naya and Gaara." When people heard this they gasped and looked at me with sympathy. I ignored them again and turned to face my new partner. Iruka-sensei began to explain the instructions. "For this project, you and your partner will have to find something to demonstrate for the class." Once he was finished he went to his desk and sat down. I turned my head to face Gaara again. "So do you have any ideas?" I asked him quietly. He turned towards me, his face was not happy. "Don't bother me or piss me off. If you do I will not hesitate to hurt you or kill you." I looked away quickly, my eyes wide with fear. Thankfully the bell rang not long after dismissing us from class and saving me from Gaara's glaring.


Naruto walked up to me with someone following behind him. "Hey what is your next class? By the way, this is my English partner, Hinata." I waved at Hinata then turned to answer Naruto. "Gym." "Cool. Let's go to gym then." We arrived at the gym and went our separate ways into the locker rooms. As I walked in I was greeted by three girls who were all in other classes that I had earlier in the day. "Naya, right? I am Ino and that is Sakura. I believe we have English together." I smiled at her and then turned to the other girl who pulled me to the back of the locker room. "Sorry about that. I needed to talk to you in private." I looked at her. "It's ok." She looked around to make sure no one was paying attention before speaking again. "My name is Temari. I am Gaara's older sister. Kankuro is also my younger brother but Gaara is the youngest." I was kind of shocked to hear this. I shrank away from her. She looked at me sympathetically. "I am not going to hurt you. I am not like Gaara. Gaara isn't going to hurt you either, I promise." I smiled a little. "Ok." We got changed and went out into the gym. When we got out, Guy-sensei blew his whistle and called for me to come to the center of the gym with him. I got up off the bleachers and walked to the center of the of the gym. I felt my face get hot. "This is our new friend Naya Risu. Since today is her first day, we will play a fun game of dodgeball. The team captains will be Neji and Temari." They started picking their team, Neji chose first. Then it was down to me and a kid named Rock Lee, who looked like a mini version of Guy-sensei. It was Temari's turn to choose. "Naya." Lee hung his head low and walked over to Neji's side of the gym. As Lee walked over there, I noticed for the first time that Gaara was also in this class, he was on Neji's team though. Guy-sensei blew his whistle again signaling for the game to start. Naruto rushed forward and grabbed a ball and hit Gaara, getting him out and making him mad. As the game went on I noticed that Gaara was staring daggers at me. After a while we went back into the locker rooms and got changed back into our regular clothes. The rest of the day was boring and unimportant.

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