Melting The Beast

Naya Risu is a new student at Konoha High School.


3. Day 2: Drama

I didn't sleep well the previous night. I kept having images of Gaara pop in my head each time I closed my eyes. So I was basically sleepwalking to school. I guess Temari noticed how I looked because she stopped on the side of the road and asked if I wanted a ride to school. I hopped in. "Are you ok?" I turned in my seat to see Kankuro in the back seat. I looked for Gaara but didn't see him. I sighed in relief. "Yeah, just a bit tired. Where is Gaara?" It was Temari that answered. "He is already at school. I told him that he needs to work on the project with you. I hope you don't mind coming over to my house. Kankuro will be there, and I will be at Shikamaru's house." I looked at her, confused. "Why are you going to Shikamaru's house?" She laughed. "Me and Shikamaru are dating. I will be at his house, but only after drama club. Which means you are going to have to stay for drama club as well because Gaara and Kankuro are also in drama club." I looked at her again, this time surprised. "Gaara doesn't seem like the type to be in drama club." She laughed again. "The only reason why he is in drama club is because I am not going to let him and Kankuro roam the school by themselves. Especially Gaara." I laughed a little. I found it quite amusing that Temari still treated Gaara like a baby, despite the way he acts.


We soon arrived at school. As we were walking in, Sasuke scared me from behind by picking me up and swinging me around. It startled Temari too. "I didn't know that you two were friends." Sasuke put me down and turned to her. "Yeah, we have been friends for two months now." Temari looked surprised. "So are you still coming over tonight, Naya?" I looked at her. "Yeah. Is it ok if I stay the night? I kinda am still looking for a place of my own." Temari smiled. "Sure, we have an air mattress you could use. Wait, if you don't have a place of your own yet, where did you sleep last night?" I laughed. "I forgot to mention that I am staying at Sasuke's house until I find a place." Kankuro got a kick out this. "So, you're telling me that you, the new girl, is staying at his, the most popular guy in school's, house?" I looked at Kankuro and frowned. "Yes. DO you have a problem with that?" Kankuro looked disappointed. "No, I don't." After that, we all walked in silence until we got to the halls.


As I walked into my first class, I noticed that Naruto was talking to Shikamaru. I didn't want to interrupt their conversation, so I sat down in silence. Naruto noticed me first. "Hey Naya. So how are you liking the school so far?" I looked up at him. "It is great overall, but I don't like my English partner, Gaara. He scares me." Naruto frowned. "He can be kind of intimidating, but he is just misunderstood. The way he acts is partially due to the name he is called here at the school. I am one of the only people besides Shikamaru, Temari, and Kankuro, that aren't afraid of him. I hope that you two can get along. He doesn't try to scare people. It's just people are scared of him before they even meet him because of all the rumors that are spread about him. Please try to be his friend." I took this all in. I sighed. "I will try, but I can't guarantee that he will want to be my friend." Naruto smiled, but it was Shikamaru that spoke. "Good. He really needs friends. Wait, aren't you going over to there house after school?" I guess Temari told him. "Yes after drama club though. Why?" Shikamaru thought for a moment and then answered. "It would be a good idea to not stay in the house the whole time. So how about you two go out to eat somewhere instead of getting carryout?" I looked at Shikamaru, surprised that he would recommend doing this with Gaara. "I will talk to Kankuro about later at lunch."


The rest of the day was completely normal. I told Kankuro about Shikamaru's idea and he agreed to it. After school, I followed Temari to drama club. "Hello, Kurenai-sensei. This is Naya. She wants to join drama club." Kurenai-sensei looked at me and smiled. "Oh, good. Today we will be voting on what play to do." She turned to the rest of the group. "We have three plays to choose from. The first is Beauty and The Beast. The second is Cinderella. The final choice is Karate Kid. Please raise your hand when I call out the play name that you would like to do. First up Beauty and the Beast." I raised my hand and then looked around to see that half of the group had raised their hands. "Next is Cinderella." The other half of the group raised their hand. "Ok last but not least, Karate Kid." No one raised their hand for this one. Kurenai-sensei looked towards the back of the crowd. I turned around to see what she was looking at. It was Gaara. "Mr. Sabaku, you did not vote. You will be the tiebreaker. So what play do you want to do?" She looked at him again. All he did was raise one finger. "So it looks like we are doing Beauty and The Beast." Everyone cheered. A bell rang signaling the end of club time. It was time to go to Temari's house.

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