Melting The Beast

Naya Risu is a new student at Konoha High School.


11. Beauty and The Beast

It was the week of the play. I had practiced and practiced, mostly by myself. I only practiced a few times with Gaara. I am a little anxious about the part where me and Gaara have to kiss, but Temari told me not to worry.


I am still staying with Sakura since I was the cause of the fight between Sasuke and Gaara. I was sitting in her dining room with her and Ino as we played Monopoly. I was winning. Sakura looked up at me. "So, are you ready for the play this Friday?" I nodded hesitantly. "Yeah, but I am still not sure about the part where we have to kiss." Ino looked up. "That is reasonable. I mean I would be a little scared myself. But I think it is a good thing that it is you who is Bell and not anyone else. I think you are the only one that Gaara would actually allow to kiss him." I looked at her confused. "What do you mean?" She sighed. "I am trying to tell you that he loves you and only you. If anyone else had come up behind him during the fight he would have punched them, but because it was you he calmed down." My jaw dropped. "Now I finally fully understand why the fight happened." Ino looked at me, confused. "Huh?" Sakura looked over at Ino. "The boys didn't exactly say much once you and Kankuro left." Ino nodded understanding. "Oh, ok. I understand now." We turned back to the game of monopoly.


After a few hours of playing the game, we decided that we should get some sleep. Mind you, it was Wednesday night, so we needed to rest up for the big practice that was happening tomorrow. The practice would last all day, meaning we wouldn't be going to our regular classes. It is counted as an excused absence so that none of us in the play had to worry.


We spent most of the practice rehearsing lines and practicing certain dances. During lunchtime, we all ate in the drama club room, sitting and chatting about the play. I sat with Sakura, Temari, Ino, and Hinata. Most of the boys sat together. Because there were no desks in the room, we all sat on the floor. I sat with Akamaru next to me and my food on my lap. We were served a special lunch. We practiced until the school day was over.


I went back to Sakura's house with her and Ino. It was fun getting to spend time with them. We played a few rounds of Uno and then play one game of Sorry, which I won. After that we ate a small snack and then went to bed, tired after the long day. We all slept on the living room floor in sleeping bags.


The next day we had to get the set and everything ready for later that night. We stayed in the drama room all day. We all rushed around making sure that all the costumes were there, making sure we had all of our makeup supplies and our makeup artists, all the lighting worked, the sound system was ready and much more. We got let out of school early to get some rest and to get cleaned up before tonights show.


Sakura, Ino, and I all took turns showering and napping. It took us two hours in total, with us each getting a half hour nap. We ate a quick snack before heading back to the school to get dressed and ready for the show.


I grabbed my costume and went into the changing rooms to get ready. Once I had my costume on, I went over to the makeup artist. My makeup artist told me to sit in the chair at the station. I obeyed without a word. She took time to make sure that every little detail was perfect before she let me get up. Once that was over I went to find one of the girls. I ended up finding Temari first. She gasped when she saw me. "You look great, Naya! Oh everyone is going to love you!" I smiled, embarrassed by her praise. "Thanks. When do we start?" Temari looked at the clock. "In five minutes. I suggest that you get to your spot before the curtain opens." I nodded and ran off.


I arrived at my spot just in time. The curtains opened seconds after I had got there, and the play began. The first part was easy. It was mostly just singing and dancing as well as the part where Bell gets trapped by the Beast to save her father. We ended the first part where Bell is in the nice room.


We got a short break in between the two parts. The second part was fast too. In what seemed like seconds we were at the part towards the end where they kiss. All of a sudden I paused right before the part. I was hesitant to approach Gaara like this, even after what Ino had told me Wednesday night. While I hesitated Gaara had already approached me and lifted my face towards his. By the time I had realized what was happening, his lips had already touched mine. They were soft and warm. The scene seemed to last forever as we kissed. I had forgotten that this scene was the one that ended the play, so when everybody started clapping I jumped because it kinda scared me. AS the curtains closed I could hear a very quiet chuckle. It was from Gaara. Once the curtains were closed all the way I hurried to get the costume and makeup off.

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