Melting The Beast

Naya Risu is a new student at Konoha High School.


12. After Party

After getting changed and cleaned up, I went to find Akamaru, whom I left with Hinata. I found the both of them near the lighting system. "Hey, Hinata." Akamaru bounded over to me. Hinata looked up at me. "Hi Naya. You did great." I smiled. "Thanks. Do you know where everyone else is?" I said looking around and noticing that there was almost no one around. " She looked around as well. "I guess they are all still changing and removing makeup." "Not all of us are, but most of us." I turned towards the sound of the voice to see that Naruto was approaching us. "Oh, hi Naruto." Naruto walked over to Hinata and put his arm around her. I turned to look at her and noticed that her face was now completely red. I smirked. "Hinata, are you ok?" At this Naruto glanced at her. "Hinata, do you have a fever or something? Your face is completely red." He reached over and touched her forehead. She fainted as he touched his hand to her forehead. He caught her as she fell. He looked up at me. "Is something wrong with her?" I looked down at Akamaru and mumbled. "He is so dense." I looked back up at Naruto. "No, she is fine. She just... Oh nevermind. Just carry her." He nodded and carefully put her on his back. "So what are we doing now that that the play is over?" Before I could say anything, someone answered him. "We will be having an after party for the cast." I turned to see Temari enter the small space. "Oh, hey Temari." She looked past me. "What happened to her?" She pointed at Hinata on Naruto's backed. I walked over to her and whispered in her ear. "Someone touched her forehead and she fainted. He is so dense that he thought she had a fever when she was actually blushing." Temari laughed a little. "I see. By the way, you did great out there." I smiled. "Thanks. Do you know where Kiba is?" Temari looked at me weirdly. "Yeah, he is by the sound system. Why?" I ran towards the indicated place, yelling back at her. "I need grooming supplies for Akamaru!" I continued to run until I reached my destination, Akamaru on my heels. I stopped in front of Kiba, skidding to a halt. Kiba jumped at my sudden entrance. "Well hello, Naya." I looked up. "Hey. I need Akamaru's grooming supplies." He nodded. "Right. I will go get them now and give them to you after the party." I nodded. "Thanks." We heard a sudden clatter come from the stage. I ran out onto the stage with Akamaru to find Sasuke picking up some of the props. He looked up at us when we got there. "Oh, hey Naya, Akamaru. Sorry about the noise. I dropped a few of the things I was holding." I nodded and walked to the changing area, looking for Ino and Sakura.


I found them in the bathroom, redoing their makeup to their personal preference. "Hey guys, Are you ready to go to the after party?" Sakura looked up. "Yeah. I have to drive Ino, Sai, Hinata, and Naruto to the party, so I won't be able to take you." I nodded. "That's ok I will just ask Temari." Temari just happened to walk in at that moment. "Sorry. I have to drive Kankuro, Kiba, Shikamaru, Choji, Neji, TenTen, Lee, Shino, and Sasuke. You will have to ride with Gaara." I frowned at her. "I am guessing you guys all planned this out to where I am forced to ride with him." Temari smirked. "YEP!" I rolled my eyes. "Well, then I am going to find him because we need to go soon." I walked off, not exactly happy.


On my way to find Gaara, Kiba gave me the grooming supplies. "Thanks, Kiba. By the way, Akamaru will have to ride with you in Temari's car, since I have to ride with Gaara on his motorcycle." He smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I know." I walked away and continued my search for Gaara. I realized then that Akamaru could help me. I looked down at the large puppy by my side. "Can you find Gaara for me?" He barked his agreement and started to sniff him out. I got on his back and he walked on following Gaara's scent. Soon we found him standing outside on the front steps of the school. He was deep in thought when we approached. He jumped when he finally noticed our presence. I dismounted Akamaru. "So this is where you were." He turned to look at me. "Yeah. Are you ready to go?" I nodded and looked down at Akamaru. "Go to Kiba now. I will see you when we get to the party." Akamaru licked my hand and ran off to find Kiba. Gaara watched. "I think we should get you your own dog. You seem to do very well with Akamaru." I turned towards him. "Yeah, I love being able to take care of Akamaru. He knows how I feel, he understands me better than I understand myself. Anyway, we should get going before we are late to the party." He nodded and walked towards the parking lot. I followed him to his bike and hopped right on. I still hesitated to put my hands around his waist. Once again, he grabbed my wrists and put my hands around his waist. He started the engine and we left the parking lot.


It was a pleasant ride. The feeling of the wind in my hair calmed me. I loved the way the air flowed through my hair. I never wanted the feeling to end, but we soon arrived at the site of the party, Frankie's Fun Park. The Parking lot was empty except for three cars. I had forgotten that Kurenai-Sensei had rent the place out just for the party. Gaara parked close to the entrance. We got off and went inside. As soon as we got in the door I was tackled by Akamaru. He licked my face excitedly. I laughed as Sasuke helped me to my feet. I looked around at everyone. "Let's get this party started!" They all cheered. Kurenai-sensei handed out game cards, explaining that we had unlimited games. But of course, we had a limited amount of time to play. So we all split up into groups. I was in a group with Naruto, Hinata, Temari, Shikamaru, and Gaara. Another group was Sakura, Ino, Sai, Kiba, and Choji. The last group was Shino, TenTen, Lee, Neji, and Kankuro. I was hungry but I knew that we would be having food at the end of the game time. Temari looked at me and Gaara. "So what do the stars of the show want to do first?" Gaara looked down at me. "It is up to you." I looked around at everything there was. I noticed that there was an outdoor area that had go-karts. "Go-kart racing!" I ran out the door with the rest of my group on my heels. I stopped in front of the track. I looked at all of the karts and chose the number one kart. Once everyone had chosen their kart we started the race. It was exhilarating, the feeling of the air hitting my face as I sped down the track. I finished in first. Once the last of us pulled our karts in we all went back inside to play games.


The first game I went to was a claw machine. Although I hated these things I still wanted to try my luck at getting the really cute Beanie Boo that was in there. It was an absolutely adorable little french bulldog whose name was Marcel. I tried to get it fourteen times and failed them all miserably. Behind me, I heard a chuckle. I turned to find Gaara watching over my shoulder. "It isn't funny!!!" This made the rest of the group laugh. I stomped off to find something else to do. Akamaru had followed me. I sat down in front of the Crossy Road game and began to play. I had gotten to 549 hops when Akamaru nudged me. I paused the game and looked down at him. "What is it, buddy?" He just whined so I went back to my game of Crossy Road. I had just gotten to 1,000 hops when someone came up behind me. "ROAR!" I screamed, jumped, and turned around to find Kankuro standing there laughing his ass off.


I smacked him across the face. "What the hell!" He continued to laugh, at least until someone hit him on the back of the head. "Idiot!" I looked up at the person to see that it was Gaara. I started to laugh now. Kankuro looked at Gaara. "What was that for?!?" Gaara frowned. "For scaring her." Kankuro rolled his eyes and walked off. Gaara turned to me. "I am sorry about that. He is the biggest idiot I know." I shrugged. "I should be used to it by now. I have been scared quite a few times by now." Gaara looked at me. "So what do you want to do now?" I sighed. "I don't know. I just wanted a Beanie Boo out of the claw machine, but we all know that those things are a pain in the ass to win." Gaara nods. "I see your point. Why don't we go find the rest of the group?" I nodded and followed him. We found the others at the motorcycle race game. Temari was on. The race she was in was almost over and she was in the lead. She yelled as the race finished. "Damn It! I only got third place!" I chuckled. She looked at me with a stern face. "Oh, you want to laugh? then you try!" She got off and allowed me to get on. I slid my card and began the race. I started in dead last but slowly gained the lead. I finished in first and then turned around. Everyone was gaping at me. "What?!?" Temari looked at me. "Wow. I have never seen anyone get first place in the game. Not even Gaara or Kankuro." I smiled, pleased that I impressed her. Just then I heard the intercom. "Ok guys, game time is over. Come cash in your points to get prizes and then meet in Johnny Rockets." I ran off to the prize counter to get my fair share of prizes. Only to realize that I had spent so much time at the claw machine that I didn't have very many points. All I got was one nerd rope from the points I had. I didn't complain though.


Once I was done at the prize counter I went to Johnny Rockets. Sakura, Sasuke, Ino, Sai, Hinata, and Naruto were already there. I waved to them. "Hey, guys." Naruto looked up at me. "Where is the rest of the group?" I laughed a little. "I left them in the dust when they called for game time to end." "ROAR!" I screamed and turned around. "KANKURO!!!" He was standing behind me laughing his ass off again. "I got you again!" Someone hit the back of his head. "Stop it!" I looked up to find that it was Temari this time. Behind her was Shikamaru. "Dude, very mature, very mature." Shikamaru was shaking his head. Then someone else hit Kankuro in the back of the head. "I hate you so much!" This time it was Gaara. "Do it again and I will kill you!" Temari put her hand on his shoulder. "Calm down." I turned back to Naruto and the others. I noticed that Kiba, Shino, TenTen, Neji, Lee, and Choji had joined them. "Oh hey, guys." I noticed that TenTen and Neji were holding hands. "Oh, are you guys a thing now?" TenTen nodded. "Yes. Neji asked me after the sleepover." I smiled then looked over at Ino and noticed that she was holding Sai's hand. I gave Ino a questioning look and then nodded towards her hand. "Oh, I guess you didn't know. Me and Sai are dating. we have for almost three months now." I made an o with my lips and then went and sat down in a booth.


Once everyone was there we ate. I sat at a table with Sakura, Sasuke, and Gaara. We didn't talk much but we did enjoy our food. I yawned, my eyelids starting to become heavy. Gaara poked me. "I think it is time for us to go." I nodded and got up with him. We said goodbye to everyone and stopped by the table where Temari was sitting. "I am going to take her back to our house. She looks like she will fall asleep at any moment." Temari nodded. Gaara grabbed my wrist and led me out to his bike. We get on and this time I don't hesitate to wrap my arms around his waist. He starts the engine and we take off into the night towards his house.

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