Kimi's Story


1. Wish

I was sitting on the roof of the house I shared with Kotake in the Uchiha sector of Konoha. I was thinking about the night that the demon bird Graywing attacked my village. That was also the night that I lost all of my friends and family. I lost my brother, my best friend Sasu and his brother Saku. Although that same night I gained a friend and about a month later I gained a second friend. Now I have a few friends. The first friend I gained after the event was a large barn owl named Kora. The next friend was a baby dragon by the name of Ryu. And now I have Kotake and Kya. Although they do have a tendency to argue. But along with them I also have Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke.


But even though I have all of them, I still wish that my brother, Sasu, and Saku could see me today. I wish that I could have Sasu by my side like I used to. He and I used to hang out in a clearing in the woods and sing and dance without having to worry about what others said. We had a clubhouse that we built our selves using scrap wood and brick that we found throughout the village.


Oh, I forgot to mention how I am from the Village of Silence, one of the lost villages. It was a very peaceful village full of very kind, caring people. We were trained to be ninja from the could walk. The ninja from our village were very skilled. I still wish to have grown up to earn my headband properly but I got mine off of the body of my dying father. I don't think that any of my wishes will ever come true so I just keep wishing.

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