Kotake's Sacrifice


1. Saved

I was sitting alone in one of the old Uchiha houses, thinking about how times were before Itachi had slaughtered almost the entire clan. Only I and one other survived that night. Although I am not really an Uchiha, I am a Moto. I just consider myself to be an Uchiha. The other survivor, Sasuke, is a real Uchiha though.


Right then Sasuke walked up behind me. "What are you doing here still?" I turned around and looked up at him. "I live here, don't I?" He just sighed. "You do, but that is not what I meant. I meant what are you still doing awake at this time of night." I looked him dead in the eyes. "I am just thinking about the day I first met Shobi." I reached over and stroked my tiger's fur. "Right. I still remember the day Shobi found you in the forest with him." He said pointing to my tiger, Akihiro. "Yeah, that sure did frighten him at first. But tonight is the begins the anniversary of the day I first arrived."




I am found by a very kind woman. She says her name is Sara Uchiha. She walks with me all the way back to her house, where she says I will meet a boy about her age. We soon arrive.


“Shobi, I am home and I brought a surprise!” Yelled Mrs. Uchiha.


A boy around my age runs towards the sound of his mother’s voice. ”Coming!” He arrives in the front room.


Mrs. Uchiha gestures towards me, I am behind her. “Shobi this is Kotake. She is an orphan that I found in an old abandoned house. She is scared of loud noises and being alone.” She turns to Kotake. “Can you say hi?”


I turn to look at Shobi. “Hi Shibi.”


“Hey don’t call me that!” he says in an annoyed voice.


I look down, sad. “Siwry.”


Mrs. Uchiha makes a stern face. “She can’t pronounce her o’s, Shobi.”


He looks at me apologetically. “Oh. Sorry.” He smiles. “Do want a tour of the house?”


Kotake looks up and smiles. “Yes please!”


Shobi takes my hand and leads me towards the back of the house. This is going to be great. I finally have someone to call family.


*End of Flashback*


Once I am done reflecting on the past, I notice that my face is wet with tears and Sasuke is hugging me. "It is ok, Kotake. I know that you miss him. So do I." I hug him back. "Thank you, Sasuke." He looks down at me and smiles. "Anything for my little 'sister'" We continued the hug and ended up falling asleep like that.

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