Kotake's Valentine


1. The Whole Story

Hey Shibi” Said Kotake, talking to her best friend and biggest crush.


“I told you that you need to stop calling me that now that you can pronounce your o’s!” yelled Shobi.


“Sorry. I guess I still have to get used to calling you Shobi.” Kotake said apologetically.


“It is ok, just don’t do it at school.”


“Ok. Hey do you know where I can find Sasuke?” she asked.


“He is probably at the academy training yard,” he answered.


“Thanks.” she runs off.


“Wait, I-” he started, but she was already gone. “At this rate, I will never get to tell her how I feel.”


With Kotake-


“I got to ask Sasuke a favor. Now let’s get going to the training yard, ok Akihiro.” She says turning to her oversized tiger cub. “ what is that look for? Is it because I didn’t tell Shobi like I said I would?”


“Rawr. Yes, you keep saying that you are going to do it but you never do.” The tiger responds.


“Well you can never manage to talk to Kuriai at all” she retorts.


“That’s different. Kuriai is a wolf and I am a tiger. Anyways, today would be the perfect day to tell him how you feel, since it is Valentine’s Day and all. So let turn around and go back to talk to him.” Akihiro puts her on his back and runs back to where Shobi is waiting.


“Oh, so you decided to come back. Did you forget something?” Shobi asks.


No” Kotake says quietly.


“Well I have something to tell you.” he says, fidgeting nervously.


“I have something to tell you too, but you can go first,” she says nervously.


“O-ok.” he says, sweating slightly,”I-I l_like y-you. Will you be m-my V-valentine?” He manages to say.


Kotake looks up completely flushed. “Y-yes. That is what I came here to ask you, Shibi.”


He looks surprised by her answer. “O-oh. Is that why you call me Shibi all the time?”


“Yes. It sounds so much cuter than Shobi. Not to mention I still have to get used to calling you Shobi, especially in public.” She said quietly.


He looked at her, sad. “Well to me it never really mattered that you called me Shibi, it is just that I don’t want others calling me that.”


“Oh. Well, I need to go talk to Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Kimiko, and Kya, and someone else needs to go talk to Kuriai.” She looks down at Akihiro.


“W-why would I-i w-want to talk to h-her?!?” Akihiro stammers.


She gives him a stern look, then turns back to Shobi. “Anyways, I am gonna go so I will see you later.”


Ok” Says Shobi. He thinks. I need to go shopping for a gift for her anyway, so her going to talk with the others is a good thing.


Kotake runs off with Akihiro again, leaving Shobi to have his pleasant thoughts.


With Kotake-


Kotake and Akihiro are walking along the alley on their way to the academy training yard. Kotake turns to Akihiro. “What was that back there?”


“I’m sorry, but I would prefer my secret not be told to everyone you know!” He yells back at her.


Turning onto the academy’s walkway, Kotake and Akihiro walk in silence until they come to the entrance to the yard. Kotake walks in. “Hey Sasuke, Sai, Naruto!”


They turn to look at her. “Hey Kotake! What do you need?” Sasuke and Naruto ask in unison.


“Nothing really.” She responds. “Where are the others?”


“I believe they are on their way.” Sai replies in monotone.


Kotake looks at Sai. ”You sound like you are bored.”


“I simply am learning how to have feelings.” He says, still in monotone.


Someone comes out of the shadows. “Hello.”


They all turn to see who it is. “Oh, hi Ino. I wasn’t expecting to see you here.” Kotake says plainly.


Ino turns to look at Kotake. “Sai invited me. That is the only reason why I am here.”


“Oh brother, this is going to be interesting,” Sasuke says.



Ino turns in his direction. “Oh Sasuke, I didn’t realize that you were going to be here!”


“Hey, you leave him alone, Ino! He didn’t invite you!” Yells someone on the other side of the yard wall. Sakura walks through the entrance. “He invited me! Isn’t that right Sasuke?”


The two girls start arguing over Sasuke, while everyone else just watches and wait for someone else to arrive.


Kimiko walks in. She notices the other two girls fighting. “They sure are noisy. Oh hey Kotake, Sai.”


Sai waves and Kotake turns to look at her. “ Hi Kimi. Hello to you too Ryu, Kiko. You two can go play with Akihiro. He is just over there in that corner.” She points to where he is. “So Kimi, who is your Valentine?”


Kimi looks at her. “I don’t have one. Who is your Valentine?”


“Mine is-”she starts.


“Well, that finally ended.” Says Kya as she walks in. she was referring to the argument between Sakura and Ino.


Kotake looks at her, annoyed. “Hello to you too Kya.Oh hi, Kuriai, Akihiro and the others are over there.”


“Hi,” Kya says. She looks into the dark corner of the yard. “You can stop hiding and come out now. I know that you are there. Just come out and say hi to him, it isn’t that hard.”


Everyone looks in the direction Kya was referring to. Naruto doesn’t understand what they are talking about. “Who are you guys talking to?”


Hinata walks out of the shadows. “H-hi N-naruto.” She stammers. She walks towards the others slowly and then stops. Naruto walks over to her and gives her a great big hug. “I am so glad that you came.”


Hinata’s face becomes completely red, but she is smiling.


Sasuke speaks up. ”Well, now that everyone is here it is time to ask the big question. Who is your Valentine? He pauses for a moment. “Mine is Sakura.”


Naruto speaks up. “Mine is Hinata.”


“Mine is Ino.” Says Sai in monotone.


Kimi looks up sad. “I don’t have one.”


Sakura look at her. “We will all share the job of being your valentine. My valentine is Sasuke.”


Ino gives Sakura the stink eye, then turns back to everyone. “Mine is Sai.”


“Mine is Naruto.” Hinata says quietly.


It is Kya’s turn now. ”Mine is Shobi.”


Everyone looks at her in shock as Shobi arrives to surprise Kotake. Kotake turns and runs, crying. Shobi sees her running off. “Kotake wait where are you going!”


“SHUT UP, YOU BASTARD!!!!” She screamed back at him.


Shobi turns to everyone else. “What did I do? I just got here.”


Everyone turns to look back at Kya. “It was her!” They all shout and point at her.


Shobi turns to face Kya. “What did you do?!?!?”


“I told her that you were my valentine. It was only a joke though.” She says innocently.


Naruto and Sasuke look at her like she is crazy. “A joke? That is not a thing to joke with her about. HSe really has feelings for Shobi and when you said that you crushed her every hope and dream!” They both turn to Shobi. “Go find her! She needs you to tell her the truth.”


Shobi runs off to find Kotake.


With Kotake-


She is sitting on the ground, crying, behind the old abandoned house on the outskirts of the village. I thought he said that he wanted me to be his valentine. I thought that he actually cared about me. I thought that my biggest and greatest dream was coming true. I thought that my life would finally go the way that I wanted it to go, but I was wrong. I am not his valentine. He doesn’t care about me. My dreams aren’t coming true. My life will never go the way I want it to. He never cared about me. Instead, he cares about Kya. he asked her to be his valentine. He was playing a trick on me the whole time. Now that he has done this I am beginning to question all of my other friends. Does Sasuke truly care? Does Naruto truly care? What about Sakura? Or Sai? Hinata? Kimiko? Can I really trust my friends? She hears footsteps. Who is coming?


With Shobi-


He is walking down an alley on his way towards the edge of the village. Kotake probably hates me now. This is not what I wanted for her. I wanted to see her smiling face, just like the one I saw that day.




“Shobi, I am home and I brought a surprise!” Yelled Mrs. Uchiha.


Shobi runs towards the sound of his mother’s voice.”Coming!”He arrives in the front room.


Mrs. Uchiha gestures towards the small figure behind her. “Shobi this is Kotake. She is an orphan that I found in an old abandoned house. She is scared of loud noises and being alone.” She turns to Kotake. “Can you say hi?”


Kotake turns to look at Shobi. “Hi Shibi.”


“Hey don’t call me that!” he says in an annoyed voice.


She looks down, sad. “Siwry.”


Mrs. Uchiha makes a stern face. “She can’t pronounce her o’s, Shobi.”


He looks at Kotake apologetically. “Oh. Sorry.” He smiles. “Do want a tour of the house?”


Kotake looks up and smiles. “Yes please!”


Shobi takes her hand and leads her towards the back of the house. This is going to be great. I finally have someone I can protect.


-End of Flashback


Shobi stops in front of the abandoned house where Kotake is hiding. I just hope that I can make her smile again.I hate the thought of her always crying. He hears sniffling coming from behind the house. I wonder if that is Kotake. I am pretty sure that is her because she always liked to hang out in this house when she wanted to be alone. He walks towards the sound. He stops at the corner and peeks around it. He sees Kotake curled up in a ball, crying. He walks around the corner.


Kotake looks up, her eyes stained with tears, to see Shobi walking towards her. “What do you want?!?”


Shobi looks at her. “I want to talk to you about what Kya said.”


“I don’t want to hear anything you have to say to me. You lied. You lied to me the whole time. You shattered my hopes and dreams. You broke my heart. You broke me. And you don’t even care about it!”She starts screaming his face.


Shobi stands there and takes it even though none of it was true. Kotake began to hit his chest with her fists. As she did this he grabbed her wrists and pulled her into him. He hugged her tight as she hit his chest.


Kotake squealed in surprise. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!?” She screams. She tries to wriggle out of his grip but fails. What is he doing?


Shobi looks down at her. “Ko-Ko, calm down please.”


Kotake stops squirming and looks up at Shobi. She notices a tear running down the side of his face. “Why are you crying?”


Shobi looks her in the eye. “Because I hate seeing you this way. I hate seeing you all broken like this. It makes me cry.”


She looks confused. “Why do you hate seeing me in this state?”


He stares at her for a moment, then answers her. “I hate it because I care about you more than you know. I wanted to protect you since the first day we met. I thought of you as something I could finally protect for my own reasons. Someone I could have a future with, spend the rest of my life with. I wanted to hold you close and never let you go. I never wanted to lose you. I couldn’t even bear the thought of you dying or getting taken from me. You mean too much to me. I love you Kotake. And nothing could ever change that.”


Kotake had started to cry again. She hugged him back, trying to stay as close to him as possible. “I love you to Shibi.”


Shobi pulls her away slightly, looking into her eyes. He leans down towards her face but hesitates. Kotake realizes what he is trying to do. She pulls his face down and their lips meet. They get close again clinging to each other.


Seconds later they pull away from each other and smile. They sit on the ground and lean into each other, watching the sunset.


Later, Shobi looks down at the sleeping Kotake and realizes that it is getting late and they should probably get home. He picks up Kotake and puts her on his back and starts walking towards their house.


When they get to the house, Shobi’s mom opens the door and lets him. He then walks to the room in the back of the house where Kotake sleeps. He walks in and puts her on the bed, kissing her on the head before turning and leaving to go to his own room next door. When he gets into his room he goes and plops right onto the bed and falls right to sleep, dreaming of his future with Kotake.


The End


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