My Wish For Prom

Rose Huntingwood is a 17 year-old girl who wishes to go to prom. The only thing stopping her is her doctorate degree in education.


1. First Day of the School Year

My aunt wakes me up so that I could get ready for work. I got out of bed and got dressed. I did my makeup and went downstairs. I walked into the kitchen to see my aunt cooking bacon. "Good morning, Aunt Katie." She looked at me. "Good morning, Rose." I smiled. "The bacon smells delicious." She smiled. "Good. You will have to eat it on the go though. It is almost time to leave." I nodded in understanding. "Can't be late for work." She nodded. "Neither of us." I nodded. She finished making the bacon and put it on tow plates and hands me one. "Thanks." We headed out to her car. I got into the passenger side and buckled up and waited for her to drive off. She got in and started the car and drove off. She looked at me. "So what grade are you working with this year?" I looked at her. "The seniors. I move up with the kids my age." She nodded. "I understand. You want to have a connection with the kids your age. Do any of your kids know your wish or rather why you hang around the high school instead of moving to another school?" I shook my head. "No. I never told them. They have never asked either. They just accepted me as their teacher." I turned and looked out the window. "It's better that they didn't know anyway." We arrived at the high school. I got out. "Bye, Aunt Kate. I will have Niall or Sam drive me home." She nodded. I shut the door and walked inside.


I grabbed my teacher ID and went to my newly assigned classroom and waited for my students. Slowly, students started to come through the door. As they walked in I called them by name, taking role as they walked in. "Good morning, Dr. Huntingwood." I turned to see one of my favorite students walk in. "Good morning, Sam. Do you know where Niall is?" He shook his head. "I think the bus was called in late. I am glad that I drove this morning." I nodded. "Thank you. I will be sure to note that." I turned to the other students. "Good morning class. I will take role again. When I call out your name please answer. Ok, let's start." I looked at my sheet. "Jacob Ahler." "Here." "Heather Almond." "Here." "Alexander Boyd." "Here. And I like to be called Alex." I nodded. "Ok, Alex." I marked it on the sheet. "Margret Cook." "Here. I like to be called Maggie." I nodded. "Alright, Maggie." I marked it on the sheet. "Madison Demand." "Here. I prefer Maddie." "Alright, so we have a Maddie and a Maggie." I marked it on my sheet. "Samuel Easly." "Here. And..." I interrupted him. "I got your name, Sam." The whole class laughed. I moved onto the next kid. "Macbeth Hawthorn." "Here And..." I interrupted him as well. "Mac, I know your name as well." The class laughed again. I moved on to the next kid. "Olyvia Kirkland." "Here." "Jamie Lee." "Here." "Hannah Lewis." "Here." "Abraham Lohnes." "Here. I go by Abe." I nodded. "Ok, Abe." I marked it on my sheet. "Leah Mercer." "Here." "Sarah Mulkey." "Here." "Gabriel Nunez." "Here. I go by Gabe." "Ok, Gabe." I marked it on my sheet. "Haley Oar." "Here." "William Pennington." "Here. I go by Will." I nodded and marked it on my sheet. "Lucas Smith." "Here. I..." "I got it, Luke." He smiled. "Nicholas Smith." "Here. I..." "I got you too Nick." He rolled his eyes. "Ashton Warlick." "Here." "Jason Warlick." "Here." "Niall..." Just then, Niall burst in the door. "...Young." "Here." He was out of breath. I rolled my eyes. "Go and have a seat Niall." He gave me a not very nice look. "How come she will drive you but not me?" I looked him. "I can't ride the bus and you can. Now, go sit down." He eyed Sam and then Haley and then sat down and took out a sheet of paper. I turned to the class. "Welcome to the first day of your senior year. I am Dr. Huntingwood, your Advisory/Homeroom teacher. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. Now, is there any questions?" Jason raised his hand. "Yes, Jason." "How old are you?" I looked at him. "I am 17 going on 18." This causes many others to raise their hands. "Ok, Jacob." "When did you graduate high school?" I sighed. "When I was 12." Everyone else's hands went down. There was a long pause before Mac raised his hand. "Yes, Mac." "I think that it kinda cool that someone our age is our homeroom teacher. That means you understand us better than any other teacher here. I also find it cool that you came here to teach us instead of somewhere else. You seem like a cool teacher." I smiled. "Thank you, Mac." Niall spoke without raising his hand. "Yeah it is totally cool that my cousin is my teacher. I just absolutely love it." He said sarcastically. I watched as Mac, Sam, Nick, Luke, and Haley all turned to glare at Niall. Sam was the one who spoke. "Dude. What the hell is your problem? First, you were an ass towards the twins freshmen year. Then Mac, Sofmor year. Haley, Junior year. Now you're being an ass towards Huntingwood? What the hell happened to the friend I had back in sixth grade." I looked between them all and stopped on Niall. "Is it true, Niall?" He huffed. I got angry. "Niall! It is the first day of the school year and you are already causing trouble. Get your ass to Principal Greene's office right now." I pointed towards the door. He stormed out of the classroom and down the hall. I took a deep breath and turned towards the rest of the group. "I need to speak with Mac, Sam, Nick, Luke, and Haley out in the hall please. The rest of you can play on your phones." I stepped out into the hall with the ones I named following. I shut the classroom door and turned to the group before me. "Tell me everything that has happened so far. Leave out no details."

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