We have all got secrets

Rebecca has been an orphan her entire life. When she reaches the age of 18, she has to leave the orphanage as she has become too old to stay. After living on the street for a few years, Rebecca finally gathers up the courage to look through her personal file in hope of finding her birth parents. Isn’t that what every orphan wants? At least that’s what Rebecca wants.

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happen along the way to success.

*A One Direction love story*
*A Selena Gomez twin story*


7. Vanessa

It's been a week since I first sang in the studio. I have to admit that I love to sing and that I’ve been doing it ever since. I think Selena is getting tired of me. I still don't get why they think I'm good, I mean I got offered a freaking contract! I had nicely rejected the offer though, but Selena reassured them that I just needed to think it over, that it’s a very big decision. However, I don't need to think about it; I don't want the job, I don't want to be famous. I'm fine with being known as Selena's twin sister. I have nothing against being in my sisters shadow. I’m perfectly content with looming in the background.  I have told Selena this but she says it’s okay and that I should really think about it, "It's like a once in a lifetime opportunity,” but for me it's just not worth it. My secret will come out at some point. Everyone will be against me and I will be judged. Selena will probably hate me too if she discovers the truth. 

Now that we talk about music, I haven't heard from Louis at all since that day in the mall and I'll have to text him sometime. Unless he texts me first, but I'm sure he's busy doing whatever it is celebrities are doing these days.

I'm walking through the streets of LA in search of a hairdresser. I want to get dark highlights in my short hair. I have my sunglasses on so I wouldn't be so easily recognized. I finally find a nice looking hairdressing salon for women. I smile to myself and walk inside. I walk up at the front disk to see a woman probably in her late twenties with really nice hair, even for a hairdresser. She has long, golden blonde, wavy hair. It's so luxurious, shiny and healthy looking. 

"Hi, welcome to Salon 32! My name is Vanessa," Vanessa says in a way too preppy tone with an equally bright smile on her face.

"Hi, Vanessa. I'm Rebecca and I would like to get my hair done," I smile and take off my sunglasses. As I put them in my bag I hear someone gasp. I look up to see that Vanessa's smile has reached an impossible width.  

"Uh, o-of course, Miss Gomez. Come with me this way," She says, grinning at me. I guess she knows who I am. I followed her to one of those hairdresser chairs and sit down.

Two hours and a preppy hairdresser later and I’m done.

"You look fabulous Rebecca!" Vanessa says, grinning at me. I thank her and together we walk up to the cash register. I pay and give her a little piece of paper. She opens it and looks up at me in confusion.

"It's my number. Call me sometime, okay?" I smile and walk out the door. Before I close to door I hear someone squealing. I giggle to myself. Over the past few hours we’ve talked and gotten to know each other. She's actually really nice. If you see past the preppy girl you will see a small, insecure girl.


That night when I’m supposed to be sleeping I lie awake, thinking. 

From what Selena has told me, she experiences a lot of fake friends and fake relationships just because she's famous. I know she's not pressuring me to accept the contract or anything, but I just feel like she is. Like, I own her that much even though she doesn't really have anything to do with it.

And then there is Louis.

He seems really sweet and all but he's famous. I already get hate for being seen with him and they don't even know if it was me. If I ever get together with him (which I’m possible will never happened) I will just end up getting hurt. The pressure from the fans and the hate will either break me or he will just get tired of me. It has happened before, it's not anything new.

I feel the tears roll down my cheeks at the thought of all the terrible things that has happened. All the horrible, nasty and disgusting things I have done.

Before I know it I’m shamelessly sobbing into my pillow. I hope no one can hear me, I really don’t feel like explaining. 

I fall asleep cuddling my pillows and crying my eyes out. All night my dreams are filled with the things I have done and the horrible faces that's haunting me.


I wake up to my cell phone ringing. I groan and sit up in my bed. I reach for my purple iPhone 5 on my nightstand and look at the ID caller. Unknown number. I click the answer bottom and hold the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" I say into the phone.

"Hi Rebecca!" replies a very familiar, preppy voice on the other end.

"Oh hi Vanessa. What's up?" I ask, still feeling a little groggy from just waking up.

"Did I wake you up? If I did I'm so sorry-" She starts rambling so I quickly cut her off.

"No, no, it's okay Vanessa, I had to get up anyway. Don't sweat it," I assure her.

"Oh okay. I was just calling to ask if you want to hang out today? I know I just met you yesterday but I really want to get to know you," she says nervously all out in one breath. 

"No, it's really okay Vanessa. And I would love to hang out with you today," I say and get out of bed.

"Great! What do you say about 1pm at the diner just down the street from the salon?" She asks as I walk into the bathroom. I nod but realize that she can't see me.

"Yeah that sound lovely Vanessa. I'll see you there. Bye," I say and hang up after she says her goodbyes, too. I look at the clock and see that it’s already 11am. That gives me enough time to get ready and still be there in time.

I’m about to walk out the front door when Selena stops me.

"Hey, where are you going?" She asks me as she walks by the door. I follow her into the kitchen and sit on one of the tall chairs by the kitchen island.

"I'm just going to see a friend I met yesterday," I say casually and look at her. She’s wearing a pair of denim jeans and a blouse with flowers on it. Very cute.

"Oh that sounds nice. I'm not gonna hold ya. You go Rebecca," she says while making what seems to be lunch. I nod and walk back to the front door once again. I’m about to walk out when I hear Selena call out for me.

"Rebecca, be careful, okay? Some people aren't what they seem like," she say. I just nod and walk out the door, closing it behind me. I don’t know what she means so I choose to ignore it for now.

I arrive at the diner and walk inside. It’s a cozy, little place. I look around and spot her sitting in a booth near the back. I walk up to her and greet her.

"Hey, Vanessa, how are you doing?" I ask as I sit down opposite her. She looks up from her phone and smiles at me.

"Hi Rebecca. I'm good, how about you?" She asks as she puts her phone into her purse.

"I'm great, thanks," I say and take off my light, summer jacket. I don't know why I even put it on, it's like 23 degrees Celsius outside. I put it in my oversized handbag and am suddenly glad I chose this specific bag.

"So, what do you want to do?" I ask.

"I don't really know. I just thought we could get to know each other a little bit more," she answers with a shrug. I smile and nod my head a little up and down.

That's exactly what we did. 

I learned that we have the same favorite color, that she's originally from England and that she has three younger sisters. She’s such a sweet girl but Selena's comment is still fresh in my mind. It's really bugging me. What did she mean with that? Could it be the fact that some people only want to be friends with me because of Selena?

We talk for about two more hours before I decide that I need to leave.

There is something off about Vanessa. She tried to pull Selena into the conversation a lot. I mean, sure, Selena's my sister and I love her but that doesn't mean that I want to talk about her all the time. Famous or not. 

I just have a feeling that what Selena said might actually be true about Vanessa.

Then there's the thing with the letter I got the other day. I’m almost shitting my pants as I walk out of the diner and towards my car. I'm terrified by the mere thought of what could happen. I have a really bad feeling in my stomach like something big is going to happen very soon. 

Every nerve and fiber in my body stops and freeze to ice when I enter the house again after my long day out to see another envelope on the floor with my name on it. I blink and take a deep breath before bending down to retrieve the letter. With shaky hands and jelly-like legs I slowly walk into the kitchen. I rip the paper up the best I can and slowly take out another yellow sticky note. I breath hitches and cold sweat is building up on my forehead and the back of my neck. I turn the note over and let my eyes glide over the sloppy written words, the handwriting all too familiar to me. 

"I have your friend. If you want her back, come to this address at noon tomorrow - ALONE. See you there, sweetheart."

My breath stops and I don’t even have to think twice about what’s going on. I know exactly who it is, but this time it’s different. This time he’s not only threatening me; he has dragged Vanessa into it as well.

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