We have all got secrets

Rebecca has been an orphan her entire life. When she reaches the age of 18, she has to leave the orphanage as she has become too old to stay. After living on the street for a few years, Rebecca finally gathers up the courage to look through her personal file in hope of finding her birth parents. Isn’t that what every orphan wants? At least that’s what Rebecca wants.

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happen along the way to success.

*A One Direction love story*
*A Selena Gomez twin story*


6. The note

The next morning I wake up on the couch in the movie room, Selena nowhere to be seen. When I walk down the stairs I notice a letter on the floor with my name on. Weird, I think to myself as I pick it up, who would send me a letter?

I walk into the kitchen and sit down on a chair by the kitchen island. Carefully, I open the envelope. There is only one small piece of paper almost like a post-it note. When I take it out and begin reading, I nearly drop when I’ve read the only two sentences. With shaking hands I read over it again,

I see you’ve found your lovely sister. I hope you haven't forgotten about me, because I know where you are, and I'm coming after you.

It’s like everything around me just stop. Time stops, my heart stops, and my breathing stops. 

How could I forget about the person that ruined my life? Immediately, I know who it is and I’m terrified. I have done stupid things in my past, but this has to be the worst. 

I never should have become friends with him. I knew he was messed up but at the time I wasn't any better. I had thought, why not? It can't possibly be that bad. But oh, had I only known.

By the time I have read the note at least ten times, I’m on my knees on the floor, full on sobbing and shaking violently. Selena comes running into the room. She run up to me with a worried look on her face. 

“Rebecca, are you okay?” She asks, quickly hugging me tightly. I shake my head and continue crying. There is no reason to lie to her, she wouldn't believe me anyway.

"What's wrong Becca?" She asks, pulling away from the hug a little. I simply give her the letter with shaking hands. How am I supposed to explain this without completely breaking in two? 

Selena read it with a horrified expression on her face. I don't blame her, I'm sure I look the same. 

"What is this?" Selena asks, looking at me. I look down, fiddling with my fingers. I don’t want to tell her. Not now. 

"I d-don't want to t-talk about it, p-please respect that," I reply. Please Selena, just understand. She nods and mumbles an ‘okay’. She helps me up and together we walk back up the stairs. We return to the movie room and watch movies until we both fall asleep at around 5pm. 


The next morning I wake up in my bedroom with a massive headache. I cried myself to sleep yesterday. How did I end up in here? I thought. I swear I fell asleep in the movie room yesterday. I look at the bedside table at see my phone and the yellow post-it note. It feels like there is a hand around my heart, squeezing every drop of life out of me. I suddenly find it a little hard to breath. I sit down on the floor and put my head between my knees, forcing myself to take deep breaths. 

After my mini-whatever-that-was, I walk downstairs to see Selena at the kitchen table. 

"Good morning sleepyhead! Had a good sleep?" Selena asks. How is she so energetic in the morning? I have hated mornings with a passion for the last 21 years of my life. 

I greet her and make myself some breakfast, discreetly wiping the sweat off of the top of my eyebrows.

"I have to go to work today and I want you to come with me," Selena says casually. I shrug and walk up to my room to take a shower and get dressed. "Be ready in 20 minutes!" Selena yell from the kitchen. I yell an ‘okay’ and walk into my bathroom. I didn't eat my food.

I wash my body and hair and walk out of the shower shortly after. I dry myself off and blow-dry my short hair. 

I walk into my walk-in closet and pick out a pair of ripped jeans and a cute purple blouse. I pair it with a white cardigan and a pair of purple converse and walk down the stairs once again. Selena is standing by the door in a pair of faded, blue jeans and a white tank top. On her feet she has white converse. 

Both of us have our sunglasses on as we walk out of the house and towards Selena car.

Walking into the big building I can’t help but feel a little nervous and scared. Nervous because I’m going to meet new people, and scared because of the letter from yesterday morning. 

We’re greeted by Mary the secretary, and Selena leads me towards the room she’s going to be in today. 

For a few hours I’m simply sitting on the couch in the corner of the room, silently listening to Selena doing her thing. I clap as she finally exits the recording booth. She smiles at me. 

“That was really good,” I compliment her in just above a whisper. I’ve had people staring at me since I came in and to say I’m feeling small and intimidated would be an understatement. 

“Thanks, Becca, that means a lot coming from you,” she says, grinning. She takes a seat on the couch beside me, take a swing of her water bottle and watch the people around us do their work. After a few minutes of silence, Selena is waved over once again. They chat a bit back and forth with sneaking glances in my direction. I feel warmth creeping up my neck and my palms get sweaty. 

“Becca, can you come over here for a sec?” I take a deep breath and walk over to Selena, "Rebecca, what do you say about singing a song for us?" Selena asks with no trace of humor or joke in her face or her voice. My eyes widen and my throat ties to knots. What? She wants me to sing? In a studio? In front of professional music people? And in front of my famous sister? No way!

"No way Selena!" I don’t want to make a complete fool out of myself.

"Aw come on Rebecca, just this once? I promise it will be fun!" Selena pleads.

I know I shouldn't have said yes because now I’m standing in the booth almost peeing my pants. I have picked out the song I'm going to sing. I have chosen Demi Lovato's 'Skyscraper' because I’m a big fan of hers and 'Skyscraper' is one of my favorite songs. 

The man on the other side of glass asks me through the headphones I’m wearing if I’m ready. I simply nod and the intro starts. 

"Skies are crying, I am watching…" In the beginning of the song I don’t sing very loudly, but as the song progresses I feel an unfamiliar surge of confident bubble up inside of me and my voice becomes louder and more confident than ever before. I actually began enjoying myself. 

I have always loved singing but never actually found myself good. I know I've said that I have never sung in front of anyone before but that's not true. Apart from right now, I participated in my old school’s talent show once in like 5thgrade. I was singing a song I had written myself and let's just say it didn't turn out the way I had wanted it to. 

As the song comes to an end I open my eyes to see the man smiling as he motions for me to come out. I take off the headphones and step out of the booth, my breath heavy and uneven with my heart up in my throat and sweaty palms. 

The man, who I’m told is named Dan comes up to me and says, "Wow kid, you have some lungs!" I can’t help but laugh awkwardly at his choice of words, but I thank him anyway because I want to be polite to the man I'm probably going to be seeing quite often with Selena. 

I look over at Selena to see her eyes widened and mouth nearly figuratively touching the red carpet floor. I walk over to her and wave my hand in front of her frozen face. She blinks and almost screams, "That was freaking amazing! Damn girl, your voice is so powerful and emotional that you almost made me cry!" She hugs me and I hug her back.

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