We have all got secrets

Rebecca has been an orphan her entire life. When she reaches the age of 18, she has to leave the orphanage as she has become too old to stay. After living on the street for a few years, Rebecca finally gathers up the courage to look through her personal file in hope of finding her birth parents. Isn’t that what every orphan wants? At least that’s what Rebecca wants.

Family life isn't as easy as Rebecca originally thought. Her parents neglecting her, secrets, love and horrible things happen along the way to success.

*A One Direction love story*
*A Selena Gomez twin story*


4. Broken heart

Last night was like a dream. Louis is so fun to be around. He sees the world completely different than I do. He’s so cheerful and loving, but serious at the same time, though only when he wants to be. I feel like I got to know another person than from what you see in public and online, and it’s a nice feeling.

I like Harry. He may be a bit of a flirt, but I can see the care he holds for my sister clearly every time he looks at her. 

When Louis drove me home last night he followed me up to the front door. He had grabbed my hand and kissed it gently before looking at me and saying, “Hopefully, I’ll get to take you out again sometime.” I had blushed at his actions and giggled like a stupid school girl. 

“You just may,” I had replied, kissed his cheek and disappeared into the house. 

Now, I'm sitting on my bed with my new sea blue laptop while looking through Twitter and Facebook. I know I shouldn’t, given my current circumstance, but I can’t stop myself. It’s like I have to know what they have to say about me. 

I come across a picture with the headline: “Date night?” and I click on it. It’s an article about Selena Gomez. It reads:

“Yesterday, Selena Gomez was spotted with Harry Styles from One direction. They were seen with Louis Tomlinson and what looks like another Selena Gomez! They were all leaving a fancy restaurant together but separated there afterwards. 

Is it possible that the singer and actress has a twin sister? If so, why haven’t we heard about her before?

The boys of One Direction are in Texas for a concert later this week.”

The only bad thing about yesterday was all the paparazzi. There was a few outside the restaurant when we exited together. 

“Selena!” I shout at the top of my lungs. She comes running in with her own laptop in her hands. 

“You’ve seen it, too?” I nod as she sits down on the bed beside me. 

“This is bad. This is really bad,” I repeat my thoughts out loud. “What are we going to do?” I ask as I feel the lump in my throat grow bigger and my anxiety levels rising. 

“Firstly, you need to relax. Why will it be so bad if the world know you’re my sister?” Selena asks, obviously hurt. I immediately feel guilty but I can’t control the stream of words splashing from my mouth.

“Because I'm fat; I'm stupid; and I don't deserve to be your sister. I'm going to get hate as soon as they all know about it and I know I won’t be able to handle it.” I swallow the lump in my throat. Crying is a weakness. I'm weak.

Selena doesn’t say anything. I look up at her just to see her with a blank expression on her face and staring off into nothing. 

“Excuse me for a moment,” she whispers and leaves my room. She’s nearly running, eager to get away from me, I just know it. I know I hurt her, I do it all the times - deliberately or not. Should I follow her or just leave her alone? I sigh and flop back on my bed, deciding that the latter is probably the best option at the moment. There are a lot of things Selena and I have to think over before we talk again. I’m simply praying that she would do anything stupid in her vulnerable state. 

A few hours later I decide to go to Selena’s room to see if she’s truly okay. I’m walking down the hall and looking at all the pictures on the walls that wasn’t there before. Amanda must have put them up again, I think to myself when my eyes rest upon a specific picture of a teenager cradling two small pink bundles. It’s taking in the hospital. It’s obvious for me to see who it is in the picture, however, the text underneath is useful nonetheless. 

From left to right: Selena Gomez, Amanda Cornett, Rebecca Gomez.

“I love you girls, no matter what happens.”

It’s our mother on the day Selena and I were born 21 years ago. I sigh and wipe a tear from my cheek. Now that Selena knows the truth, Amanda will have no reason to not show it off. 

Standing outside of Selena's door I knock before entering. There she is, sitting in her bed while staring off into nothing with that blank expression on her face. I walk over to her and sit beside her on the bed.

There they sit for the rest of the day and well into the evening, just staring off into nothing, both deep in thought. None of them know this; they are both thinking about the same thing; they were both listing the things that make them worthless. 

The next day I wake up on the bed beside Selena. I’m immediately pulled through the events of yesterday and I embrace the darkness like an old friend.

I’m not ready to be recognized by the rest of the world. I know that I will get a lot of hate because I’m not good enough to be Selena sister, I’m not good enough to be a Gomez. What’s even worse is the fact that I was seen with Louis Tomlinson. For me, being announced to the world at this moment is like writing my own death sentence. Both Selena’s and Louis’ fans will be beating me around and breathing down my neck and I just know that I’m not ready for that. I don’t think that I truly ever will be ready. 

I sigh and get up from the bed. Selena has already gone inside her bathroom so I leave her room and enter the bathroom in my own room. When I’m done in the bathroom I walk out and into my closet. Looking through my clothes I find a baby blue sweatshirt with a life quote on it and black skinny jeans. I put on some of the makeup I bought with Selena the other day, covering up all my flaws the best it can and put on some of my new jewelry.

Today I'm not going anywhere so I just walk into the living room. I sit on the couch and turn on the television just as Selena comes down the stairs. She sits on the sofa beside me and fiddles nervously with her fingers in her lap, avoiding eye contact. 

“You know how I’m leaving for LA soon, right?” She asks, finally looking at me. I smile encouraging to her, trying my absolute best to not let her see how sad I am about the idea of her leaving. 

Selena takes a deep breath, “Iwantyoutocomewithme!” Selena says so quickly I don’t understand anything. 

“Come again?” I say. She sighs and says it again, this time a lot slower.

“I want you to come with me to LA.” I stare at her, dumbfound, speechless. 

“Why?” I ask. Why would she want me to come with her to LA?

“Because you're my sister. I want you to be a part of my life and my life is in LA. I want to announce you to the world as my sister and be proud of it. That's why I want you to come with me Rebecca. Please, will you come with me?” Selena adds softly, genuinely, like she actually means it. Should I go with her? She mentioned wanting to announce me to the world; should I risk everything for her? Am I willing to risk everything for her? 

After debating with myself I look up at Selena with a smile on my face and a small nod, “Sure, I’ll come with you.” I’ve never seen a bigger smile on her face when she squeals and throws her arms around me. “But on one condition,” I add and hold her out in a an arm’s length, “We will wait a little with the announcement and keep it low.” She nods her head vigorously and squeals once again. I mean, how hard will it be to keep it low, right? 

“That’s amazing! Go pack, we’re leaving tomorrow,” she adds before quickly disappearing up the staircase. My mouth drops open. 

“Tomorrow?!” I exclaim in disbelief and quickly scramble up the stairs as well. By the time 10 pm rolls around I’ve packed up all my belongings in two large suitcases. I fall back on my bed and before I know it I’m fast asleep. 

The next morning I’m rudely awakened by Selena jumping on my bed, screaming for me to wake up.

"REBECCA! WAKE UP!" Selena screams at me and continues jumping up and down on my bed. I groan.

“What time is it?” I ask her groggily and sit up on my bed, not opening my eyes just yet. 

“It's precisely 05:50am! We’re leaving in 10 minutes so you better hurry up!” She says, jumping off of my bed before running out of my room. Where do all that energy come from?

"WHAT?!" I scream at her, suddenly much more awake. She just laughs at me. 

Jumping out of bed I run to my bathroom. I take the quickest shower ever and I’m done in the bathroom and I’m dressed after 10 minutes. We are only going on a flight so I don’t bother with makeup, not that I have the time to do it anyways. I quickly gather the rest of my stuff into my old backpack, sling it over my shoulder, and walk downstairs with all my belongings to see Selena standing by the door with her suitcases. As I place my stuff beside hers I suddenly realize something. 

“Shit!” I curse out loud. Selena jumps and raises an eyebrow at me as if silently asking me what’s wrong, “Louis doesn’t know I’m leaving, I totally forgot about him,” I admit guiltily. Selena gives me an apologetical look before gripping the handle of her suitcase. 

“Come on Becca we don't have the time. It's an hour and a half drive to the airport. You can call him on the flight,” Selena says, walking out the door. I sigh and follow her to her car. We load our suitcases in the back and take our seats in her car, Selena driving and me in the passenger’s seat. 


I walk into the airport with my two suitcases trailing behind me. Selena and I sit in the right terminal after sending our suitcases of to the plane. An hour later we hear our flight being announced. We take our duffle bags and go on board on the plane. We have first class seats because of Selena and I'm so not complaining. These seats are wonderful; soft and plush. 

I have never been on an airplane before so I’m a little nervous. Selena and I are sitting in a three seated so there’s a free seat next to me. I’m seated in the middle and Selena’s by the window.

A few minutes into the flight a man around me age comes up to me. He asks if the seat next to me is empty. I nod and he sits down. I've heard his voice somewhere before, I just can’t remember where.

“Hey, are you Selena Gomez?” The stranger next me asks. I look over at Selena to see her fast asleep with her sunglasses on. At least I think she's sleeping. I look back at the unknown person, and I think he’s looking back at me as he’s also sporting an expensive pair of sunglasses. 

“Yes, I am. Who are you?” I ask, deciding to play along with it. I've done it before so now should be no difference. His smile widens and he takes off his sunglasses. My smile fades a little, and I suddenly wish I’m wearing sunglasses.

“It's me - Louis!” He smiles widely at me. I put on a fake smile and reach out to hug him. 

“Hey, what you doing here?” I ask, faking my excitement when all I want to do is curl up into a tiny ball and cry. 

Cry because he thinks I'm Selena. 

Cry because he can't see the difference between us. 

Cry because I know I'm falling for him and there’s nothing I can do about it. 

“I'm going to L.A with the boys for a vacation,” he says, pointing at the sleeping boys on the other side of the hallway. “What are you doing here, and where's your sister?” He asks, his smile fading a little in the end. 

"Um, well, I'm going home," I answer, purposely avoiding his last question. It's true though, I am going home - Selena's home; my new home. I'm actually excited to see Selena’s house.

Fully aware of Louis still staring at me, I turn to see Selena still fast asleep. Should I wake her up?

“Is that your sister?” Louis asks me. I nod and I see a huge smile form on his face. He takes out his phone and headphones and starts to listen to music. Weird.

A few minutes later I hear the faint sound of snoring. I look to my left to see Louis has fallen asleep. Finally! I quickly shake Selena to wake her up. 

“Selena,” I whisper. 

No reaction. 

“Selena?” I repeat a little louder. When I don’t get a respond this time either I shake her harder. Why is she such a heavy sleeper? Finally, after about two minutes I finally get her to wake up. When she’s awake, I tell her about Louis. 

“Oh, so you got a call from him?” She asks me, not getting the point. 

“No Selena. He is sitting right beside me!” I say, nodding backward towards Louis. Selena looks over at him, her eyes widening. 

“Did he talk to you?” I nod and she squeals. I put my hand over her mouth, as I don’t want people to look at us or worst, wake up Louis. 

"He didn’t talk to me. He talked to Selena," I say weakly. Selena hugs me. She knows I'm slowly falling for Louis and that I don't like it one bit. I don't want to fall for him but Selena is saying I should because he's a great guy. I know she's right but I just can't get myself to fully believe that he’s not going to break my heart. I've never been in love before and it's scaring me shitless.

The last three hours of the flight Selena and I spend talking while Louis is fast asleep beside me the entire time.

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