1. Names...

I’ve had many names. Jessica. Bobby. Tracy. Will. All different people, all me. I’ve lived in Edinburgh, Cardiff, Argyle, Devon. But I’ve always been watched, always under protection at least that’s what they called it. But I’m out now, I’m free. Or as free as I can be on the run, looking, searching. They won’t find me here, they can’t, and they wouldn’t dare come to no man’s land. I’m surprised I have. But I’ve got no choice. It’s this or him. I’d die before I went back to him, back to my father. But I know what I need to do. I need to disappear. And I don’t just mean fall off the grid, they’d find me anyway, I need to die. Not literally but I need to destroy all records of my existence or they will kill me.

Running, running! Can’t stop, they’re right behind me! I did it, my records are gone, burned in the same fire that has taken my father’s life. Free, I’m free, if I can just make it out. The buildings falling, burning. My father’s men are right behind me, I don’t care that he’s dead, he’s been dead to me for years, but they care and they want revenge. SNAP! One of the beams from the ceiling fall right behind me. The men can’t come any further. But I have to hurry before they find another away round. I don’t look back. I can’t now, not ever. The fires spreading I have to hurry. I’ve reached the door. It’s completely engulfed in flames. I can hear shouting and foot steps behind, there’s nowhere left to run. I can see them now. I don’t hide, I face my foes. A man sweating and filthy standing 11 feet away lifts his gun. BANG, BANG, BANG! Three shots fired. The first hits my shoulder, second misses, third go’s through my chest. I fall and so does the ceiling. Crashing down on the man with the gun. The last thing I see is darkness, darkness and fire.

I’ve had many names. But they don’t matter anymore, not now. My names Alice and I’m dead.

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