Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


9. I see you…

I sat down on my couch again this time very confused. I started to think that this day couldn’t any weirder until my phone rang making me jump almost out of my skin. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked to see who it was but all that showed was the number. I figured it was someone trying to sell me something so i answered to tell them to take my number off the list...but I was very wrong….


“Hello?” I said into the phone rather lost in thought of all that had happened today. No on spoke at first so I was going to hang up but then I heard mumbling. I strained my ear to listen to whomever it was but struggled still. “Um...can you speak a little louder I can’t hear you.” I said with a clam voice as the mumbling stopped and then got louder and louder until I could hear was the words. “I’m...gonna...kill...you…” being repeated over and over in my ear. My blood ran cold as he kept saying that one line. “Who are you!” I asked, my voice was starting to tremble as my hands shook holding on to the phone tightly. He ignored my question and instead answered back with. “I...see...you…Skylar…” right as my name left his mouth I turned my head to the sound of tapping coming from my window. My face turned a pale white as I screamed out terrified. A man clocked in black was smiling at me with sharp fangs peeking out from his snout like face. He  let out a laugh and waved hello to me before disappearing right before my eyes as if he was never there.



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