Just Another Fairy Tale

Just remember…. looks can be deceiving


7. Wrong Number

Skylar’s pov-

I walked home alone but it wasn't to bad since it was still light out when we left the coffee shop. I couldn't help but blush the whole way home as I thought about how sweet and kind Alex had been to me. “I wish we could have talked more…” I mumbled softly not remembering if I had gotten his number or not. I sighed thinking there was nothing that could be helped and slid my hands into my pocket as I played music from my phone to make the walk less quite. In my left pocket however I felt my fingertip brush against a small piece of paper. “Huh?” I pulled the paper out and smiled when I saw the phone number written on it along with a message that said “Call me some time.” with a cute drawing of a winky face. I laughed and held on to the paper picking up the speed to get home so I could call him right away.


    Finally I arrived home around 8:00 pm and didn’t waste any time. I kicked my shoes off and  changed into sweats sitting on my couch with ice cream and my favorite movie Hercules playing on the tv I pulled the paper back out and dialed the number. I stuffed my face with more ice cream and waited as the phone rang for awhile. I will admit that I was a bit worried when he didn’t pick up at first but I brushed it off as him being busy. The phone rang for 3 more minutes when he finally picked up and my heart skipped a beat. I swoled the ice cream in my mouth quickly and then winced from the small brain freeze. “Hi! Alex it’s me Skylar from the art show and the coffee shop. I saw you gave me your number so I thought I'd try it out and see if it worked.” I gave a small nervous laugh and waited for him to respond but he just stayed quite. All I could hear was him breathing softly and harsh on the other side. Then the breathing went silent...like dead silent. I quickly pulled the phone away from my ear to see if he hung up but the call was on going.


“Alex? Are you still there?” I was worried that I scared him off from all my none stop talking. Then someone else responded in return. I knew it wasn't Alex because the voice sounded a lot softer then Alex’s did. “Hello?” He said sounding rather really confused. “Um… hi I’m looking for Alex?” I said starting to sound unsure myself now. There was whispering for a bit and I thought that I heard Alex's voice among the whisper before the voice came back. “Sorry I don’t know an Alex. You might have the wrong number.” I felt my heart break habit since I was sure that I heard his voice but didn’t push. “Oh okay. Well sorry to bother you sir.” I hung up before the voice could say anything else and just through my phone across the living room and tried not to cry.

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